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If they stick with the pricing model listed in the article ($5 for 3 mags), I would definitely give it a try. I imagine that having a rotation of news mags (Time, Newsweek), mens mags (Men's Health, Maxim), sports mags (SI, ?), and tech mags (Computer World, ?) could work really well.


The big question here is -- will they include penthouse and others like that?

Imagine if netflix had porn...


This has the potential to definitely become a "new age" thing. And yes, Netflix also should start supplying porn. Have it in some small lettering link at the bottom of the page or something if you're afraid of offending people who won't have anything to do with it and just want to be offened. Their profits would SKY ROCKET.


Netflix used to carry it, but for a few reasons they quit.

Reed Hastings is involved in the education system here and does not want to have his business reflect "unsavory" things.

Also, if they began to carry porn again, they have stated they can be sued if someone under the age of 18 gets a hold of it.

I received porn from them, though on the site it didn't state the film was x rated. But it was definitely not a family friendly film. They no longer carry this title. I got it about this time last year.

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