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Christian's redesign is better. Brevity is sweet indeed, especially when it comes to a site about renting films and TV shows. Netflix may be well advised to heed Christian's redesign, which embodies Strunk & White's timeless precept, "Omit needless words!"

I hope any redesign still will fit into an 800-pixel-wide-by-600-pixel-high display, as, according to http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_display.asp, a shrinking but still sizable minority of us, 14%, use 800x600 monitors. Netflix's main website admirably fits into the 800x600 display size (even though their Community pages, sadly, don't).

Still, the Netflix website is far better designed than Blockbuster's, which not only sprawls across a 1000-pixel-wide space, but also even now remains, compared to Netflix's, fuzzy, information-poor, and cluttered by wasted space and a jarring Easter-egg color scheme.

[Comment corrected. - Mike]


Forget the "Recommended For You", that has never worked for the vast majority of us.
In fact, it's usually quite humorous.


Agree with most of the redesign. But, like previous post, I don't use the Recommended page at all. Also I wish there was a way to take you straight to your Queue. I don't get that much value from the homepage either...


ooh, I'm a designer. here's my two cents.

I like the new one, I like that the top edge of the tabs are aligned. as a designer I notice that everytime I visit netflix. everytime! and I do like the reordering of the tabs. but really...it's not keeping me up at night the way it is. what's important is that the site works and is easy.

BUT... if home were changed to be more of my personal home page then I would definitely say make a "Home" Tab. you know put a little bit of my Q on there, a few friends, comments, likes and dislikes...all that standard profile stuff.

netflix is easily one of the two best websites out there though. amazon being the other.


Nope. Redesign missed the boat on several points.

The bigger tabs are clearly on purpose. You mostly use the queue and (they hope) watch now functions. Others are... other.

"Home" is weird. Its not the home. There only sorta is one; its the browsing section.

Labels are still too long, and inconsistently so. How about just "recommended"?

Myself, I'm big on tossing:
- Watch now
- Buy
And integrating them into the queue or search functions. See a movie in a list, or in details, and you can:
- Add to queue (if not)
- Move in queue/remove from queue (if in)
- Watch now
- Buy it, new or used
- Get recommendations based on people who like this movie
- Do community stuff related to this movie
Yes, it does a lot of this now. I'd just like to see it more integrated.

Agree somewhat with super-bat-man, that there should possibly be a home, with summary information. About 3/4 of the time I want to see my queue, I only need the top 10-20 items; stick it on a page with all the other stuff, and I won't even mind suggested items and banners for sales and upgrades.


Do you guys seriously agree that christians is better? Wow...do you not think that the Netflix engineers do not know what they are doing. They have several hundred known test groups out there and with all the collected data (click through rates, etc) I think they know what there are doing. Less is not always better. Clarity is the key, a lot of netflix subscribers are elderly or sick and some dont spend a lot of time browsing websites. The more clear and obvious it is to navigate... the less calls customer service will have therefore our subscriptions rates will continue to drop. Making the site more questionable will not do any good. I think christian should re design blockbuster website too....I need a good laugh

Old Timer Too

I like the new tab design, but would make one minor change: in place of, "Recommended For You," use, "Suggested For You." It will fit the tab better and its functionality.

To Ranjit - Software engineers are notoriously bad at figuring out good user interfaces (despite all the so-called input from test groups). I've been in the computer industry for over 40 years, so I speak from experience. Just because someone has the credentials and can engineer/design something does not equate to a practical design. Christian's design is actually simpler, but then, if you're used to something, then any change would be questionable.

To be honest, NF's site is quite good. There are some changes I'd make, but if it slows down performance, I'll forgo to recommendation. The changes Christian suggests are practical, if nothing else. Esthetically, it is cleaner and easier to use. I find the heart in Movies You'll [Love] is out of place and jarring to the eyes.

And finally, the BB site needs an extreme makeover, not just a face lift. It is still far too slow in many respects and non-responsive. Many pages contain old data.


Id like the Q on the far right.

Thats my opinion.

