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Not just no, but hell no. They somehow can tell what you sent back, and they're not just scanning the barcode on the envelope. They even know if you sent them back a bit for bit copy instead of the original, I hear. (I haven't tried this yet, even though it's tempting).


Uh to know if it's a bit by bit copy or original, they'd have to stick each dvd returned into a dvd drive and run a program, that takes a very very long time even for 1 dvd. That's impossible they don't do that.
It's a person who scans the barcode and checks that the right dvd is in there, which isn't always successful.


while this might be a cute idea, this is just really too random to matter and will only tick off the people who wanted to see their film.


I think the writer isn't suggesting inserting DVDs with the intention of them going to the next renter, but rather that Netflix would find the indie-DVD and add it to its inventory, thus potentially increasing awareness of the film.


but you have a better chance just dealing with Red Envelope entertainment up front if your film is good enough for Netflix.


This will only slow down Netflix screeners, and you know what that does to us..... RAISES PRICES OF THE SERVICE.

Its a good idea, but the best bet is as Corey3rd says... go through Red Envelope.. ive seen some really nice stuff come through them


Not sure how well it would work, I'm fine with the idea as long as it does not degrade the service I pay for though.


I actually know the answer to this as I just had a "dumbass" moment with netflix. I accidentally sent back one of my movies but did not realize it for a few weeks. When I called netflix about getting my movie back they told me if someone sends back a movie that is part of the netflix inventory, they automatically ASSUME it was from a prior rental and add it to their inventory. if it's not a movie they happen to have in their inventory, then they notify you, unless you happen to catch it before they get it back and notify them. After all, it does say on their website that if you loose an envelope or whatever just put more then one in another send back envelope. Since the movie I sent back happened to be one that they rented and now could not be tracked I received 50% off my next month. I have the 4 at a time plan so you think they would say "hmm...5 movies sent back instead of 4, lets see if this extra one is one they have rented in the past, maybe it's not ours." NOPE. They made it their own, just like the borg. now, if they do try to notify you and you do not respond, I have no idea what they do with the discs then. Hope this helps.


along these lines, I have some old DVDs that work fine, but I don't really want anymore. I don't have the packaging so it's not really worth selling them online. Do you think it's useful to just send them in a Netflix envelope with a return as a "donation"?

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