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Good move on BBI's part. I think this puts them on solid competitive footing with Netflix. It'll be interesting to see how they plan to integrate it into their online subscription model.


While waiting to see what happens, I think the interesting part of the following comments (from CNN):

Chief Executive Jim Keyes, who recently succeeded John Antioco, told Reuters that Blockbuster will operate Movielink independently and eventually make elements of the service, with more than 3,300 titles available to download, available through blockbuster.com.

are "independently" and "eventually".


That would be nice another bonus feature from BB but before they do anything they should concentrate on improving the speed of their queue it is so SLOW!!!!!!!!!

Edward R Murrow

It's important to recognize the difference between these two services:
1) Watch Now is a streaming service
2) Movie Link is a download

WSJ is saying BBI picked Movielink up for less than $20 million!

"Movie-rental chain Blockbuster Inc. secured a foothold in the small but potentially significant online movie downloading business by acquiring Movielink LLC, a downloading service owned by the major Hollywood studios.

After several months of talks, first reported in March, Blockbuster said late yesterday it had acquired Movielink from the studios for undisclosed terms. The Wall Street Journal had reported in March that the price was said to be less than $50 million, although the final deal was less than $20 million, said a person familiar with the situation."


I think a good move now would be to make each returned rental add a movie download to your queue, or possibly give you "points" or something towards a download.

Edward R Murrow

d3vkit, drilling down on your idea: what about if customers use TA to get a New Release and if they return it within the two days, then they would earn bonus points towards a download off of MovieLink.

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