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One small point: ARccOS isn't copy-protection software (as stated on the NetFlix site). It's a copy-protection system - a structured protection scheme. It structures the DVD with intentionally corrupted sectors to prevent wholesale copying. Corrupted sectors shouldn't be encountered during normal playback so it isn't supposed to impact stand-alone players, but obviously it does to some extent.

Perhaps not so obvious, it's almost ridiculously easy to defeat.

When will companies learn.

Old Timer Too

"When will companies learn"

When the complaints reach the courts and those courts are consumer-oriented.

I remember a similar fiasco over "The Kid" (Disney) in that it would not play past a certain point on my DVD player. I had purchased the film, found the "flaw" and exchanged for another title. I did this twice before realizing it was a disc coding problem. I finally found a place to write and wrote Disney over the matter. After almost six months, they replaced the disc with one that would play on my player and sent me a free copy of Hercules (the animated feature) for my trouble.

Now Disney has printed on their new discs a toll-free number that you can call if you have problems playing a disc.

Sony has gotten a lot of bad press over this issue and it is on-going. They are obligated by law to correct the problem for each person or face stiff penalties in court. There is no "buyer beware" but an unstated guarantee of merchantability - meaning that the product must perform. Enter the recall process.

I'm not sure who Sony has resolved this particular issue since my Sony players have no problems with these discs. But I suspect that if you run into a problem and have one of the players listed that you can ask Sony to ship you a usable disc. If not, go the to FTC site and register your complaint, providing full details about the actions you've taken.

When will these companies learn? When the FTC enters and the company refuses to "make things" right for the customer.

If you rent a title and you cannot get one that plays, the same thing applies - lodge a complaint with the FTC. But this time, the video rental place is under an obligation, as well, so it extends beyond Sony and their encoding.

The ARccOS system has been in place for several years, so these discs are employing either a variation that is failing, or something else that is not being handled by the player's programming.

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