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Thought 1: WTF?!

Thought 2: That's still over two months for them to realize that they are making a horrible mistake.

Thought 3: We have over two months to figure out a way to show them they're making a horrible mistake.

Thought 4: Maybe I'll cancel at the end of August.

Just blogged this myself. I just can't imagine why they thought this would be a good idea. And then to not give any of the "improvements" they claim this will bring makes no sense. Stupid PR move, Netflix.

Personally I'm pissed. This was one of the biggest reasons I have Netflix. Now their referral system is completely useless to me, since my queues will be merged. Not to mention they're bending over every person that has ratings on subaccounts, since they're deleting the subaccount ratings with no option to save them.


(copy of my submission email, but with typo fixed)

I have two profiles - one for movies, and one for TV shows. That way I am guaranteed not to have all three discs of HBO's John Adams at home at once, but ensures that when I return one of them, the next comes without me manipulating my queues.

I sure hope they replace it with something similar to fix my new-found problem!


I *just this week* set up a Profile for my son, so that he can watch all the anime he wants over summer break. And I upgraded from 2-out to 3-out to do it. When Netflix eliminates profiles, I'll eliminate that extra disc... plain and simple. In fact, I'll probably go to 1-out, because I have one disc for each profile (my daughter has one too). Blatantly stupid move on Netflix's part.


Are they going to increase our Q capacity? I've hundreds of entries in other Profiles. Grrrr!

The page they link you to is just the normal "assign DVDs to profiles" page. There's no automated way to import titles from profiles to the main account on the site.

I use profiles to manage different types of movies and because I like to keep more than 500 movies in my list. This is going to be a big inconvenience.

Bad Idea Netflix. This was a good feature.

Profiles is one of the best features of Netflix. It is ridiculous to get rid of them without any mention of an acceptable replacement.


Yeah, not very happy about this. Hopefully they'll get enough negative feedback that they'll change their minds.


I bet I'm not the only one annoyed by this. Profiles were one of the best things about Netflix. Of course, they're less money-making than forcing people to have separate accounts, so I'm not *surprised* they're getting rid of them, just disappointed.


This is a terrible, terrible idea, and I am not sure what possible benefit they will get out of it. Surely the back end for programming it is not too burdensome? Why tick off thousands of people who like having movies for each family member at home without fighting over queue status?


How is this an improvement for Netflix customers?
I guess they expect us to take out multiple accounts for families? Hmmm, I think not!

Netflix, please reconsider your decision or at least suggest what you have in mind to replace this functionailty. Members of my family have very different movie tastes and your movie suggestions will become worthless if the 3 profile queues from my 4-at-a-time account end up getting merged!

I guess this also means I need to share my Netflix password with my kids so that they can edit the single queue?

This is NOT a good or welcome idea :(

I wonder what options Blockbuster offer in this respect...


This is definitely a terrible idea, and I can only imagine it's being driven by financial motives. Some "bright" person at Netflix figured that many people who now share accounts within a family will sign up for separate accounts, at a premium price.

So, who do we contact to complain??

I can't imagine it being good for the Netflix bottom line either. I just recently changed to the 6 out at a time plan to accommodate multiple profiles. It is actually $2/month more expensive than 2 subscriptions at $16.99/month (for the same 6 disks). However, that $2 a month was worth it for the convenience and fighting prevention between the people on the account. Now, I might as well get two accounts costing Netflix $2/month.

Ask Bjørn Hansen

Like many of the rest of you we too used the profiles to separate different types of content so we wouldn't end up with too many discs of some tv show and no movies and sometimes so either me or my spouse or a house guest could have a separate queue.

I can't imagine why it'd be such an expensive feature for them to maintain, and there isn't much opportunity for abuse other than maybe neighbors getting together to share a 3-out plan, but that seems pretty far fetched.


Wow, I cancelled Netflix in mid-February (after being a member for over five years). I was going to re-activate my account in late July or early August to save my family's Queues (I believe they are deleted after six months). Now I don't even know why I'd want to do that. I might as well just merge two Queues in Blockbuster Online (which I have re-upped for the 2nd time in the last 4 months). After all, I can exchange the Total Access mailers for "free" Blu-Ray movies in the store.

Kim Scarborough

Looks like it's time to jump ship... Anybody know if Blockbuster offers a profiles equivalent?


How do I feel? Not happy.

Like RevRagnarok, I have a profile for TV shows and a profile for movies. I actually CANCELLED my BB account for TV shows when they jerked me around about coupons and such and increased my DVDs-out at Netflix and added the second profile.

What will I do now? If they don't increase the queue size, I'm not sure. Both queues are pretty close to full all the time. I doubt I'll get a second account, but if I do, I'll make the proper calculations to make sure I'm not paying anymore than I am now.

Will Foster

Netflix, if you go through with this, which will really screw up my enjoyment of your service, I'm going to downgrade my account just to fight back. And if you're listening Blockbuster, set profiles up and I'll switch in a second.


