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The problem here isn't going from computer 9 to 10. The problem is that he used half a dozen computers before, already got an extension once, and is complaining about it when they won't cut him a break until the second time.

Yes, it'd be nice if Netflix would bail him out, again, but I'd have checked the TOS once I was using Watch Now on more than 5 computers.


Welcome to the world of Mac & Linux. Watch Instantly has been out for about a year now and still we have no access and no compensation. In 2 months you'll have access again, and we still won't.


incapable of helping till January 2008, most likely means they have no way of altering watch now by removing/adding licences. Tells m e that they are working on it. Hopefully it will be like itunes where you can control your library on different machine and alter it at your leisure ...

Hunter McDaniel

incapable of helping till January 2008 means, IIRC, that the limit is on the number of installs in a year - and January is the one year anniversary of WatchNow.


What 8 computers were you using before to use the "Watch Now" feature?

Edward R Murrow

Ya, revoking a computer for Watch Now must be something akin to rocket science. Oh wait a second, iTunes has similar functionality for music, videos, podcasts, etc. Maybe it's not that difficult after all; remember that all software engineers are *not* created equal.


Gee - the 8 computer limit seems really reasonable to me as a guard against intentional abuse of the service. The subscriber's "used counter" probably resets down a few notches Jan 1 each year to account for a subscriber changing out computers.

Watch Now works fine on my 2 desktops, one in the master bedroom, one in the computer room/office. It doesn't work correctly on my notebook computer - the green screen is a known glitch among DirectX 10, Watch Now, and the video driver that has a work-around I haven't bothered to fiddle with.

So I guess my used counter is 3, with only 2 that work as advertised.


Remember when I had a submission about this a while ago?

It would be reasonable if they let you transfer inactive computers. I have sold my laptop and bought a new one. I have experimented between Vista (eww) and XP MCE on my new HTPC... I watched a movie at a friends house... all of this means my licenses are long gone- my laptop AND HTPC will have to wait until January. I do not abuse anything, the limit of 8 is misleading, even if you use a computer to stream for 1 minute that license is gone for 1 year.

So choose those activations carefully, if I had known I would have used them more sparingly.

I spent some time with a rep on the phone and after a loooong time he basically could not do jack for me.


I'm with Baff. Bring on the Mac and Linux support.


In the Netflix Terms of Use page ( http://www.netflix.com/TermsOfUse?lnkctr=FAQ#instant ), in the INSTANT VIEWER END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, section B, it states: "Permitted Use: You may instantly watch movies on no more than four devices at any given time, and you may not instantly watch movies on more than 8 different computers in a 12 month period." So January 2008 is probably the one-year anniversary of when the original complainer first installed his first copy of the Instant Viewing software. 8 computers in a 12-month rolling period seems more than fair to me.


Eeee - Gad!!!

I should have read the Netflix Terms of Use page more carefully! I have exactly 8 computers at my office and one at home. My daughter goes to work with me 3 days a week and I just sit her in front of which ever computer she choses. I never counted which computers she was or wasn't on. I must have gotten lucky but this is good to know. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.



I have a Netflix account that lets me view movies instantly. I loaded their software on my laptop, worked great. That was in my home-office. A few days later I loaded their software on our home computer that my wife and I share in the house. I loaded the software on both of our accounts so we can both watch movies in the house. This also worked great. Last week I had a problem with my laptop that I use for my CAD program. So I ended up sending it back to HP to be rebuilt. I went and bought a new 64-bit Vista system, top of the line and all souped-up. I loaded Netflix’s software on the new system and it worked great. Last week I had a problem with the new system and had to “repair” Windows Vista during an installation of QuickBooks with the Intuit support guy on the phone. Today I try to watch a movie and get an “Instant Viewing Message” that says that my account has been used on four different machines and I am out of installations. So I call Netflix tech support, the guy says that Netflix customers are limited to using only four machines or identies per year and it resets in January. Since I repaired Windows it reset the registry and I am out of installtions. My laptop is gone and will be wiped by HP so that is one use gone, I have reset my registry on the new machine, that’s two gone. So I am down to watching movies only on my account or my wife’s acount on the house computer. Netflix says that they can do a one time reset and I should wait until HP returns my laptop and that I should never clean the registry on any of my systems or it will take away my ability to view on that machine. I regulary clean my registry to avoid problems and conflics that will slow down my systems because of the amount of speed that my programs need. The guy said the that is part of the agreement with the movie studios in order for Netflix to make movies available for instant viewing. Does anyone have another fix for this problem?


4 different computers should not mean 4 restorations on the same computer. I just did this and am waiting for it to be fixed.

cheap computers

I think iTunes has similar functionality for music, videos, podcasts, etc. Maybe it's not that difficult after all.

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