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Old Timer Too

"Will the recent price increase and less marketing slow Blockbuster's Total Access growth?"

More like reverse it. One of the stores I used to frequent said that at least a third of their TA customers were dropping out of the program. Whether that means that those customers will now by "cash" renters remains to be seen.

My feeling if that a third of the people who go into the stores are leaving BBOL, I suspect the percentage is even higher overall - perhaps as much as half of the BBOL subscribers will disappear before the end of September.

Netflix will likely be the big beneficiary of Blockbusters huge marketing blunder.

Old Timer's Predictions:
1. Blockbuster's subscriber base will drop to around one milliion.
2. Blockbuster will lay off workers and close some of its distribution centers.
3. Blockbuster will close another round of stores for poor performance and lack of traffic.
4. Netflix will see an increase of about 500,000 subscribers over the next two months.


Looks like Movie Gallery has launched an attack against the NFLX servers. What I get from netflix.com:

Netflix Site Error

We were unable to process your request.
Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below.


I'm getting that too.

NetFlix seems to be having a lot of site problems lately. It's not that big a deal if all you're trying to do is access your queue, but I'd be pretty miffed if I was wanting to Watch Now. They need to fix whatever the problem is.


Yeah, I'm willing to give them an occasional pass but it's starting to happen all too frequently, not to mention my queue was acting screwy when I did access it today.

Here's the story:

Last Friday I mailed in two discs, The Fugitive Season 1, Part One, Disc One and Are we done yet? (it wasn't for me so you can dispense with the guffaws). They sent me an email saying they had received both discs. At the top of my queue was Georgia Rule and the next available movie I had in my queue was Hair at about number five.

When I checked my queue, it showed Hair in the shipping list and as "processing" but only showed The Fugitive with a big plus sign next to it. The movie at the top of my list, Georgia Rule, was no longer in my queue. So I took all of that to mean that it was in the process of being added to my shipping list.

About an hour later I checked my queue again. This time it did not show that they had received either "The Fugitive" or "Are We Done" at all and now they were both shown as being at home. Georgia Rule had simply vanished from my queue altogether and Hair was back down in my queue.

So I just checked and of course the site is down. There is no confirmation email that either Hair or Georgia Rule was shipped out. So now I'm not certain of anything. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I received an email this morning that Netflix received Pan's Labyrinth. When I was able to connect to the site this afternoon it still showed this movie as being at home. I also had another movie disappear from my queue. So there is obviously problems.


I should buy some Netflix stock. I think it is a great company. I also need a garage door, my house painted, need to send my daughter to university, and so forth.

But those of you with spare kopecks or rubles, please invest in this wonderful company. Disclaimer: past performance does not guarantee future performance (Hey-- The stock may go up again) and I am not responsible for any bad investments on your part (like, try to find me!).

Having said that, it sure is annoying when the site goes down. I was set to post another killer review a while back, around midnight on a Thursday, when the site went down for scheduled maintenance. Why can't they do it when I'm not on the site!? Isn't Thursday at midnight the most popular time to check the site???

"gir" says we'll be miffed if we want to Watch Watch Now (or Watch Instantly as it is now called). So there go my plans to watch Episode 3 of The Nazis: A Warning from History (check it out-- very high quality material, absolutely no footage that we've seen before).

Kevin Jackson-Mead

Now it says:

The Netflix web site is temporarily unavailable.

Thanks for logging on. We're sorry that our Web site is temporarily unavailable. We're working on it as fast as we can so thanks for your patience. Don't worry about your DVDs -- our distribution centers nationwide are humming as usual right now so you should receive your next shipment without delay.

-- Your friends at Netflix


I think Netflix should start giving out certificates for free rentals at Blockbuster. I was hoping to finish watching Season 2 of The Office [email protected]#$%


For those of you complaining of screwy Q problems:
I had a very similar experience today. I called the customer service number. The friendly woman told me that the site was having issues, but that my two movies were received, and the next two shipped out today. We'll see if I they arrive at home tomorrow, but I expect them to.

I'm glad that my turnaround time isn't being affected, even if they can't keep the site working.

Sidenote: this is probably the third time I've called Netflix's customer service number. Once again, I didn't have to hold for long (5-6 minutes) and the rep was very friendly, informative, and helpful.

I sound like more of an apologist than I intend- they certainly should get their stuff together with the website, it's an integral part of the experience.

Edward R Murrow

"Netflix will likely be the big beneficiary of Blockbusters huge marketing blunder"

I think people may have given up on the whole BBOTA thing too early. I got the email several weeks ago that my account would be converted to 3 out with 5 DVD store exchanges and no in-store coupon. I was billed a week ago and there have been no changes to my account. I printed out and used my coupon, I've exchanged 7 movies in the last week and my account is still 4 out. Maybe BBI will catch up with me, but for now I'm still riding the BBOTA wave.

Even middle school kids can keep a web site up and running; something that the Netflix brain trust struggles with on a weekly basis.


The death of BBOTA at the same price as NF will cost BB subscribers, but odds are they'll end up more profitable with the folks that do stick around.

After BB froze my online account 10 days before the billing date, I wrote them a series of nasty notes demanding a refund of $6. After a week of my notes and their cut and paste replies, I finally banged the monkey hard enough and they unfroze my account for 2 weeks.


"After BB froze my online account 10 days before the billing date, I wrote them a series of nasty notes demanding a refund of $6."

You should have just contested the $6 with your credit card company. It appears that in the end you finally got the service you paid for, however (which is probably worth more than the $6 -- two weeks at $3 per week is pretty sweet).

Old Timer Too

Oh how sweet it is...

Anyway, a threat to take it to the FTC as a case of internet fraud... would have gotten a very quick response. They cannot take money, stop providing service, and then not make a refund.

I agree that the resulting two plus weeks is a better deal and one that they ultimately would have had to make, unless they were basically dishonest.

My predictions about a drop in subscriber base to around one million, et al, still stands.


No matter what problems Netflix runs into they will come out of it just fine. I think Blockbuster's move with Movielink may help them to a point, but for how long?

I don't think they will ever be able to beat Netflix. Netflix is years ahead of them and Blockbuster is just too late again!

It will be interesting to see the spine tingling conclusion with the Netflix vs Blockbuster saga. Stay tuned...true believers!

Movies That Bite Back!

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