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$1 rentals WILL hurt NF too.


A little. Redbox and Blockbuster (in store) are both go-get-it/go-return-it paradigms. People who are willing to drive to rent a DVD are more likely to switch from BB to Redbox. People who are used to getting movies delivered are less likely (and for me, that equates to about 0% likely - I've had a Redbox near me for over a year and I still haven't used it).

Big B

Waiting for a movie to come in the mail is not for me. Besides, I may change my mind by the time it gets there, I prefer to just stop and pick it up on tmy way home and drop it back off the next day. I prefer the $1 kiosk, and the fact that it's only a dollar helps as supposed to 2 or 3 with most mail companies.

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