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Check your region settings on your dvd player. (i'm guessing windows media player) Select one (probably Region 1) and it will fix it.


Try using vlc. That's what I use to play DVDs, and, well, everything else.

Curious. Since we're on the subject of The Heartbreak Kid, on the copy I rented when the movie began it said: Edited for Content. I checked around on the internet and even though several people had written about it, nobody seems to know why it is there. Anybody?


"January 01, 2008 at 04:34 AM"

Not that it matters but that response is mine.


My favorite DVD Copy buster has been AnyDVD, busted everything I've thrown against it thus far, best $25 ever spent.


Just get anyDVD, problem solved, you can watch any region, and it takes care of the DRM problems as well, allowing you to use any player you choose.
Just my 2 cents on the problem, works for me.


sounds like your computer was giving you an excuse to not process the face of Ben Stiller


The sad thing is that The Heartbreak Kid is still widely available through "alternative download methods." Yet again, DRM greatly inconveniences legitimate users while having no effect on illegal distribution.


Sometimes I hate Vista...I can't even get my wifi to work. Local Host message...


Haven't been here and posted in awhile. Good to see Mike still has "make your own damn movie disc 1" in his queue. hah



If you upgrade from vista to xp, you can play the DVD with no error.

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