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I wonder....does NF have a shipping center or just a drop point in Birmingham ?

I kind of think its a shipping center because I usually get 1 day each way when years ago, when my envelopes had Atlanta address, it was 2 days.

BB, went from Atlanta to Panama City,FL. Its actually slowed shipping both ways sometimes to 3 days from 2.


I hope it's just because the drop point is new and they're still working out the kinks, but ever since I started mailing discs to 10116 the turnaround has been 24 hours longer (on receiving AND sending ends) than back when I was sending to/receiving from Flushing. Wish I kept some of those Flushing envelopes.... :p


The new Netflix drop point (P.O. Box at 10116) is the James Farley Post Office, across from Penn Station.

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