That and $5 will buy you a cup of coffee in most places.


I would suggest much more than just a change to the user interface look. There are many things that should be added for functionality reasons.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to arrange the navigation buttons the way you like; it would be like moving tabs on the newer browsers.

A homepage that shows the top 20 movies in your queue would be a great start. Who's homepage is this, anyway? It's certainly not mine.

I am extremely frustrated that the only way I can remind myself of a VOD(video on demand) movie is to place it in the main queue. There is no Instant Viewing queue, and even when in the main queue, the user cannot easily see that this selection is available in VOD.

In the queue, they should let users sort information by each data set. If I want to see all my R rated movies in my queue, it should be easier to do.

Netflix should partner with IMDB for movie information. IMDB has much better descriptions, actor and director linking and trivia that many of us find interesting.

Big Will

I respond with a resounding...
Are we really debating about netflix link tabs?
The tabs at the top of the page are obviously the areas that are most commonly accesed and the main features of the website.
Who gives a shit about what order they're in?

The one thing I would change is to make the "browse page" the "movies you'll <3" page and make a real home page. Kinda like the community page. I personally browse that every day.


@Big Will

Err... people who responded here care it would seem. The person who created the new look must care. The person who created this post must care. Perhaps, the other people who responded to this post care just a little. Yeah, who cares?

Great input, though, Big Will.

Very informative.

Big Will

@Netflix Junkie...

Listen Sir Snarks ALot.
The point is, what is the difference the way the tabs are positioned and what they're called. No matter what they say or their position, they lead to one common place that needs to be accessed.

Let's say at home, you had kitchen cabinets.
So you decide on making one for only canned products, one for boxed products, one for microwave products, etc. And then you decide to put a label underneath them so you can remember which cabinet is which.
For argument sake they're all within the same exact reaching distance.
At the end of the day, does it matter if the boxed products were to the left or the right? Or that you made some righteous mac and cheese?

Our society is doomed...


The point seems to be that some people actually care about this, and some do not. You are in the latter group, but many of us are in the former.

As for labeling my kitchen cabinets, are you spying on me? I have a cabinet just for my mac and cheese. Goes great with "harley davidson and the marlboro man".

Edward R Murrow

Would it really be that difficult to allow drag and drop on the tabs to allow customization? Then store the user preference in a user profile table or cookie? Probably just a couple hundred lines of code.

Big Will

"Goes great with "harley davidson and the marlboro man"."

Sounds to me you're more of a "Tango And Cash" man.

HD and MM are a little too butch for you...


I much prefer the Christian Watson version.

The current design obviously is an evolutionary hodgepodge, cobbled together as NF added new features without any thought of taking a look at the total visual effect. This is a common problem when you have a bunch of techie types running the website.

I doubt anything like the Christian Watson version will ever see the light of day, since NF only makes token efforts to incorporate user suggestions.



"I am extremely frustrated that the only way I can remind myself of a VOD(video on demand) movie is to place it in the main queue. There is no Instant Viewing queue, and even when in the main queue, the user cannot easily see that this selection is available in VOD."

I tryied to get around this by putting VOD flixs in my wifes queue but then you can't watch them from a 'sub-account'. Very fruestrating. I do now, I start the movie, let it play for one minute then close it. Then you can go to VOD watching history when you are ready and choose for thos flicks you started. It picks up where you left off.

Hope that is helpful.



Tab order and wording can be improved, perhaps, but I find it to be of somewhat less importance than other UI changes that could be made. (I myself am a UI programmer. Morrowind/Oblivion)

As our queues can grow quite large (mine is in the 200-300 range usually) making the queue the default first page would be bad. BUT, since that is the page where most of the action takes place, I usually just hit the Queue tab the moment the "home" page comes up. (Or I have the queue as the target of a bookmark.)

Netflix Junky echoed my wish for the top of the queue to be displayed on a true Home page, with full manipulation enabled. This would load much faster than my whole queue, and I'm usually only interested in the top 10-15 items in the queue when I visit anyway.

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