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Top three for me...

There Will Be Blood..already watched it and enjoyed it. Different than I thought it would be but it was great.

Looking forward to Lions for Lambs and Reservation Road.

Motley Queue

Has anyone seen "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"? Wondering if it's worth adding to my Netflix queue.



Is it safe to assume that they won't be getting "I Am Legend" in HD-DVD, based on their previous announcements? It is supposed to be released tomorrow in a combo format.
I'm really wondering if this item is actually shipping to retailers, since no one even has new HD-DVD stock on their shelves anymore. :-(


I love Walk Hard. Hysterical.


Walk Hard was great! I added it to my saved list the day after I saw it. Not for kids though because there is foul language and nudity.


Greatly enjoyed There Will Be Blood and as 'prozac' said...it too was not what I expected...but I actually knew nothing before watching it last night.

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