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Thanks. I'd never heard of this. I'll start paying more attention where I swipe my card (and hoping the devices don't get so sophisticated they're impossible to spot).

One good thing though; I'm sure these skimming devices aren't cheap. Hopefully the cost of having these devices confiscated will put this type of criminals out of business.

Steven Hoober

Nope. They are just home modified magstripe readers. Cheap. Not impossible to get for free. And the computing device its plugged into (they don't show, but every implementation I am aware of has the reader plug into something else; a laptop, PDA, etc. That is probably taped to the back of the Redbox, or the coin counter next to it, or something. There's a thin wire, then.

The top example, at least, looks pretty halfa**sed. I would hope many folks would notice it. Would have been nice of the redbox guys to have either buried the card reader in the box, or painted the reader red so it's more obvious when something doesn't match up.

There are slicker (harder to detect) skimmers, so be careful if you use a lot of systems like this (in public, unattended, and you are not so familiar with it you might not notice a change). Skimmers on ATMs can cause a lot more damage.

Chad Bailey

@Steven- Looks like you are wrong. Here is a portable skimmer (that means without wires) that looks strikingly similar to the one in the post. Its under $300 BTW.


Alex Kraus

I notice that the page that Redbox was hosting now "cannot be found." Hmmmm.

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