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Hey Mike. Without a doubt, this is the only Netflix fan site that matters. I visit it to read every new post, and I greatly appreciate the work you put into it. It's flawless (Which can't even be said for Netflix's own community blog)!

Here's to another great year for Hacking Netflix, and I hope your posts continue to shape Netflix's future as they have done so far. I'll be reading buddy, keep up the outstanding work!

Robert Dupee

I'm new to Netflix (only a few weeks) and enjoy reading Hacking Netflix every day for tips, news, info, etc.. You've got an excellent site here, Mike. Happy New Year to you and yours.


This site is awesome, I check it daily for Netflix info, as well as a good debate.

Stephen Worth

I'm new to Netflix and new to your site. Thanks for the useful info.


I've only been reading this site since about May, but yeah, keep up the good work.


hey mike. thanks for all the work you do to maintain the site. i appreciate it. and enjoy the info you and readers provide.


This is the only place to get all you need to know about NF. I'm always checking this site for some time now and I love that fact that NF and BB higher ups take notice of this site and act accordingly. Thanks Mike and everyone who is a part of Hacking Netflix.


I've been looking at this site pretty much every day for a year since I started using Netflix and it has been great to get all sorts of info-Thanks a lot Mike for all your work! Happy New Years to Everyone!

professional bum

Thanks for the massive amounts of info to my make netflix experience so much better. I've been a netflix subscriber since 2001 anf loyal reader of this site for the past year and hopefully many more. Happy new year.


Happy New Year, Mike. Have always loved this site!


Happy New Year to you, and I wish you continued success in all your endeavors.


This is unrelated, but I can't access netflix. It was like this earlier and it still is right now. Any info? Is the site down?


Thanks for all your hard work, Mike! I've been a reader of the site for a year or so and now I find that I have to check the site every weekday to read the new posts or I feel like I've missed something. :D Happy New Year!


In Feb 07 I did a google search for Netflix blogs and check yours and rarely any others at least once a week to catch up on the weeks posts. Appreciate you work, Good luck for '08!

Im Not A Turnip

Thanks, Mike, for the website. I enjoy it so much that it's on my "daily visit" list.

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