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William Smith

Really think that NBC made a huge mistake by trying to force Apple's hand on the price of the shows. They are so worried about piracy (they claim) that they just created a HUGE new piracy problem imo.

Edward R Murrow

For NBC, it's goodbye iTunes and hello Unbox


Fragmentation is the worst thing that could happen to on-line delivery. No one is going to want to set up accounts with a dozen of different entities, let alone hundreds.

If it comes to that, it'd be one area where I'd be in favor of regulation. If the content owners won't play nice with independent providers, we may need to force them. Copyright should not be a license for content owners to do whatever the hell they want.

Edward R Murrow

Ya, I think the state controls the media in Communist China and Russia. What a wonderful thing that has turned out to be for those unfortunates who happen to live in those countries. Let's let the market figure it out rather than imposing government control.

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