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In response to their #5, just bookmark the queue page instead of the front page, thats what I did.

My top 2 items:

1. Mac Watch Now. (Actually I would love Watch Now for PS3 since that would allow me to watch on my big screen TV.)

2. Half-star ratings.


You can use the queue RSS feed to accomplish #3. Go to this page to get your personalized link for it:

Jirah Cox

Actually, #3 can be done very easily by installing the free CutePDF (cutepdf.com) and printing your queues to PDF.


I'd like a more flexible queue system. I have about 250 movies in my queue, and I find it unwieldy to look at 250 titles in a single list. I'd like to either be able to have groupings within the queue, or multiple queues where I can easily jump from one queue to another, move movies back and forth, etc. That way, I can still save movies I don't want to watch right away, without having to navigate a long and hard-to-read queue that's just a single list.


1. Mac Watch Now
2. Mac Watch Now
3. Mac Watch Now
4. Rating 1 to 10
5. Add new movies to where I want them in the Que not just top or bottom.
6. Mac Watch Now
7. At least the option to have easier Que jumping, I don't need a different account for each one.
8. Better list of new movies, why not give the option to list them by what Netflix thinks my rating will be.
9. Moving between Ques would be nice.
10. Did I say Mac Watch Now?



1. Vista MCE plugin for watch now and queue management.

2. Separate queues in ONE profile.

3. Downloadable movies rather streamed that expire after 5 days or something.

4. A way to list/search all watch now titles.


Instead of my own, which I have posted before, comments on those from the original post:

1) Indeed. Or, just the ability to have extra queues without different /profiles/. The re-auth is annoying. If queue size was increased, arbitrarily-large would be a good size.
2) Yes, but much more importantly, stop considering a disk a "movie." Blade Runner is a movie. There are versions of it, and if more than one is carried, they should be available choices once the movie details are presented. Ratings should mostly be by movie, not disk. There should be a way to rate disk/transfer quality separate from the filmed work. And, since new versions are released all the time, this relationship between then should allow NF to notify me -- especially if I rated a movie highly, but a transfer poorly -- of a new version.
3) Boring. Its on my phone, for example, and if I cared the 3P products seem to do this.
4) Not sure. I NEVER use win, so haven't even tried it. I might use it when it comes to Mac, or I might not. But either way, the mentality of one-platform-only development is suspiciously dickish. Yes, I lead a team of presentation-layer designers and developers for a Fortune 100; we used all platform-agnostic solutions.
5) Weak. Leave home pages to the designers. Want the queue, bookmark it. Its bookmarked o my phone even. Thank NF for being nice enough to allow deep linking so it works.
6) The least thing I have ever wanted. I could care what anyone, even NF, thinks categories are, so I never want to change order.

Things not mentioned that I want:
- Control of queue from the product detail page. If I am looking up movie, and notice its in my queue, I should be able to move it to any position, delete it, etc. As it stands, now I have to go into the queue, wait for it to load, then search on page for the title.
- Multiple queues within one profile.
- Writer, cinematographer, etc. credits. Often, these are the reasons I like movies, so regardless of my searching by them, the rating engine needs to know this stuff.
- Mobile-specific site, so its faster and easier to use on phones.


linux watch now.


1. Tagging
2. Tagging
3. Tagging

I want to categorize and reorder my queue with tags. This seems pretty obvious to me. I'm tired of scrolling 300+ movies to see what I have. Let me click 'action' or 'comedy' or 'watch_with_mary'.

4. Watch now for the Mac.


I agree about the queue size mainly for this reason. I have a lot of Series in my queue. At least one series I have takes up ten spots. Most take up at least six or more.

As for updating discs, I agree with that a hundred per cent. And I don't know how often it occurs, but I have found at least one movie that came out with a new special edition, was a movie that Netflix used to carry but had gone out of print. The OOP edition is still in my queue as saved (although I know and you know this edition will probably never be re-released), and is still listed when you do a search for the title. It doesn't make sense, especially since they have a preview of it on the title page. That would be Revenge of the Nerds by the way, and the out of disc copy would be the one where it was teamed up with the sequel.

A more flexible rating system.

And as I stated before, changing the idiotic "helpful, not helpful" on reviews to "agree or disagree."


I've always wanted a Shuffle queue button, and I wish Netflix would have the option for games as well. I know other places do it, but like it all from one place.


I agree about listing what version of a movie that Netflix carries - or having Netflix carry multiple versions of the movie and allowing the renter to choose.


Watch Now and Queue integration. If my queue can tell me what movies are available for sale, it should also tell me what I can watch now!


