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For me, about 105 discs total sent from Netflix, and 10 Watch Instantly. That's pretty good :D As far as purchased movies, I bought and watched about 13 Blu-ray movies last year. In the theater, I probably averaged about 10-12 visits, which I'm not proud of :( I need to hit the theater more often.

I'll post over on the Netflix Fan blog as well.


I keep track of all my movie watching in a little book separated into 'In Theaters' and 'On DVD' (which also includes downloads/watching now). For 2007, I saw 35 movies in the theaters, watched 75 feature-length DVDs, and watched 15 seasons worth of various TV shows (mulitple disc sets).


116 this year (down from 127 last year, but i saw way more in theaters). i was on the 3-per plan for about 8 months and am on the 5-per plan now (more so that i can have more at home to choose from, than to watch more movies more often) so i guess that's about $2.30 per disc? that's not nearly as many movies as i thought i rented, i figured i rented 4 or 5 per week which is twice as many as reality. netflix done went and opened a can of worms!

Quentin Miyazaki

306 disks sent on the 4 out plan. $.72 per disk. I usually watch 1 a day. I also keep a short queue and try to get the new Tuesday releases. I did about 15 theater movies...usually on Monday since I don't have Netflix movies on Monday. I only did 2 'watch now's.


Again, I need a life...

Rented: 285
Bought/Gift: 41
Burned: 7
Total discs: 333

Rental Cost, Total: $ 366.00

Rental Cost per disc: $ 1.2842

Despite all my complaining, Netflix is a really good deal.


~200 Movies (mostly from Netflix, ~30 on TV DVR)
~400 1-hour TV Episodes (about half from Netflix, half from DVR)
~50 30-minute TV Episodes (all from Netflix)

Netflix rentals cost me very close to $1/disc. Due to the DVR I got early in the year, I watched much more TV than usual. Though it also allowed me to watch more movies from Netflix (as opposed to TV shows).

I've caught up on a lot of my TV watching so I expect 2008 to be more heavy on movies and by 2009 I don't expect to be watching any older TV shows (only current shows on DVR).


312 over the year - 3 out plan.

my reviews at Insidepulse puts me at another 100.

I got 94 discs from Netflix in 2007, many of which were TV shows (24, Babylon 5). I saw another 15 or so movies in theaters and other places.

That's around $2.17 per Netflix movie, but having a continuously rotating set of movies always waiting for me is invaluable.

Jim K

Looks like I've gone through 156 movies from Netflix. I've probably bought a couple of dozen disks, mostly the Addams Family collection and a bunch of Chinese films and probably rented a dozen or so more from the Family Video and Hollywood Video stores. So in total probably a little in excess of 200 DVDs viewed.

Jim K

Just to add, that comes out to $1.4207051282051282051282051282051 per DVD from Netflix.

Big Will

107 Discs Rented on Netflix

36 Watch now items

33 Blockbuster Online Discs

Unknown number of Blockbuster store rentals and movie theater visits. More than likely over the 100 mark.

Big Will

Forgot to mention. I paid about $214 switching up and down on various plans with a brief 3 month hiatus in between, bringing my price per disc rental for netflix to $2.00 a rental.

Jen K

230 DVDs from Netflix on the 3 out plan. So about $.89 a DVD.

No watch now and only one movie in the theater. But about 40 hrs of DVR stuff a week.


I'll skip right to the Bonus points - my average DVD cost for 2007 was $1.52 per rental.


Forgot about RentAnime in Tampa, FL.

I received 32 discs over 5 months which works out to $ 3.125 apiece.

As you might imagine, I cancelled their alleged "service".


I rented 230 from Netflix, watched 63 on watch now and had a total of 368 discs rented from Blockbuster (half on-line, half from store) I probably bought at least another 100 discs, so put me at about 800 for the year. I don't want to know how much I spent per rental.
The number will be a lot lower this year.


110 movies watched in 11 months in 2007 which comes out to be around 1.96 per movie (3 movie plan).


I managed to do 328 disks from Netflix on the three out plan at a cost of $0.64 per disk.


One movie in theaters. One or two movies rented (not by me). About six movies off teh intarwebs. Total spent was nine bucks.


Would you believe 600 between two accounts? LOL

I don't have TV, and I share one account at work, so I didn't actually watch all of them.


283 disks.
Plus maybe 20 movies and 2-3 series on WatchNow


331 i finished. 3 at a time + one at a time with greencine. plus mostly tcm oldies. includes tv series (30 rock - season 1) and a few other tv discs like a dance to the music of time. none in theatres.


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