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*sigh* ... I guess now I know what all those Betamax nerds felt like.

Now ... if I can only find a reasonable Blu-Ray player that actually works.


ah well Iceman, you probably didn't spend $800 on your tosh like the betamax peeps probably did.

Plus and probably the cost of a blu-ray player when you got your toshiba minus the cost of blu-ray player now means it is probably a wash...and maybe now you could buy a player with a profile that will not change for a while...


It doesn't make any sense why they decided to get rid of their stock. What is the benefit to them of only supporting one format instead of pleasing all their subscribers? Their reason is to provide the best selection but getting rid of hd dvd is the opposite of providing that. Plenty of movies are still hd dvd exclusive. Can anyone make any sense of this?


Yup, rather than spending money on Blu-ray and HD-DVD, they can take the money that they would have spent on HD-DVD and buy twice as many Blu-ray discs. "The best selection" is because Blu-ray has won the format war. I don't think they'll just be throwing out all HD-DVDs, just kind of phasing them out as they get lost or selling them off.


And more important than anything else ... Universal is really the only studio that is exclusive to HD (Paramount doesn't count) ... this will put the squeeze on Universal to move to BR, which eventually will be better for consumers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy about it ... I feel like I was just officially forced to transition to a product that is literally 18 months behind in terms of price and reliability. I'll watch 100 movies in those 18 months and was not really looking to do it in BR. Oh well ... I guess I'll just be watching Transformers over and over and over again.


Nice! I like that Netflix is helping to end this dumb format war. In favor of the better format, no less!


I guess its over now. Its not that i hate Blu... its just that it cost more and did less at the beginning. Now the cost is still the same, but they are making some improvements on the Tech.

But I don't think i will upgrade til my HD-DVD breaks or the PS3 has a cool game. because of all the dvds out there nothing beats my Harry Potter Set, NOTHING!


I got this e-mail today and promptly signed in to my account and cancelled my membership.


I read this headline today and promptly decided it was time to buy a PS3.

BTW, according to Reuters; Best Buy ... said on Monday it will recommend that consumers choose Sony Corp's ... Blu-ray high-definition video format. (edited for length)


I have both PS3 and Toshiba players so I could play both formats, which I've doing for the last year or so. The Toshiba upscales really nicely, and runs a whole lot cooler than the PS3.

Anyway, I figured NF would go Blu-ray soon (to cut costs), so several weeks ago I changed all the HD-DVD titles in my queue, at least those I could, from HD-DVD to Blu-ray. The HD-DVD format only titles, I'll let NF deal with whenever.

I got the same e-mail. Question though - since I have both Hi-Def formats as checked as preferences, wonder why NF couldn't change those HD-DVD format titles to Blu-ray instead of standard?

It's all academic, however, as I've lamented before - NF doesn't send me Hi-Def titles anyway. I assume because I'm a high volume customer. And it doesn't matter if your Reviewer Rating is in the mid-20's, that doesn't get you anything at NF.

Sure glad BB has Hi-Def titles readily available - that's about the only place I can rent them.

ZOMG, Sony just won this war for good. Wha? How can a Sony format win? How could Bush get re-elected? I may never know the answers.... Netflix, throwing her weight around... I can't question that they went over the math on this one.... Maybe they could let me just keep my HDDVD's from now on? At least I do have a PS3-- bring on da future!

Max More

CJ, where do you find your reviewer rating?


More than anything, I've seen stupid people saying: "Sony paid Netflix off!", "Sony won!", "Sony Sony Sony".

You dumb people, Sony is only one of the backers of Blu-ray, not the ONLY backer. It is not called Sony Blu-ray. I think these misinformed people are the same ones who bought HDDVD players for their Microsoft Xboxes.


Likewise, I do not like to read the bluray is a better format that HDDVD, as they both have the same resolution and therefore are the same in regards to picture quality.

Bluray however is not as friendly for people who wish to make backups or play from a harddrive as HDDVD. Furthermore, even though bluray has move disc capacity i have found it odd that if you take a movie and compare them on both bluray and HDDVD that the HDDVD has move features and extras than the bluray version.

What i don't like is NF automatically will change my queue from HDDVD to DVD at the end of feburary. I also wish they would have waited until ALL movies are published in bluray as there are still a lot of movies that will be issued in both formats. I unfortuneately do not have $900 for a slimline bluray internal drive that I need for my media center.


Forget HD bullshit.. Who cares!!.. I Wish they'd stock porn.


Don't buy either player. get a sd player with good upscaling!

I have had blu rays on my que for months and never gotten a single one.

Upscaled sd over hdmi is 99% as good as either blu or hd dvd.

"Bluray however is not as friendly for people who wish to make backups or play from a harddrive as HDDVD." Nah, they are both pretty easy.


This is one of the most consumer unfriendly actions that Netflix could have possibly taken. Combination Blu-Ray/HD-DVD players comprised approximately 6% of high-definition video disc player unit sales for the last full week of January. Reed Hastings is telling these people that they shouldn't have spent extra money to get all the movies possible even though you could argue that these people bought Blu-Ray players that support HD DVD. Now all these people can't watch American Gangster, Beowulf, or Bee Movie on HD DVD from Netflix because Netflix wants to save money by not purchasing new titles. I am currently only supporting HD DVD, and I am fully intending to cancel my Netflix account. I will probably call Netflix Tuesday or Wednesday to make my displeasure and intentions known. The one thing I find strange is that Reed Hastings sits on the board of Microsoft and owns a few million dollars worth of Microsoft stock and now he is essentially stabbing Microsoft in the back by essentially supporting Sony's Playstation 3. What some people say is true (Sony isn't the only member of the Blu-Ray Disc Association), but Sony has a lot more riding on the success of Blu-Ray than Panasonic, Pioneer, etc.

"I am currently only supporting HD DVD, and I am fully intending to cancel my Netflix account"

Are you going to stop shopping at Best Buy? Boycott movies that come out only on Blu-ray? Boycott Blockbuster physical store (since the don't stock them)? I imagine that, eventually, your support of HD DVD will leave you with a dwindling supply of movies.

You also mention combo players being 6% of sales in January. Those are still viable players. It's those that bought a HD DVD player only that are essentially screwed.

For the record, I stayed out of the high definition DVD market to avoid something like this negatively impacting me.


comment above:
"Are you going to stop shopping at Best Buy? "

Bestbuy is not going to stop selling hd dvd players and certainly not stop selling hd dvd disks. Their only policy change will be to recommend blue ray over hd dvd for player purchases.

Please use accurate analogies if you are going to bother.


"Bestbuy is not going to stop selling hd dvd players and certainly not stop selling hd dvd disks. Their only policy change will be to recommend blue ray over hd dvd for player purchases."

How long to you expect them to sell HD-Dvd's as the amount of new releases rapidly decreases to zero? When they can't sell enough discs they certainly will not sell players. Remember Divx players at Circuit City?

Please be realistic if your are going to bother.

Old Timer Too

Quick comment on Betamax players - at the end of the tape format war - actually for a couple of years, Beta and VHS players of quality were priced about the same. It is true that early players (in both formats) ran close to $1k, but at the end, you could pick a HQ player of either type for $200-$300 (pricing Sony and Zenith).

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