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Im Not A Turnip

That was good for a hearty laugh! Oh man, I have tears in my eyes - LOL!

Davis Freeberg

I completely agree with him. I've been able to watch movies on my audiovox for a long time, but its a terrible experience. Still, that doesn't mean that mobile video doesn't have its place. Clips that are more audio than video are great, as are shorty comedy videos. Watching the Godfather on your cell phone is a rip off, but its not that bad for the Colbert Report.


whenever I have to make a plane trip, I drag along my portable DVD player. while it's only 7 inches of a screen, it keeps me entertained instead of trying to ignore the baby three seats behind me. Plus I get to choose the films - think a regular airline would book Cocaine Cowboys?


Sometimes Netflix can be sorely disappointing: "Twin Peaks, Season 1" is available on DVD, but Netflix doesn't carry it!


David Lynch is full of BS in my opinion. For last two years or so, I've used my Dell notebook with a 12.1" screen on those long airplane flights. Really makes those domestic coach seat flights with no entertainment systems bearable.

In the last few months, however, I've changed to viewing those movies on my iPhone - and I don't believe there is any difference in "experience." Screen's smaller, however, I've got great eyesight and sound is the same.

Of course the legality of how those commercial movie DVDs end up on my notebook computer, which has no optical drives, or on my iPhone in mpeg4 format, is another subject - something David Lynch would launch another tirade about.


Is it that much worse than watching grainy youtube videos? Hurry, up, future! :-)


I think there's a significant distinction that needs to be made. David Lynch's movies do fall under the category of films I wouldn't dream of watching on a tiny screen (*unless I've already seen it before and am just getting a refresher). His movies are a cinematic experience. Then there are the movies that you wouldn't lose anything if you watched them on the tiny screen because the detail that's lost on the tiny screen doesn't affect the experience. Of course I tend not to watch movies that I wouldn't mind watching on a tiny screen, but I can think of a few movies that wouldn't be too bad on the small screen. Think of every romantic comedy you've seen. Nothing of significance would be lost there.


Bah, there are certain movies, like my top favorites, that I would NEVER watch on anything less than my quality home theater setup: The Matrix, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. I can't understand the appeal of watching movies on something like an iPhone. I can see using it to catch news reports, sports updates, etc. while on the go, but real cinephiles would never resort to tiny displays unless it were a real emergency.

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