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It doesn't surprise me too much. A lot of people buy the movies they *really* want. This is the list of not-quite-good-enough movies.

Or maybe it's the list of over-hyped movies. I thought the Aviator was dreadful.


It makes sense. It''s a movie that not a lot of people saw in the theater. It only made $53 million, which is pretty low for a Best Picture winner. When it won, suddenly everyone wanted to see it and find out what all the fuss was about, so they put it in their Queue. Now you have it as the number one spot. Best Picture nominees have seemed to do well in the Netflix top rentals. It's only a matter of time before a nominee or winner in that category takes over the top spot. The more time goes by, the more likely it will be, since the number of members steadily increases.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith number 2? I mean, it was decent, and much better than I expected, but I don't think it really should get top ten. But then people are always renting crap I don't agree with, while here at least I think I liked most of these movies.

And yes, it's all about hype. When Crash was released, I loved it, and it was overlooked by most renters. When it won an award, it was constantly rented out. Most people can't pick a movie to save their lives though, so it makes sense that it will be at the top; it's word of mouth to mouth to mouth.

Pup, MD

Seeing as anything Paul Haggis touches is bloated, forced, and just plain trite, and given recent news that 25% of Americans haven't read a book in the past year, I would be surprised if Crash and Million Dollar Baby weren't in the top 10.


I find a top 100 rentals of all time list to be basically useless. Its completely full of films I've already seen. I'd love to see a top 100 films shipped this week, or top 100 added queues this week.


It's the same at BBO. I had always assumed that they had never bothered updating the list:

1. Crash 2005
2. Derailed 2005
3. Failure to Launch 2006
4. Rumor Has It... 2005
5. Click 2006
6. Ocean's Twelve 2004
7. Million Dollar Baby 2004
8. The Pursuit of Happyness 2006
9. The Da Vinci Code 2006
10.Flightplan 2005


They should do a top 100 (or top 250) of the highest rated movies, like IMDb.


Hmmmmm, I've only seen two of them and one was a waste of time. Not much on that list for me!!!


It would be nice if they listed the most popular rentals for the last month and last year.


Doesn't surprise me one bit. The masses always fall for the hype.


Yeah its an interesting read but they need "new rankings" like "popular for the month" or week or w.e...the list hardly ever changes.


I can't believe that the same movies are still rated in the top 10.

I've seen most of them, and almost all of them were horrible. Mr and Mrs Smith!! That movie sucked, I don't see how anyone could enjoy that movie.

John Thompson

I don't see how Crash can be "the #1 Netflix rental of all-time" when even "Meet the Fockers" has been rated by 3,526,277 people and "Crash" has been rated by 2,592,953 people. How many people have rented "Crash"? "Crash" is a horrible movie. Just the WORST Hollywood production junk.

Eric Coomer

Something is fishy. This post was written in August of 2007. Here we are, nearly two years later, and Crash is STILL number one! Why is it that Facebook has a weekly list of the top ten rented films but the website itself doesn't. The Netflix website needs a serious overhaul.


Of course people pick the top 10 to watch simply because they are there, and these movies thus remain. The list is updated every two weeks I think, but four of the top ten in 2007 are still there two years later! Geez.

I guess if you want to find a good movie in the top 100, just choose the ones with the upward arrow.


I think as far as Netflix goes...it's a great company. I have watched over 100 streaming videos and have had 0 problems...I have also rented around 50 movies and the turn around is very quick...it saves us hassle and money. As far as the other "oddities" of the site I could care less. I hear people saying they are going to "ban" Netflix because they removed some feature here or there...its just ridiculous. It's the best 10 bucks a month I have ever spent.

Down with Crash


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