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Old Timer Too

I don't know about others, but my PC has always had low volume when playing back any commercially-produced DVD. On a movie that my son-in-law created, it is fine. Of course, I have to turn down the volume when we play it on my home theater system.

My feeling is that even with a separately powered speaker system, most people will experience lower sound volumes. My laptop is particularly notorious for this.


Yes! I've experienced this problem ever since Watch Instantly started, and I keep hoping that it will improve, but it doesn't. In order to hear most movies, I have to crank the volume on my laptop almost to the max. And then I forget to turn it back down, and the next time I turn on my computer the Windows start jingle almost deafens me!

Old Timer is right in that I have to turn up the volume a few notches above normal when playing back DVD's on my laptop as well, but the problem with Watch Instantly is several orders of magnitude greater than with DVD's, so it's not just that.

Matthew Evans

I also have the same issue where the volume is low and I also find that the picture is very dark as well. Regular DVD's are fine for volume and brightness, but the Watch Instantly movies are quiet and dark by comparison. This was happening on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.


I have to max out the volume on my laptop and crank the volume on the tv for watch instantly... and remember to back them down afterwards.

I need to try out a DVD through the same setup to see if there is a difference.


Same problem here. I was watching a couple TV shows over the weekend and had to crank up the volume which I never had to do before. Don't seem to have the problem when watching movies for some reason.


I generally have it a little louder than most other inputs as well. I play on laptop connected via a tv.




I echo sean's comment. I only use watch instantly with my laptop + TV, so I don't know how it would be otherwise though.


I also have low volume problems. To complicate matters I often listen to movies after my wife goes to bed. I use wireless headphones. The volume signal must be strong enough to trigger the sending unit. Or it simply cuts off. This unfortunately happens a lot.


Sometimes I find it too low, but most of the time I have a problem with volume variation. Loud sounds-- like eplosions-- are too loud, and quiet sounds-- like dialogue-- are too quiet. I wonder if DVD's that are originally mixed in 5.1 are losing something in the downmixing process. Any ideas?


Yes, I too have had this problem, albeit the severity varies from movie to movie. I've also hit at least one movie where Netflix has recorded completely the wrong audio track from the DVD, leading to a movie that plays only with music and no dialogue whatsoever.


Has anyone called NetFlix about this? Any official technical response? Any helpful hacks that do away with the problem?


I have experienced problems with low sound volume with the netflix watch instantly, but also with websites like abc.com and fox.com, when watching shows online with my laptop. I think that the problem lies within the way the players are configured, since the sound is much louder now that abc.com has recently switched to a different player, where as it was nearly inaudible previously. I have been in touch with Microsoft to attempt to correct the problem with Silverlight on my laptop, and they have referred me back to netflix. I don't think there is anything I can correct on my end... it seems to be the Silverlight player.


On my laptop, I can hear Youtube and Hulu streams with no problem. With Watch Instantly, I have to turn my volume to max, and I still strain to listen. It doesn't matter what movie/show I'm watching.


im with mr barrett


im with barrett as well...uhhh


Yes, I use a mac and have this problem--it's so extreme is prevents me from watching many of the films available.


I have the same problem and its not MS silverlight as I had it before with the previous media player. Its Netflix. I am done with it. Its too low to enjoy and so I am quitting Netflix. I tried to complain and can't, they have no complaint email address.

Why they can't up the volume is behind me, trivial with software.


mine is low thru netflix on the 360 and also playing DVD's on the 360.



I have had the same problem with watch instantly.
the older movies seem to be worse.
I guess there is nothing to be done about it?


I'm also having the same issue with low volume on all Netflix "Watch Instantly" movies; I'm streaming the Netflix movies to my Sony BDP-N460 via the Linksys WET610N wireless bridge. I have no volume issues with the other streaming services available on my BDP-460N (Amazon, YouTube, Blip.tv, Style.com, Epicurious.com, etc.). Any word on Netflix addressing this issue?

Jean Bowden

I have the same problem and have called them several times. The last time I called they told me something about the sound card automatically playing certain things at certain volumes, and unfortunately Netflix instant movies and such are played low. But they said some members are using headphones with success. Before I buy a set of headphones, I wondered if anyone else has tried this, and does it work? Do you have to have a special kind of headphones? Thank you fellow members!!!


This problem occurs all the time. It was better last year, and now, suddenly, it's become an issue. It makes it un-usable.


Yes! I have this problem with netflix on my PC and on my XBOX.

