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No, not till I can get service to my television, and a wide selection, at a comparable price. Right now, nothing else even comes close, and as long as the studios have a say, I'm not holding my breath.


Funny enough, I just brought it up to my wife that maybe we don't need Netflix anymore. She's had the same movie on our tv for at least a month. Myself, I have several that I seem to only watch when "I have the time." I also find that Netflix is an enabler... I put these movies in my queue I would never actually pay to see then when I get them I take forever to actually watch. I definitely don't feel I'm getting my money's worth any more. Not Netflix's fault. I still think they're best of what's out there.


I've gone down to the 1-at-a-time, 2-per-month plan. It's worth it for me as a supplement to all my other sources of entertainment.


My Netflix usage goes along with the network TV schedule. I watch so much first-run TV from Sept-May, that I usually go with the 1-out plan during that time, and then crank it back up to 3 or 4 out at a time over the summer (and sometimes over the holidays) when I rarely watch but one or two shows or everything is reruns. I like that Netflix has those options. I never watch movies from cable (except from TCM) because I refuse to watch full-frame anything.


Those of us using Netflix instead of paying for cable probably aren't considering this. With college football season underway, I considered signing back up for cable. If I did, I'd lower my Netflix account, if not pause it entirely. As it is, I pay ~$20 for all the TV/movies I can watch rather than ~$50 for a lot more content on cable that I wouldn't watch.

Hunter McDaniel

Like gir, I'll stick with NF (or BBO) until something better comes along, which may be never if the studios have their way. I'm sure it drives them nuts that renting DVDs isn't illegal to begin with.

And like machinegunn, I don't have cable. Not only is it way more expensive than NF, but it's a big step down in selection.

Lamarr Wilson

Thanks guys. I've been considering dropping the cable, but I'm getting a "package deal" with my Internet & phone (the phone I NEVER use). So I dunno. Plus, being without ESPN & TNT during the NBA season as well as football for when friends come over would be hard, and actually, it would negate the expense I put into the Tivo.

What I decided to do was drop the cable premium channels. I found that I really use Netflix at it's best when I'm catching up on TV series, so that's what I'm going to do. I ordered the Office since I've never seen it and I'll catch up on that. Then, perhaps another once that is over. Movies don't interest me as much anymore; they just aren't as good as they used to be. Thanks all, and keep the comments coming!


Netflix is the only way I have right now of watching most of my TV. I don't have cable, and I'm not home to watch prime time shows with whatever I can get over the air. Can't record high def just yet.

So, I watch TV shows as they become available for rent on DVD through Netflix.


Lamarr, two things:
1) I justify not having access to as many sports games as I'd like by saying that I'll spend money on beer at a sports bar instead of cable.
2) The Office (US Seasons 1$2 at least) is on Watch Now. I used that, am getting Season 3 on disc, then I'll find someplace (TPB) to watch this season.


Not really. Like others around here, I use Netflix instead of cable. I also tend to watch other than mainstream stuff, so even cable leaves a lot to be desired. So far, I've been perfectly satisfied with these guys.

Arkansas Blogger

I look forward to the day that we cancel our NetFlix account and get all of our movies on download from iTunes.

I'm tired of receiving scratched-up, unplayable discs that don't work on my high-quality equipment. I tired of Netflix sending discs that look like they were puked on. Apparently, most of Netflix's customers are slobs who do not handle the discs properly.

Netflix claims that they inspect discs that are reported damaged or unplayable, but I don't believe them. I think they just send the bad discs off to the next sucker.

Yesterday, we tried to watch disc #5 of a six-disc television drama. It was unplayable. We received disc #6 too, but we can't watch it until they get #5 replaced, which will take days - so we're stuck with nothing to watch.

On the previous occasion of receiving a damaged disc, the replacement they sent was unplayable too. What a waste of time and money.

Their remedies when a disc is reported unplayable are unsatisfactory. They only give one lousy credit - it's not worth the hassle.

Now that I think about it, we'd be better off using our crappy local video rental store. At least I could get a replacement disc faster.

Dox Voom

I keep saying that it's something in my budget that's expendable, but I can't seem to give it up. Of course, I'm one of those freaks who watches mostly indie, arthouse, foreign, and just plain weird films. Since I don't have cable or satellite, I figure it's worth it. I use Netflix and I utilize Usenet. Between the two, I'm well taken care of.


Arkansas Blogger: try cleaning your player, or replacing it outright if you continually receive unplayable disks. I have not really had much problem playing disks from Netflix in the years I've been a subscriber, nor has anyone else I know. One or two unplayable disks a year might be understandable, but anything more than that, it's probably your player.

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