Advanced searching with boolean (e.g. find all dvd's with English audio AND foreign subtitle AND released prior to a date)


In case anyone from NetFlix is viewing this, some of us are pretty satisfied with how it is right now.

And regarding Watch Now - I'd say Watch Now on the TV would take precedence over Watch Now cross-platform.


You CAN use Watch Now on a Mac! Just install Windows XP on your Mac.


Watch Now for the Mac.

And every movie ever made, available NOW.


@OdomZ - Windows does not run on all Macs. That is not a solution.


OdomZ - Installing XP on a Mac, even if it can run it, isn't a solution, it is a cop out. If I want Windows installed in my house I would have bought a Windows box. I live in a MicroSoft free zone.



*Tried to post this early this morning, but got error messages*

I have a list of things too:

1) Make every page customizable to fit our needs. The Drag and Drop queue was a great addition, and I'd like to see more use of AJAX, and other new technologies throughout the website, not just in the queue.

2) I agree on the bigger queue problem. I used to not think I would ever have 500 movies in my queue, but this year, I have surprised myself with how many I have added. If I keep adding at my current rate, in 2008 I will have reached 500. Then what?

3) Movie Notes were a popular idea on the community blog, and I am still waiting for them. I don't mean "Notes for your friend", I mean private, personal notes about any movie you want to note. Meaning, "Hey, why did I add Citizen Kane to my queue", oh, I made a note right here that says: 'People say dis movie be good'. Also, a blank notebook I could pop-up could be helpful to note things on movies that aren't yet out.

4) Give us MORE reasons not to unsubscribe. Having the website offline at peak usage times is not a good way to make friends. Also, I have come close to unsubscribing many times because I am mad that I cannot get the movies I want right away. I am paying plenty, I shouldn't have to "Very Long" wait for movies that I am dying to see. The more I wait, the angrier I get for paying the monthly fee, knowing that a drive to the God-awful Blockbuster could get me the DVD right away.

5) One minor thing Netflix should do is start selling Blu-ray and HDDVD's in the "Used DVD" area. There's no reason not to, and I'd buy a lot more from them if they had the high-def versions for sale.

6) Respond to criticism's more, and bring back online customer care.

What happened on the community blog was a good start, as I pretty much got my answers, in a sarcastic way - yes, but I got the answers I wanted. They need to send us surveys often, and start asking hard questions like "What would you like to see us do for you?"


I would like to see credits for writers in addition to those for directors.

It would also like to have the studio/production company listed as well. I watch a lot of indie films, and if I find a studio I like, I'd like to watch more from them. I use IMDB to figure it out, but it would be nice to have it included at Netflix.


I'd like the option to cancel a movie that's being sent from out-of-state so I can get the next one in my queue sent immediately instead. Since they don't SHIP those out-of-state ones for another 24 hours after they send you the email telling you it's not available locally (the email says that right in it -- that it won't ship until the next day), it seems there ought to be time for me to say, "No thanks, then," and have it move onto the next item in my queue promptly. Many times, I'm hoping to get all three of my movies in time for a trip I'm taking (or for the weekend), and then suddenly I discover it will be 4-6 days before one of them will arrive because it's being shipped (but not until tomorrow!) from across the country.

Seems like it would be easy to have that email include a link that lets you cancel the request and bump to the next one in your queue instead -- and a cut-off time after which it's too late for you to make any changes.

Alternatively, what about adding a mark of some sort to movies that are in my local shipping center. Libraries do this quite easily in their systems (highlight or mark items that are available in your preferred branch). I know it wouldn't solve this problem for good, because sometimes a movie ships from out-of-state because all the copies in my local center are already out. But it seems like an easy enough thing to do (Heck, I could write the code for that feature!) and it would let me know if a movie is ONLY available from out-of-state so I can plan for that better.


Watch Now for the Wii.


unlimited watch now minutes, which probably won't happen. maybe they can do it for those of us who pay for the 8 movie plan????


I'd love to see a longer queue. I have a lot of tv shows and that eats up a ton of space. I had to go through and make sure I only had the first season of each series so I could make room for more stuff. Also a lot of times I like to browse through titles and add anything that looks interesting (because I'll never remember to add it later) and I keep capping out.

Also, if they could indicate if a title is available as Watch It Now in the info box when you mouse over. I don't put Watch It Now titles in my queue (to save space) and that would be nice to know without clicking. Maybe even a queue for stuff you plan on watching online.

tags and a way to make private comments are also good ideas.

