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I guess all those that posted their kneejerk reactions in the other thread about NF dropping HD/DVD (and how they would move to BBO) can now eat crow!!!

Geez people, what did you expect?! With most studios going to Bluray now, why would NF & BBO keep them?


My BB has HD and BluRay, I have to return a movie today, i'll check it out...


HD-DVD was still in stock, manager had no plans to send them back. He even claimed he was still receiving new titles, which judging from the selection, doesn't seem accurate.

who cares

funny how all the HD DVD zealots talked so much smack on Blockbuster for picking Blu-Ray for their retail stores and are now boycotting Netflix and pimping Blockbuster online again. nice back peddle.

Blockbuster would be even more foolish to embrace HD DVD hoping to pull people away from Netflix.


Local BB store has about 100 HD-DVD titles and about 300 Blu-ray titles. They seem to add about 3 new Blu-ray releases for each 1 new HD-DVD release. I know since I've been renting both formats for the last year - I seldom if ever can rent Hi-Def titles from NF.

However, who knows what I'll see next when I make my weekly trip to a BB store...


At the moment its looking like Blu Ray has the momentum, stores seem to be promoting the format and putting more emphasis behind it.


HD DVD could never really compete with Blu Ray, it just didn't have the drive right from the start.

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