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Hunter McDaniel

I agree that Netflix needs to publicize this limit more prominently. I'm the kind of guy who frequently re-installs OS's, and the only thing saving me is that it's generally been Linux.

However, my real beef is with the studios for having such a stupid, pointless limit in the first place. I really believe the fact that this limit has no real purpose IS THE POINT - it's just another way for them the throw their weight around and say "F U, we're in charge here!"

Edward R Murrow

"...as a Netflix agent explained to me on the phone, the movie industry allows only 8 licenses, **which are not transferable or revocable.**"

Has this 8 computer, non transferable limit thing been verified with the studios or are we just taking the word of Netflix? Apple has no problem deauthorizing a computer so that you can authorize another and the studios don't seem to mind content being moved from one computer to another for iTunes.


Well, I can't believe it, but I agree with Murrow. Why can I authorize and de-authorize my Macs for playing downloaded content (far more cumbersome) from iTunes and can't with Netflix (basic software player install, no content downloads). Not that I have eight friggin' computers but still, it's the principal.

Oh, that's right I can't even use the Netflix thing on my Mac...nevermind.


Unfortunately the blame here is with NetFlix. The limit isn't the problem - having licenses on 8 devices simultaneously is reasonable - the problem is you can't remove a device once it's licensed. The problem is the implementation. At the very least, NetFlix customer support should have the ability to expire licenses for a customer on demand - then the customer could just renew where they want.

Edward R Murrow

Since you can't do this for yourself on the website and there's no more email to customer support, you would be forced to get on the phone and wait for a support person to fix this issue for you.

They must have a 1,000 people answering phones for a $17.99 per month product to service the entire customer base. What genius inflicted this paradigm on Netflix?


Hmmmm, With PCs becoming more mainstream, this 8 PC limits should be disclosed. I currently have 5 PCs. I can see how a large family can hit that limit.

What about when you re-install an OS? Does that count as a new PC? I installed the OS on my main PC and laptop. will that count as 2 new PCs?

Jeff S.

In regards to the question about multiple OS's, this does use up one of your authorizations. Before I actually read the terms of service for Netflix I activated instant watching on my desktop (WinXP/Vista) and my Laptop (WinXP). So there' three. I then did some more uninstalls/reinstalls of Windows on both machines and made sure that activation was one of my first steps. Eventually I found myself getting an error message when I tried to watch movies.

I wish there was a way that they could tie the DRM to the machine and not just the OS. Something similar to what Microsoft does for their Windows Activation. It is Microsoft DRM so they should have a handle on it. I guess this wouldn't work in all cases, but it would probably be helpful for many people.


i maxed out at 4.... they are allowing after calling, they said they can only allow me one more install.

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