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While retail ambition seems admirable… It also seems that Blockbuster has already dabbled and failed with some retail focus endeavors…. What will be “so” different with Keye’s new ideas? Aren’t some of these ideas things Blockbuster has already tried or tested in the past?

• Directv – Kiosks formerly in Blockbuster stores (Did anyone buy a Directv system at BB? Were the employees trained to sell it?)

• Radio Shack Mini-Stores – Formerly in select Blockbuster stores (These seem to have disappeared)

• Game Rush – Select stores already have/had specialized gaming store-in-store with in store demo unit and consoles for sale. (Didn’t appear to take off like they thought)

On with the show! Should be interesting to see what happens..


Personally I don't like the idea that they're not focusing on me. I have the Total Access plan. now they've realized I'm losing them money, they don't care.

Way to burn a bunch of customers who almost forgave them for their other hoaxes (end of late fees, in stock guaruntee, both huge hoaxes). LAME!

Everybody's doing it too. I use Yahoo Music Unlimited, and guess what, they're slowly choking off the few users they still have cause, it's not making them money. :-( Damn.

Old Timer Too

Blockbuster will have to become competitive and make it very easy to make purchases. A recent experience suggests this is not the case: I exchanged a couple of films for Total Access envelopes and wanted to buy the films. I was told that I had to wait and let BB charge my credit card when I didn't return the films. They couldn't actually make the sale, but I had to become a thief first, essentially keeping what was not mine, in order to pay for it.

That makes a whole lot of sense... NOT!

Eventually, Keyes may get the thing turned around and we'll have a bunch of BB 7-11 stores! Time to install them slurpee machines... Hey, I'd buy if my local BB had one installed. I'm not joking - I was in a BB on my home from work and also needed to pick up a gallon of milk.

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