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Yes, but my queue is still screwed up. The one movie (Are we done yet) that was shown as being turned in earlier in the day, now shows it was not turned in. Neither Hair or Georgia Rule are anywhere to be found now. In one spot it says they expect to ship my next available movie by tomorrow. Now, does that mean either Hair or Georgia Rule which are no longer in my queue, or does that mean the next one in my list? The site may be up, but it's still as screwed up as it was earlier today so what was accomplished?


Eazyguy, give them a day or so to sort it out. I've not run a web site but I've seen it done on tv. I'm glad they are doing it and not me.


Why has Netflix's website, which worked virtually flawlessly since inception, turned into this? I have not seen other top tier web-based companies whose sites I visit often having these consistent problems. The re-design has been implemented too quickly, or something is rotten in Denmark.

Last week, a DVD in my queue that should have shipped Monday showed "Shipping Tuesday". However, in fact it did ship Monday and I received it Tuesday.
When I next checked my Queue, on Wednesday this same DVD showed "Shipping Tuesday"-- on Wednesday; and this was after refreshing my browser. I tried IE just to be sure it was not a firefox issue and it still showed "Shipping Tuesday" on Wednesday.

Well I had already popped the first copy of this DVD back in the mail Wed, a DVD that was purportedly being shipped to me that same day!

Of course I then received another copy of this same DVD the next day and essentially lost a chance to receive another DVD from that slot last week.

So 2 copies of Must Like Dogs, 1 would have been fine, thank you.

My experience is anything but unique. I don't get it.

Mark Aoki

This is really annoying. It happens way to much especially for a site you pay to access.


Good thing I just checked my queue I was about to receive two copies of In Debt we Trust. Hope they get things fixed soon.


I'm STILL waiting on the drag-n-drop queue feature on my main account. A "profile" has had it for a couple of months now.


Yes, recently they've had all kinds of problems, but that happens when you upgrade. Let's just wait and see if it will settle down after all these "improvements" are in.


I've noticed a lot more problems lately as well. So far, however, all my info has seemed to recover. Yesterday, I had -1 ratings and my reviews seem to be consistently periodically (did that make sense?) underreported.

I don't mind progress, but it often seems to come with a result of screwing up what was there originally. There's something to be said for simple and reliable.


The upgrades with Netflix will be worth the headache in the end. The other movie sites I have used(I won't mention here) are just not as good as Netflix.

I am hoping all the movie downloading sites will be in great shape by 2011...I just snickered while typing that!

Movies That Bite Back!


lol it showed 300 shipped yesterday(tuesday) and then today it shows they recieved 300 and will be shipping my next movie today. Pretty fast turnaround! Dunno if i will receive 300 or not


I had a problem about one hour before the site went down where I went to reorder my queue and it moved movies up that I did not choose to reorder (i.e. I was trying to move a movie up and instead it moved up a tv series and flipped the disk order around on that tv series). I decided I didn't want a movie in my queue so deleted it from the queue. However, that movie remained, but another one was deleted. Not sure which one though all I know as I had one less movie in my queue (it's over 150 movies long) and the one I wanted deleted did not get deleted.


Anyone know what the following error is and what causes it (And how to fix)? I have called both Netflix and even my ISP. I have confirmed with my ISP that they are not blocking anything, which Netflix says causes this. I have made sure security settings (firewall, Internet security software) are turned off.

I have tried 4 different computers using Vista and XP Pro either hooked into my router or hooked directly into my Internet connection...

WatchNow used to work...

Shortly after seeing the "Determing your video quality" message after clicking on a WatchNow show I receive the following error:

Server Connection Error
Make sure your computer has a live connection to the Internet and that security software is not blocking the Netflix Movie Viewer's access. If you have an active, unblocked connection, close all browser windows, then try to play a movie again.

For further information, see our Internet and Server Connection Error FAQ. If the problem persists, or you would like assistance, please contact Netflix technical support and report the following error code(s):



Did anyone figure out the MediaError(1400) problem for Netflix WatchNow? I've played with turning off firewall, popup, etc. but keep getting the error.


I've heard from tech support that sometimes MediaError(1400) can be caused by intermediate proxy servers on your ISP's network. I have a proxy on my home network, and I've taken steps to clear that proxy's cache after running into the problem. So far that hasn't seemed to help. YMMV.

I'm currently having trouble with some of the episodes of Heroes (Season 1). I can play up to a certain episode, and then all episodes after that fail with MediaError(1400). I've tried using an HTTP session tracker to see what's going on, and it looks like a problem on the server side to me. At one point in the session chain, one of the netflix servers reports "content moved temporarily", and then the "temporary" source doesn't deliver anything. Sounds like some kind of load balancing or cache configuration problem on the server side to me. But that's just a very wild guess.

Netflix actually made one of the episodes I couldn't get to work this evening. Maybe they're working on getting more up and running.


Turns out I needed to entirely turn off the proxy server feature of my home network server. That made the problems with WatchNow go away completely.

So if you have a caching proxy server somewhere on your path to Netflix, it may be worth turning it off while you're trying to watch something on demand.


I could not Watch Instant movies Sat 17, 2009. Called tech support and they said they were having issues, "please try again later." Took 20 minutes to talk to her and she said they had over 300 people in queue waiting to talk to them. I had this same issue (not able to watch instant movies) a week ago Saturday, and once again between XMas and New Years. This is NOT an occassional hiccup. Netflix has some issues.

 Bewildered by People

What a bunch of sniveling whining pansies. My god, if you think for a second other companies don't have this type of problem you are dead wrong. What is the number 1 used website in the world? Google, how many of you have had problems with google? Probably not one of you, but that is due to coincidence not because they have a flawless record. Google has had intermittent problems 57 times in 2008. Yahoo similar problems. If you can't accept there are going to be problems once in a while, please take out your gun and do the rest of the world a favor. And those of you who feel the need to embellish your stories kindly go fornicate yourselves, the problems in the world are big enough without having to hear how yours are worse than anyone else's.


WHy is Netflix down again this weekend, July 18, 2010? It is a FEE SERVICE & is down many weekends when I want a streaming video.

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