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I've had it happen with both services, but not often. One time it was 2 out of 3 discs, but that was an anomaly.

My brother got the wrong disc 4 out of his first 5 DVDs when he signed up with Blockbuster. Not sure why he stuck around, but he did and hasn't had any major problems since.

Old Timer Too

Yes, I have received the wrong discs - several times.

When more than one film has the same title, it happens. Also with series discs that are not clearly differentiated on their labels. The problem rate is much lower than broken/unplayable discs, but it still is frustrating because the problem often still exists in the replacement shipment.

Wrong discs is one place where both services (and it does affect both) should automatically ship an extra disc while you wait for the replacement.


I think I've had it happen a couple of times over several years of the 8 p/mo plan...doesn't work out to be a noteworthy problem for me.



Interestingly in the 3 years I had Netflix I never had it happen and it happened during the free trial of Blockbuster. BB did send the proper disc out when I notified them.


Oddly, this is one thing that Netflix does well. I have never received a title that I didn't order. And we are talking many years and many thousands of discs.


It has happened, but very rarely. As someone mentioned before, I think some customers are more susceptible to this problem because of what they watch. I watch a lot of series and when the discs are not that well marked by disc number, I think they are more likely to be misfiled. The two times I can remember it happening to me in the past few years, it was the correct series but wrong disc. And Netflix immediately shipped out the replacement when I notified them.


I rented Clerks: The Animated TV Series and instead received Clerks (the full length black and white film). The envelope was correct but the disc inside was not.

I called Netflix, they awarded me a bonus rental. I readded that tilte to my queue and tried to rent it again a month later. The same exact mistake was made and they sent me the wrong title again. I called again and got another bonus rental. A review of that animated series on the site also makes not that the person received the wrong disc 3 times. Outside of it seemingly happening frequently with that particular rental, all other titles for me have been correct.


Yes, but the wrong movie had the same title as the missing one. It was the remake mislabeled as the original.

Jeff S.

I've never had the wrong disc in the whole 2.5 years with Netflix... neither has anyone I know. A few damaged/unplayable discs, but at least they were the right ones.

Im Not A Turnip

I had 3 wrong DVDs during the 2-week trial with BBO. The sleeves were right, but the discs inside were wrong. In fact, I'm confident that the last two instances were because the exact same erroneous sleeve/DVD combo I had reported as wrong was sent right back to me for a second time instead of correcting the problem! I've never had a wrong DVD from NF in almost 4 years.


i had Godfather II (2-discs) in my Netflix queue and when they arrived both discs were disc 2 (even though one was in a disc 1 sleeve). i imagine someone just returned them in the wrong sleeve, so the mistake carried over to the next person who rented it


Like their respective services, Netflix seems to be run by people who actually like movies - I've NEVER gotten a wrong disc - probably closing in 500 now ... BB on the other hand is run by nitwits who might as well just be renting snowplows, dingos or machetes - they could care less ... good luck trying to get an art movie the same name as a teen comedy - you will get the teen comedy REPEATEDLY ... cracked disc? No problem, we'll mail it to you AGAIN & a THIRD Time ... until you finally put a post it note on the disc AND the sleeve. As soon as run through the older titles that BB has but NF does not - bye bye idiots in blue.

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