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Old Timer Too

There is a high chance that the patent case will not only be dismissed, but Lycos will lose the patents themselves. In a recent case, the supreme court ruled on obviousness and raised the bar considerably. Cases like this were likely being prepared or filed long before the supreme court handed down their ruling. Not only did they rule on the matter, but they didn't even bother returning the case to the lower court for its final decision. They tossed the case out and sent a strong message to the patent office that they needed to quit awarding patents that were, uh, patently obvious. Like return envelopes and selection queues... and filtering databases...

Don't expect much to come of this. If the trio of defendants are smart, they'll present the Supreme Court's ruling to the judge and ask for an immediate dismissal. I would.


Lycos has nothing else to hang their hats on, so they might as well sue somebody to try and make some money. Sad really.

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