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Very nice. Thanks. This is exactly the kind of work I've been looking for.


Wow. Is that even minimum wage? I mean, considering the time required for each stage of the viewing/writing. The creative underclass keeps expanding.

PS I'd love to see a feature on just who currently writes all those alternately weird, misguided or sometimes cleverly funny episode/film descriptions...


Jeb, they are "weird, misguided or sometimes cleverly funny" because the writers do not take up said time required for viewing/writing, most specifically the viewing portion. If they did actually watch complete episodes or movies that would be far from minimum wage; as it is they skip through picking up pieces here and there glance over a description on imdb or rottentomatoes, and then mash something together in about 5 minutes.


I think Starbucks pays more than this gig ... And you get benefits. And you're not kicked out after the six-week trial period.


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