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Hunter McDaniel

Any outage that occurs while the sun is shining on any of the 50 states is, by definition, "unplanned".


The usual "Netflix is currently unavailable message" is being displayed now.

As long as it's not going to be down for days, I'm not really upset. I'll just do what I wanted to later on.

I wonder what happened this time though...


I was annoyed because I wanted to watch something online during my lunch break, but I got that message. I had to watch something in my DVR instead.


Seems intermittent on my end. It happened to me earlier today. I shrugged and refreshed and it came up fine. It's working fine for me right now.


Hmm, 9/04/07 @ 8:55 pm CDT and Netflix is putting up the 'Netflix Site Error' page again...

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