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I would think they would go with the xbox 360 to test the waters. They are in millions of homes. Their users are internet savvy, plus it's just a matter or implementing the software. I mean you can already rent movies through their marketplace. Adding the netflix name and library would only help microsoft. And I'm sure there are a ton of 360 owners that would subscribe to netflix after they see what is available.

I wonder if Sony would allow their movies to be rented through the 360 though.


Boy, I'd run out and buy an X-Box 360 in a heartbeat if I could attach it to my Hi Def TV for using the NF Watch Now feature ... And I have no interest in gaming.


Reed H joined the Microsoft Board of Directors 3/07. Gee, do you think a Gates/Hastings deal is in the works?
You might want to start looking for deals on that XBox CJ!

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