Im Not A Turnip

What a great topic! I never really thought about how diverse our interests might be. My picks:

1. When new disc comes out with a "digitally enhanced" or "restored" version, I wish Netflix would upgrade their entire stock with the new version. (Sell off the old stock online.) I don't have ANY interest whatsoever in a "new" version that is "new" because it now has a "making of" featurette or an updated blooper reel so don't bother with those. I know this sounds incredibly simplistic and obvious, but I rent specific movies because I want to WATCH THOSE MOVIES! I'd like them to be of the best quality available. Some older discs couldn't look worse if they were a VHS copy uploaded to YouTube, and some of those HAVE been updated.

2. I love Meg's comment about shipping from out of state. I think that more "global" controls would be a great enhancement. You can already tell the service that you would prefer to receive either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD instead of standard DVD if it is available.

* 2A: How about a global setting that allows you to tell NF that you prefer widescreen over fullscreen or vise versa? For example, recently I searched and added "Shrek" to my queue. The "suggestion screen" popped up and listed "Shrek 2" so I added it to my list as well. Only after carefully checking my queue did I notice that the "suggested" version was fullscreen. I had to delete it and do a new search so I could choose the widescreen version. Extra points if a note about "full vs. wide" would show up in the queue based on your settings.

* 2B: Back to Meg's comment: An earlier topic on Hacking Netflix mentioned that a movie would be held at distribution center "A" if a member near the same center had it in their queue. If that is true, couldn't there be a note saying "not available locally" if a movie had to be shipped across country? Couldn't there be a global setting to say "only ship from local center"? Maybe even have an override for the specific item in the queue to allow it to ship from Timbuktu anyway?

3: Sorry to everyone who is tired of hearing me say this. PLEASE tell us in WatchNow if the movie is wide or full Screen. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I like widescreen so much more that I will stop watching a fullscreen WatchNow movie and add the DVD to my queue - even if I have to wait an extra week to see it.


"When new disc comes out with a "digitally enhanced" or "restored" version, I wish Netflix would upgrade their entire stock with the new version."

This is something that bugs me, and I think they've been getting worse with it. Recent examples of remastered editions (with bonus discs) that Netlix doesn't carry: The new Stanley Kubrick collection (with some titles in wide screen for the first time), "Taxi Driver," "Deliverance" and "House of Games." I'm sure there are plenty more.


A. Watch Now for Mac

This would offer great PR, expand the usage and also coincide with the launching of new features as shown in the Silverlight demo. This is of course why it's not done yet. Expect a major marketing roll-out for Watch Now in the near future, with Mac compatibility, etc as a part of it.

B. Netflix mobile site

It doesn't need to be fully featured, just the ability to browse movies, add to queue and see your queue listed. Make it fancy later if it proves popular. Now is the time for Netflix to push this out, along with other "widgets" like the Facebook plugins, etc. The same dev team could do a all of these.

C. Notes option in queue

Love this idea. obvious.

D. Longer queue or different queue?

I'd like to see a movie storage area that can quickly move selections into the queue. Remember that your queue is a QUEUE and has other functions from the back-end that affect the desirability of expanding it to say 1,000 movies. An easy solution is to have a "saved movie" area for Saving movies we want to see one day but aren't planning to move right to the top of the queue at this time. I'm pretty sure a large percentage of Netflix users do this and it makes sense to have that available. This area could be fully featured (notes, etc) and have tight integration with queue so it's clear that this is just your movie storage area while making it easy to put a movie direclty into your active queue, where Netflix then gets it ready to ship to you in the near future

D. Watch Now on TV

First of all, you can do this already. Connecting a computer to a digital TV, especially a laptop, is trivial. It's incredibly easy with a MAC, too, but Netflix doesn't yet support Mac OS for Watch Now...

Other options include the mentioned console streaming, most likely XBox 360 at first but possibly Wii as well.

Less mentioned is HD DVD players. A Toshiba HD DVD player with Netflix Watch Now functionality is a /killer/ product waiting to happen.

E. Watch Now queue

I'd like a separate list/area for my Watch Now options. I'm sure this will functionality will be improved when Watch Now is really launched full-scale and would like to see this

F. Watch Now-only accounts.

I expect to have a Watch Now option where I don't have a DVD plan at all, perhaps with the occasional DVD thrown-in, flipping the usual structure of the thing.

G. More content on Watch Now

So far, so good, but more more more more more. Netflix can't have too many options in the Watch Now area. I think the TV stuff is a good option, I'd especially like to see more foreign and off-the-air series showing up as these are likely the best avenue for release to the audience that is out there.

