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David Grenier

There's also SwapTree which allows users to swap books, CDs, DVDs, and video games. SwapADVD also allows DVD swapping. Personally I prefer the latters "credit" system over the former's "direct trade" system, but others may like only trading when they know exactly what they'll get in return.


At SwapaDVD (swapadvd.com) you pay to mail out your DVDs (at whatever the appropriate USPS rate is), but receive DVDs for free. You can buy credits for a fee, but aren't required to. Also, you get a free credit after you post 10 DVDs to the system for trade. I think this is about as cheap as you can get, although they reserve the right to start charging a fee or membership. They don't seem likely to as their sister site for books (paperpackswap.com) has been open for three years or so without ever charging.

Also, they require that you send all original packaging, and I seem to recall that Peerflix wanted you to just mail the DVD. (I can't tell you the number of new-in-shrinkwrap DVDs I've gotten from SwapaDVD.) I like them.


Yes, I currently use Bookins, primarily for book trading. They just recently started up their DVD trading service, and I've only sent one DVD since it started. I have yet to receive a DVD via the service.

What makes Bookins preferable to Peerflix is the customer service, hands-down. Bookins service agents tend to respond and resolve issues very quickly. The few issues I've had with book trading (improper listings, lost shipments) have been dealt with promptly and always with my satisfaction in mind.

Be warned though: there is a lack of community-interactive structure at Bookins. It's not a social network; it's a trading site. You won't correspond with the people you trade with, except by the USPS.


I've never done DVD swaps by mail, but I've used both Bookins and Paperback Swap for books, and much prefer the latter. There's more interaction on PBS, and you can ship your book on your own for however much the post-office charges, which is usually nowhere NEAR $4.49. Mine are usually around $2.75, which is Media Mail rate for a 1 lb package.

I've been thinking about swapping some DVDs lately, and I'll definitely use SwapaDVD, which is run by the same people as PBS.

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