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Unlimited sounds great, but I'm on a [email protected] time plan... having 14 hours of time is a much better deal than TWO.


More specifically, its only available to new Windows subscribers.


Even more specifically, its only available to new Windows subscribers who meet the minimum system requirements.

Mac users aren't the only ones who aren't able to partake - until I upgrade my pc, I can't enjoy that feature either.


Or until they offer an affordable set top box.


Even though I don't come close to using all of my hours in any month, it would still be nice if they offered unlimited to everyone.


I've never hit the limit on my hours, so I think this works as a promotion but isn't necessary to roll out to everyone.


As jreed pointed out above, they have significantly reduced the hours for the lower-priced plans!

Edward R Murrow

I'm guessing that if the new customers who were drawn in based on unlimited Watch Now *EVER* lose their unlimited Watch Now that gir will be the first one to accuse Netflix of being the Masters of Bate and Switch?


Well Edward, Netflix has never done a bait and switch. Much unlike your beloved Blockbuster. Raising prices on all heavy users as well.


I agree with jreed. Unlimited would be cool for people who have those plans, but I'm on 2 at a time and currently have 14 hours of watch now. I never use all 14, but I definitely use more than 2 hours. I would be greatly disappointed if my watch now hours were reduced.


There seems to be multiple promotions out. The screenshot I have on my blog has only the 1 at a time DVD plans with 2 hours and on hackingnetflix, the 2 at a time plan doesn't have unlimited hours.


I'm moving back to Netflix after a long hiatus (because of the BBOTA bait & switch) and see nothing that shows either unlimited watch now or 2 hour watch now. It's all the typical hours = $ deal.

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