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Lamarr Wilson

This is great news; I may even reenable my Netflix account now (I needed a break). I wonder if they will keep this up even with the new player/software service that is coming later this year. To have unlimited would be awesome.

However, this will only thrill me completely if there was finally a widget built to allow me to view this on my Xbox 360 thru the media center.


Competition truly is great...this is a nice treat for NF subs and I hope it stays this way as more movies are added.


cool. I'll still watch nothing on my computer but still...this is cool. I always thought to myself, "give someone else my 17 hours, I never use them."

now this is essentially what is happening.

I bet the only thing that changes is their image. it probably won't effect their profit at all. good move.

just amazing

That's actually really exciting. I don't watch much of the Watch Instantly, but I like knowing I can use it at any time, for as long as I want. Way to go Netflix!


I'm hopping this means that NF will be adding more shows to their watch instantly feature in order to compete with Apple. 'Cause frankly, being able to watch the A Team whenever you want isn't going to cut it.


Yeah....that's nice, I guess. Untill they make their entire library on watch now and i have the ability to immediately watch those shows on my tv, im not sold.


I would prefer to see my movies on my TV, with the features of a DVD, but I enjoy being able to see movies on my Mac without having to pay more.


So, the Watch Instantly list isn't the greatest. NF explains why on their site, and is working to get the legal biz ironed out so more can be there. Viewing the Watch Now selections on the TV is not that hard. Easier with a wireless laptop near the tube. Just connect S Video to the TV, and the headphone jack to the stereo (or TV audio). Looks good, sounds good, and feels good because it feels like 17 hours of FREE movies!


Unfortunately, my take is it sort of seems like they aren't going to have too much first rate content any time soon.

After all, only some of us are going to stream red dwarf all night long. The overwhelming majority don't use our hours... why not?


Really underwhelming. I watch 0 hours now, so upping the limit is not exactly a big deal. Making this available on Macs, or PCs that use something other than the *one* browser and player they allow, would maybe make this more attractive. It's still much easier to download movies via iTunes and Amazon.


Still limited to 17 hours on my account as of 10:21am CST. I have 0 hours left and nothing in the Help section has changed to reflect the Unlimited instant viewing.

I'm starting to suspect that this was a hoax and that it is still limited to those invited to test it out.


I'd be much more impressed if they allowed Mac users to watch. My hours are just being wasted now...


Hmm I am still at 17 hours and its 9:05 pacific I'll wait til at least noon before I start crying hoax, but yea it really doesn't make a difference with watch now all I watch on there are old obscure TV shows that are too bad to warrant a queue spot


I blew through my 17 hours watching the first season of Heroes which I had continued to miss each time it aired. I watched the second season on NBC's website.

Now I'm anxious to watch all 11 seasons of Magnum P.I. which I had been a big fan of growing up. So this news excited me. I'll be disappointed if this is a hoax or only available to new accounts.

just amazing

On my account it shows that it is unlimited, so it is not a hoax. Your impatience doesn't equal to a hoax!


Update.. I just now re-logged in to the Watch Now area of the site and my time limitation is no longer there. We're in business! The time restrictions have been removed as of 11:30am CST! Woot!


I bet that only a tiny fraction of Netflix users are actually watching their limit anyway, so this probably won't cost much for Netflix to do. I've watched about 2 hours in total on my Windows laptop. Until I can easily watch on my TV at DVD quality, I don't really see the point.


any word yet on whether this will work for Mac users?



Wake me up when I should start caring.


does sound that a user needs to sue Apple for screwing them over on this program. Steve Jobs must be taken behind a legal woodshed and spanked. Or we should just throw red envelopes at the "I'm a Mac" guy from the Ads.


Since streaming video works on the Mac for all of the major networks as well as dozens of other sites, I don't think it's Apple that needs to be sued.

I'm disappointed by this change. I've never watched my full 18 or 24 or 30 hours of Watch Instantly, but one month I did come close.

This month I'm home most of the time, and I was really looking forward to actually using the whole allotment of free watching -- but now I can't!