Terrible. I don't like having to manage my family's requests all the time. This feature made my life a hell of a lot easier. Bad move.


> I can't imagine it being good for the Netflix bottom line either.

In most cases, it probably will be. For example, we have a 3-out plan for our family, with two for my wife and one for me. This is $16.99 a month, but having a 2-out plan plus a 1-out plan would be $22.98. This more than makes up for your $2/month savings.. :(


I came on this website in the hopes that the email I just received on this topic was spam because it didn't seem like anything Netflix would do. So now I'm totally annoyed to find out it's true! My husband, daughter and I all like different types of movies and it's so easy for us all have control of our own movie choices through profiles. This is the main reason we have Netflix! I may cancel Netflix and start renting through another service if they do end up removing the profiles. This is the most non-customer friendly thing I've seen Netflix do to date. No way is this an improvement to customers!


WTF is right. I agree with everyone that this is bad idea. Separate profiles is the best way to keep all my movies organized. At least , they could have given us a decent explanation.


I wish they gave a solid reason for making the change.

I'm totally annoyed they are going to do this. There's no way my wife & I are going to sign up for 2 separate accounts, so now we have to coordinate 1 queue. Ugh.


I have 3 profiles: New Releases, Classic Films, and TV Series. I love it because it constantly balances out what I have at home. I used to set aside a profile for my roommate, and that was great.

Now Netflix is tearing all that down, giving no reason. Which of course makes us all jump to the conclusion that they're just greedy jerks wanting us to sign up for two 3x plans rather than share a single 4x plan. What other reason could their be? It's already programmed, it's not as though multiple profiles take a lot of computing power. Seems like a fairly obvious money grab.

Kim Scarborough

FYI, just got off the phone with Netflix support... the guy I talked to was courteous and pleasant, but seemed a little harried. Apparently corporate gave them no notice of this, and they found out at the same time as the customers. They have no idea what these "improvements" are going to be, except that queue lengths may be increased to a yet-to-be-determined number. He was in an odd position as he basically agreed that removing profiles is retarded although he couldn't say that quite so bluntly. He also said that there were 120 calls in the queue when I got through (I was on hold 10 minutes); there's normally around 10 this time of the day.

Oliver Ortega Chua

Netflix is stupid. We just signed up again after giving Blockbuster a try. (I've been with Netflix off and on since 2001.) Looks like we'll be going back to Blockbuster in September. If my wife doesn't like the movie that I chose, she can always exchange it at our local Blockbuster! Hmph!!


Well at least I know now that I'm not the only one pissed about this. What a horrible decision.

el mell

I think it sucks! I share a Netflix account with my roommate, and most of my friends do the same. As if agreeing to wash the dishes wasn't enough now we have to agree what movies we get and when?!?!


Not much else to say here, except that this sucks. I hope this doesn't really happen. I'm already investigating Blockbuster and even considering *gasp* getting cable again.


Wow, what on earth are they thinking! I've been a member since 2004 and this is the first time I've consider switching. As you can imagine my rental history, and therefore recommendations over the past 4 years are what stop me even considering alternatives. Now my wife's profile history will be merged with mine! That completely invalidates my recommendations.

David Beutel

This is a great feature that I'd sorely miss. I wouldn't mind if they merged the ratings, since it's only me, but I want separate queues. I hope they don't go through with eliminating them.


Netflix has always been a very progressive company and totally geared towards making their service the best. I was actually hoping they would enhance the profiles feature because it is very handy. And now they throw this at us with no explanation. This is so bas-ackwards from their normal M.O.

What's wrong Netflix?! You're already struggling against a major competitor that has the benefit of local brick & mortar stores for even MORE convenience than Netflix. Now you want to take away this simple convenience from your loyal customers?

Did Carly Fiorina just take over Netflix?


I just emailed them through the "contact us" feature and told them I'll be downgrading my account when they go to this. I don't know what marketing genius came up with this, but it stinks.

This is one of the dumbest fricking ideas I've seen one of these groups come up with. It's one reason I left Blockbuster a couple of years ago.

I just refuse to do this manually.

One Profile (which means 1 queue and 1 set of ratings and 1 set of "friends") does not work for a family. Sure, we could reduce the main account and all buy separate accounts, but it sounds like all of my family members will lose all their ratings, rental history, friends list, etc. So, since they will be starting fresh, why not try another service instead of Netlix? Terrible decision. Hopefully this will be reversed. Don't the folks that make this decision use Netflix themselves? Crazy!


Since my wife, my 2 year old and I all have the same EXACT taste in movies my recommendations won't change a bit!! At least this will make the decision to switch over to Blockbuster a lot easier!


I was dismayed as the profiles were key for my family - rating disparate movies and receiving tailored recommendations to each member. I spoke to Netflix customer service - they said very few use the service (can't believe that!) and they recommended writing in feedback via "CONTACT US" - and then click "suggestions." Please do so!


Bad bad bad idea.

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Dan P.

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I will be leaving them the day this is implemented (sadly).


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