Ed Murray

I have had the same low sound volume issue, higher special effects and music volume conflicitng with a low dialog volume, and same impossible-to-see dark screen with night scenes with three different systems of using high-end computers to stream for viewing on the computer screen or tv screen. I have never found a solution and the last time I called Netflix on May 22, 2010, they claimed the problem was Silverlight and that I should contact Microsoft. So, basically we have fingers of blame pointing at each other. Netflix says to use one of their Netflix compatible devices but people seem to have the same issue with these devices. As a result, I have concluded that their is a fundamental problem with the Netflix service that they have not been able to solve and will not acknowledge. My research has uncovered no solutions.

Rarian Rakista

It is likely because the movie is in 5:1 Dolby.


Is it a bit tiring to hear everyone tell their stories? I would like for solutions rather than hearing all your sob stories.

WE KNOW THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH VOLUME!!! Please allow someone to write a solution. I have been scrolling pages and pages of everyone's stories of your problem but you are not offering any solutions. Please STOP! Let someone come up with an answer and/or solution.


Works great for me ROFL...OS REINSTALL!!!!


I'd suggest contacting Netflix and telling them how disappointed you and the rest of us are!

In the meantime, I was glad to read of others' experiences with this... it's a case of setting one's mind at ease--that it's not their particular equipment, but Netflix's recording or transmission...


I have the same problem with Netflix instant watch videos. The volume is never right. It's almost always too quiet, especially during dialog. Whenever there is an explosion or something though, it gets too loud. I can never find a happy medium and it leaves me keeping my hand on volume control. Frigging hate this.

It doesn't matter how much I play with windows/sound card settings. It's never right.


I have had the same issue when streaming Netfix movies through my xbox 360. I feel the problem lies with Netflix. sometimes the volume is normal but most of the time it is very low.


The sound is great when I watch Netflix on line through Internet Explorer 8 on the PC. The sound through Media Center is low and like everyone else, disappointing. The sound from Netflix DVDs is also low on the PC as well as my TV/DVD combo.


I've got the same problem


I've called Netflix about LOW VOLUME while instant streaming movies on the Wii. They blame Nintendo! Not our problem... say's the Netflix rep. but after reading this board, I'd say it is not only an issue with the Wii... but other players also.

NETFLIX... admit you have a problem and do something about it!!


I found a solution that worked for me. I'm using Windows 7 so things may work differently in other operating systems.

Here's my solution, right click on the speaker icon on your desktop task bar. Select playback devices, highlight "Speakers", click properties, "Enhancements" tab, and enable "Loudness Equalization".

This resulted in increased volume with all computer applications. I hope it helps.


I fixed the problem by changing the Audio settings on my Sony Bravia tv from Variable to Fixed.


"Here's my solution, right click on the speaker icon on your desktop task bar. Select playback devices, highlight "Speakers", click properties, "Enhancements" tab, and enable "Loudness Equalization"."

Thanks! This Helped!!!!!!!!


There is a real problem with netflix.

Here is some solutions.

If you are using xp. You need to start the audio equalizer for the audio card. You should have on installed with your audio driver.
start->sounds, speech, and audio devices-> you should have something on that window like "realtekhd sound effect manager" or "soundmax audio manager". If you do not have an audio manager on your pc, please look up the hardware manufacture for a new driver.

Netflix compresses the audio on some of the title in the mid range to the point where voices are muted. So click on the audio manager, then find the equalizer, it will look like little sliders.

Start netflix and find a movie that is quite, for example "all the presidents men"(1976) or "3 days of the condor"(1975).

With the movie playing, start sliding up the sliders in the middle, the ones with 600, 1k, 3k, 6k values. If you turn them all the way up, you will increase the amplitude, be-careful, you can create a tinny sound. This should fix the voices. Feel free to use the other sliders to control bass and treble.

If you have win 7 and the driver you have does not have a equalizer. You can sort of make it work. Use the above trick.


The problem is with sound compression. Youtube and Hulu (compressed) are intended to be watched on computers with their small speakers, but movies (uncompressed) are intended for theaters and home systems. When you compress sound it makes loud sounds quieter and quieter sounds louder (simply put). Not sure how to do this with netflix yet... sorry.


I have had the same problem while trying to play from a Macbook connected via a standard to a TV. Even when the TV and computer are at full volume, it's sometimes difficult to hear the streaming movie over some moderate ambient noise. Is there any way to boost the signal to the TV or to use a different audio connection to fix the problem?

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