How can I watch enough to feel like I'm getting my money's worth when there's no limit! Bring back the limit!

I don't see my name on the "Posted by" above-- it is Profpudwick.


I never used it before and now I see I have unlimited time not to use it! :)


Well, here's what the Netflix web page says: "As soon as a studio-approved DRM for the Mac is available to us, whether from Apple or another source, we will move quickly to provide a movie viewer that enables you to watch movies from Netflix instantly on your Mac."

So, if the rumors are true that Apple is getting ready to offer a movie rental service, I would think that a studio approved DRM would then be available.


Thats great ! Now onto the next step: Get more content for Watch Instantly. Because right now the choices are very, very limited.


Very exciting. I frequently use Watch Instantly, and it'll be great to have no limitations on viewing. I've actually been holding off on using up my last 50 minutes for a week or so since it was going to renew until the end of the month.

And, no, the selection isn't entirely great, but I find that there's actually plenty that I'm interested in seeing, including numerous short films offered only on Watch Instantly (unavailable to rent on DVD on NF). I realize that there are legal issues preventing more movies from being shared (or so I assume), but this is clearly going to change in the future, and I'm very happy with what NF has so far.


I don't buy that "studio-approved" nonsense. So many other services already stream video to the Mac that there's no real reason Netflix couldn't license or develop something similar. They've made an active choice not to.


Lydia - you don't have to buy into what NFLX is saying about the Mac's.. However I can tell you that it is not NFLX's choice. They would prefer to provide this feature to everyone of their customers.


Lydia- You think Netflix doesn't have to have studio approved DRM software? The reason other networks can do this, is because they're sending their OWN content. Netflix doesn't own the content. They simply get licenses to distribute it. Why can't Netflix write the DRM software themselves? Well let's look at it from a businesss standpoint. How much extra did Netflix start charging when they added the IW software... nothing. How much did they start charging for the unlimited hours now... nothing. So isn't it logical for Netflix to not have to spend 50 mil or more to develop and update security software for a service that technically they're collecting zero extra in fees.

Old Timer Too

Something like this is exciting news, even though I don't use the feature. What it really means is that NF just pulled a major coup over BB in that arena. BB paid a pretty penny (even though it was a rock bottom price) for their service and now, to be competitive, they are going to have to provide the service for free. I'm laughing my tailless ass off at BB's continued bungling of customer relations and "smart" financial decisions.

Edward R Murrow

"How much did they start charging for the unlimited hours now... nothing."

So how much does Netflix charge for using the Community feature... nothing.

How about if Netflix redeploys all the developers working on that useless Community crap over to work on something worthwhile like an approved DRM for Mac?


As if it is that easy Edward. You always crack me up. Even this Silverlight program is taking years to produce and there is no guarantee that it will be studio approved.


I'd really like to see Netflix focus on getting TV content on to Watch Now. I think it's a better match than movies for a number of reasons. More Watch Now will be seen on computer screens than TVs, so the shorter run time and less "social" nature fit better. Also, being able to see a single episode here or there makes it easier to catch up than renting a whole disc.

Regardless, they need to expand the Watch Now library.


how about a discount for mac users until watch it now is available?


It's hard to imagine how they're going to have a good selection available if it's all going to be unlimited now. What are their plans for expanding the library? Will it be in the 10s of thousands eventually, or will it stay at a bunch of B and C movies from 1997 with a few good movies most of us have already seen. I can't see how you can pay 8.99 a month for unlimited access to any movie you could want to see. The library right now is unimpressive and I fear it will stay that way.


I agree with above comments about the need for Instant Viewing support on the Mac. Though I suppose Apple doesn't have much of a motivation to support Netflix Instant Viewing if they're compeating with it.

I'd love to watch some old Dr. Who episodes using Netflix on my Mac. :(


Oh, welcome news. The chains of my oppression are cast off. No more need I sit shackled to my laptop at the end of every subscription month desperately struggling to overtake my seemingly unreachable number of watch instantly hours.

To celebrate, I will view one half of one episode of Xena: Warrior Princess and nothing else this month. AND FEEL NO GUILT! :)

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