British shows like Father Ted, the French "The Office" (Le Bureau), etc, would be great uses of Watch Now that would likely cost Netflix very little for the media distribution rights.

H. Better search functions for the "Foreign" genres

I'd like to be able to easily sort for newly released German movies, for example. This ties into I...

I. Better serve the niche audiences.

Netflix has the biggest advantage with customers who appreciate certain niches that are not served by other options. Make these niches feel at home with better options and you can drive new people to those niches as well as attract the entire fan base for a type of movie. Anyone who wants to start watching a new genre, etc, would be well served by having a "home" on the Netflix site.


Great comments all.

Expanding queue size: I'm conflicted on that. I have 500 as well, and notes on paper for another 500, but sometimes we have to balance the possible against the real. Maybe we should just pick the 500 films or shows we'd MOST like to see?

Also, it takes a while for my system to load the queue with 500. It didn't take that long with 250 or 300.

I'd like to see Netflix expand their film catalog to include all films. You can find thousands of films on Amazon.com (on VHS) not available on Netflix; you can watch TCM and see films not available on Netflix, and you can read about films in, for example, Roger Ebert's The Great Movies, and they are not on Netflix.

Netflix needs a real rating scale for their films and shows. The 1 to 5 scale is really a 3-point scale (3, 4, 5) unless you make a point of renting discs you don't like. Who does that, with reviews available to tell you whether you would like it?

Three points are not enough to do justice in rating. Solution: Change the existing scale from 1 to 5 in full points to 1 to 5 in half points. It's not the 10-point scale JebNY asked for, but it is 9 points, and all existing ratings can be maintained (all the 1s and 2s and 3s and 4s and 5s posted thus far would still be valid).

Instead of 1 ---- 2 ---- 3 ---- 4 ---- 5

It should be 1 ---- 1.5 ---- 2 ---- 2.5 ---- 3 ---- 3.5 ---- 4 ---- 4.5 ---- 5

2 Stars after the change would mean the same as 2 Stars before.

5 would still be “Loved It,” just like before.

Then I could go through my 5-Star films and rescore them, leaving only the ones I really really loved. The rest could rescore to 4.5.


Interest List(s): The ability to add movies to an interest list that is not the queue. Maybe even allow multiple named interest lists (and having the list name show in the queue). This would allow me to keep track of movies I might someday want to watch and keep my queue down to what I want to watch in the immediate future. At present it would take me about a year to watch what is already in my queue.


Eazyguy52 sez "as I stated before, changing the idiotic "helpful, not helpful" on reviews to "agree or disagree"."

I don't agree with this proposal.

There is a big difference between agreement and helpfulness. Consider the following review of the 1980 film "The Formula" from ML in Orlando:
I gave this movie 4 stars having seen it some time ago. When I noticed the "razzie" awards and read some bad reviews on-line I decided to watch it again. The movie still holds up. It's a great detective story with political themes that are just as true today as they were when the movie was made. I still give it 4 stars.
7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.
Is that a helpful review? I think so.

Do I agree with it? Who cares?

Netflix viewers need help in finding out whether a film will entertain or inform them, and the "Helpful / Not Helpful" rating system should do that.

I want to know whether to watch The Formula or not, and ML's review is helpful to me in making that decision.

So when you rate a review, think "Does this review HELP me know whether or not to watch it" rather than "Do I like the review" or "Do I believe the review."

The change Netflix should make is not changing the rating dimension from "Helpful" to "Agreement," rather, to explain to users the difference between the two.


How about this review of The Formula (1980) from MH 1344525? It is the Most Recent Review.
Very disappointing, It was obvious Geo C Scott and Marlon Brando were in it for the money. The plot was too complicated to really follow. The ending was a study in futility. Not worth my time
1 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Do I like this review? No, I don't: The writer can't use English correctly (comma splice, incorrect capitalization, can't spell "George," and can't put periods at the end of the sentence.

So do I rate it Not Helpful because of that? No, I'm not supposed to rate it on how literate the reviewer is (a reviewer only 18% "Similar To You," thankfully).

Now do I agree or disagree with what the reviewer wrote? How can I? I have not see The Formula.

So how would I know whether the reviewer's remarks are true or false? I don't LIKE what the reviewer wrote, but that is not the basis on which I could agree or disagree.


@Complication - You can make a "Top 10 List" and add your extra queue movies to it. If you put the word 'queue' in the list title, then it won't be visible to the public.


Better "Rankings"...the top 100 movies have been the same for ever now.


