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Matt, it works fine for me. What's not working? Are you able to see Leave Note buttons but they just don't work? What happens when you click them?

Movie notes? What are movie notes?

Matt aka Phatz here.
It has been over a week now. I can not get into the notebook at all. When I try to click on notebook or Friends and Faves it gives me "Temporarily Unavailable
We're sorry, some parts of the Community features are temporarily unavailable."
A friend of mine sent me this message I am having the same things occur "I tried to reply to messages sent to me by my friends on Netflix and it comes back temp out of order, Now, tonight, I can't leave messages, read messages or check my profile except for main page. I can add new faves to page but can't send invites to the ones I saw that i wanted to and can't answer anything,,, I think Netflix is having issues,"

No kidding. It is seriously screwed up! Though I am usually not easily rustled at this point I'm reaching a threshold. I'm glad I am not the only one frustrated. But it seems like most people are getting back on. I have been able to read notes on email only but I can't get into the notebook and therefore I can't send them. I have 3 queues and my wifes queue works fine for notes so I don't know if it has to do with the quantity? I haven't been able to write notes in over a week and have not been able to read any except while on Netflix. It is bothering me quite a bit. Anyway, tech support said they would work on it but it's very frustrating! This afternoon I got on and saw about 30 new notes but by the time I was ready to reply to some of them the notebook was gone again!
How many of you use the Notes. Are you having problems too?
Thanks everyone!
- Matt


Hey Matt, I'm back to having problems too. I don't typically go several days in a row without Community service like you seem to, but it's certainly out more times that it's actually up. And when down, it's not just Notes, you can't accept friend requests or peruse friend queues either. IMO, it's ridiculous that this problem has become so bad; it's been an off an on issue for months now and this last month has been the worst. It'd be nice if NF would at least admit that there's a major problem with community (they don't even mention it on their official blog.) Of course, I'm not surprised... I remember a few months back when the entire system went down for days and we never got an official explanation. Side note: as a NF customer do we have a right to be angry at partial service or not? I mean, the core service works - you still get your movies. And you can still use SOME community features like leave reviews and add to your faves list. But when I buy my "Happy Meal" each month, I expect the darn fries to be included every time if you know what I mean. Very frustrating. In some ways NF really drops the ball.


I think this is a corporate mentality issue. Aside from a portion of the site not working correctly, getting honest answers about issues can be hard to come by. I think Michael does the best he can with the knowledge that he has, but I doubt he is responsible for every portion of the site.

I work in the computer industry. And a few years ago when we were under different management, and the data center would have an “outage”, we were told to come up with an answer for the customer which almost never touched on the truth.

Instead, management wanted something to appease the customers without really telling them what caused the issue in the first place. Sometimes, it would be impossible to reply to angry messages without revealing the real reason for a problem. In these cases, management told us to ignore those messages; eventually they’ll stop asking. It was true; eventually they stopped being a customer.

This changed with new management. They decided, and good for them, that telling the truth might be painful at first but, at least our customers would trust us. It has taken a while to rebuild our customer loyalty base because of former management, though.

I am hoping that Netflix management is not taking the advice of my former management. I did see a post today from Michael asking for any help dissecting the issue, so I think that is a good sign.

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