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Apple has got it right. Keep activation junk out of your software. It only causes grief for legitimate customers (it's hardly even a bump in the road for non-customers that are going to steal it anyway). Attract customers with reasonable prices and attractive values, like discounts for upgrades or multiple purchases.


The major difference you must remember is that when it comes to computers, Apple is primarily in the hardware business (where most of their revenue comes from) while Microsoft is primarily in the software business. You don't go out and buy a Microsoft computer, you buy a computer from another company such as Dell.

I'm a devoted and happy Mac user but you really do have to see the big picture to understand the big difference between Apple and Microsoft and why their software sales models are completely different.


That being said- MS still needs to price their software to the value of the software. They've over-priced themselves. I would never pay for vista at the cost it is now.

If Vista cost $199 and I could install it on all 3 of my machines in my house- I would snatch it up in an instant.

Sure $199 for 3 computers is less than a potential $450 that they COULD get for 3 copies at $150, But look at it this way- I won't buy it at that price anyway. So their potential lost revenue doesn't work. It's either $199 for 3 (or more) licenses or nothing in my book. I would never consider spending $450 to upgrade all my machines. NEVER. So they're losing money with their current model.

Plus, why would I "upgrade" to vista? So my file copies are slow? So my processor and memory can be used up by DRM schemes?

I, for one, have noticed a trend in vista- those tilt bits are easier to bump, causing the video sub-system to restart more often. I have a video card that's apparently "failing" causing the video subsystem reset all the time. The idea is that if something irregular is happening, they reset it. This keeps me from .. compromising DRM'd content. But what it really does is show flaws in a slightly failing video card that works *fine* in windows XP. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the video card or if it's a problem with vista.

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