It would be helpful to list which trailers are on a disc on the movie details. I try to write down the titles of movies I find interesting, but don't always think to. By the time I'm online again, I've forgotten.

Edward Toy

I want an increased que size. I know that I won't see them for a long time but everything is there so I don't forget about it. Right now, I have to create additional ques to do that.

I also would like netflix to either add or suggest to me when a new volume of a series is released. For example: I add a tv series that at the time has 4 volumes to it but a year later it has 20 volumes. Right now, I have to check all current series to see if they added a new volume to it. I would like Netflix to either add it or at least tell me about it.

I would also like to see netflix add the extended version of movies. Often a year later some movies release a new DVD with extra content. Examples are X-Men 1.5, Spider-Man 2.1, etc. I keep on searching for these extended editions and they never show up. I even requested for them and they have yet to arrive.


1.) I had asked about the sorting of the queue years ago when I first joined netflix -- that would solve most queue searching issues.

2.) I would like to be able to set up a "Watch Now" queue as well. It is very difficult to find things to watch on the watch now, and easy to forget when you leave the computer. I certainly do want to have to add movies to my "real" queue to make sure I do not forget "Watch Now" movies and TV shows.

3.) I use the "Watch Now" alot. This is the main reason I have not switched to a Mac. That probably seems trivial to many people, but movie and TV watching is how I break up the day.


Another variation of larger queues, Queue folders. Let me at a folder called "TV Shows" and I can put all my TV DVD's in there, when that folder hits the top of my Queue it starts pulling from there. I could have folders for different family members, themes, seasons (Christmas Movies), movies I want to re-watch someday.

Some queue / list / bookmark functionality for Watch Now would be nice, but I bet with movies sometimes disappearing from there they don't want to draw attention to the fact. For now, I just bookmark the movie's page in my browser.

Watch Now cross platform, and in Firefox. While I have no personal interest in Watch Now on Mac, I can understand the desire. I personally would be more interested in Firefox (Windows) support and Linux.

Old Timer Too

1 - Queue size. The larger the queue the slower the site will be. This is a major problem with BB, which has a max queue size of 999 titles. Believe me, I can live with NF's lower limit, though I don't like it.

2 - Version flags - NF is the least flexible between the two services. BB gives you the option of displaying all available versions (if they have them). Unfortunately, this practice bloats the database (and slows things down) and is costly to maintain.

3 - Give me output to a spreadsheet (or delimited flat file) that I can import into my own database. BB has a "printable version" of the queue, but it is no better than the non printable version for importing into a tracking system.

4 - Don't have a Mac, but still the feature should be cross-platform available.

5 - Add to favorites - already mentioned. The system knows me (through a cookie) so I don't have to log on. The feature is in the browser and so it works the same way for both BB and NF.

6 - BB has this now and I use it from time to time and then renumber my queue accordingly. I miss the ability in my NF queue.

New items:

1 - Better rating system - half-stars are available for BB and I like the feature. Also, a zero stars feature.

2 - Optional queue groupings - a good suggestion, but just adding the sort feature to the columns would help, since the genre is in its own column.

3 - Jump to the film in the queue, not just add it to the queue. With large queues, it would be nice if I see a title that's already in my queue, to be able to jump directly to that title (without have to do a "find" on the queue page).

4 - When looking at possible adds the queue, a flag that says I've already rented this one.

5 - Notes to self - I like this idea a lot. Then I wouldn't have to guess why I added a title - whether it was because I was adding all of Hugh Jackman's films or because I saw something in a review somewhere about the title and I wanted to see it for that reason.

6 - Premium "preferred and unlimited" plans for always getting films shipped the day the previous film is checked in with no wait for shipping from another center, no throttling (meaning preferential treatment on difficult to obtain titles), no wait states, and automatic additional shipments to make up for unavoidable shortfalls (all copies out, lost in mail, long shipping times).

7 - Rather than clutter the database with additional film details, provide an "open new window/tab" link to the title on the imdb.

8 - Available locally flags so you know what is usually available for immediate shipment. This is something that BB desparately needs with their false availability indicators.

9 - Wish list for purchases, watch now, add to queue that is unlimited in size. A way to easily move the item(s) to a purchase basket, start watching now, or moving to any location in your queue. And note to self why it is in the wish list.

10 - Global settings for title preferences (widescreen vs full frame), etc.

Hopefully, someone from netflix will capture the content of the entire blog. There are lots of good ideas.


"The change Netflix should make is not changing the rating dimension from "Helpful" to "Agreement," rather, to explain to users the difference between the two."

Uh-huh. Sure. That'll change everything.

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