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2). Saturation
I've watched so many DVDs from NetFlix over the years that I've become bored with the same old-same old. Watch & return has become a chore. More and more often I blow it off, and the DVDs just sit there while I channel scan looking for something to catch my interest.

NetFlix needs to marry Watch Now with their recommendations engine (and get it to the TV) so I can Scan Now when I don't know what I'm in the mood for. Surely they can do better than 60 channels of nothing (with commercials). I'd gladly pay them $60 a month to replace cable with something better.


I think Netflix puts pressure on some personality types (or people who are cheap like me) to feel like they are getting the most value out of the service. When I go through a lull watching movies, I cancel my account.

I don't expect NF to bend over backwards to meet my fluctuations in movie watching, but it would be nice to control the receipt of new movies by altering your account short-term without a lot of billing quandaries (features like "don't send me a replacement" or "send me an additional movie"). I think this would be a good feature to offer their customers and I might have an acct with NF if I had the ability to easily upgrade/downgrade my plan.

And I think BB was smart to allow users to keep their account while having no active subscription. NF should do the same.


"I think Netflix puts pressure on some personality types (or people who are cheap like me) to feel like they are getting the most value out of the service." - mattd0g

I agree. It's like going to a buffet and forcing yourself to overeat in order to get your money's worth.

I have had a little burnout, but I've reached equilibrium. I used to watch 1.3 movies per day, but now it's down to about .7.


But isn't the point of Watch Now is to appease the impulsive viewer?


I found the real trick to avoiding a lot of the issues this guy brings up is knowning yourself. I alternate my 3 movies, so that at all times I have a brainless action-type movie, a critically acclaimed mainstream movie, and some obscure documentary or indie film. This way, no matter what mood I am in, I have a movie. In case I need something extra however, as mentioned, I use the watch instantly. As for the saturation issue, I think the level many of us intially used netflix for is unstainable. I started doing the 1+ movie a day, and quit once netflix started to throttle my account. It took me a whole 8 months to sign up again. Once I did, I decided to take it easer, and now only do about 4-5 a week. I think the buffet is a good analogy. No point in making yourself obese (in this case bleary eyed) just to not feel cheap.

Steven Hoober

Um... I guess we're weird. We have hundreds of items in queue, and the PVR is almost full. We don't spend 10 hours a day watching TV, but we like to catch up on stuff we missed, learn things, etc.

In no way are rentals spur of the moment, and I am almost never in the mood for one thing or another. I often just pop in the top NF disk and watch it, without worrying about what it is.

Or maybe my burnout is just around the corner... oh, how little I knew.

Steven Hoober

I also wanna say that this is the only place I know with a CAPTCHA on a second page. I routinely forget its going to pop up, and either close the window without my comment actually being posted, or happen (sometimes hours later) to notice it up there, waiting on me.

If you have to have the annoying turing test, why isn't it right below the comment box?


The person that wrote #1 must be the only person in the world who has not discovered internet porn.

Hunter McDaniel

It's funny how our minds work. I think Netflix customers do tend to obsess about getting our money's worth in a way that cable customers don't, and it can almost become a chore to "get through" those discs to get them back in the mail.

I've always thought that one barrier to truly mass adoption of Netflix is the mental energy of maintaining a queue - it's just more than many people want to put up with.
I like gir's ScanNow idea - perhaps that's something they could implement on the new Netflix STB.

One risk I see for Netflix is that companies like Comcast may decide to sabotage WatchNow the way they already do for BitTorrent.

One way of thinking about it is that you pay a monthly fee for a DVD "service." That way you don't get mired in the anxiety of "getting through" what you currently have. Also, if you are nickel and diming each DVD, then take a long term approach and think that while you might be sitting on DVDs one month, you might also be going through many more another month.

As a person who was getting, watching and mailing the same day, for many months, all I can say is sitting on DVDs allows you to finally get new releases like normal people instead of waiting forever for them.


Lame. I know what I want and know I'll want it a week or two from now. Besides, when you don't live in the city with an independent video store it's hard to just get up and find whatever you're feeling like. There's only Hollywoods and Blockbusters here and they suck dick. If I ever feel low or bored I turn on the tv. There's tons of movie channels I never watch, I always go for some reality show or something dumb to pass 20 minutes.


My god, what a big baby! He's basically saying I queue all these crappy films, and then I don't feel like watching them. What should I do? Oh man, now I keep losing envelopes. Damn this Netflix fatigue! Netflix mess-ups? First of all, cracked or lost discs are a USPS mess-up. Netflix sending the wrong disc? How often that that happen? It's never happened to me. Get your life together man!

Worst. Article. Ever.


mattd0g: And I think BB was smart to allow users to keep their account while having no active subscription. NF should do the same.

NF already does: it allows you to put your account "on hold" for up to 90 days. You still have access to the full website (except streaming video of course). If 90 days isn't enough you can keep extending the reactivation date until you are ready. I have been on hold for the past month while I recover from my own NF burnout.

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