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Horrible! I've been a customer a looooong time and this really screws me up. I user a profile (wife is main account) and I now have to loose my queue (200+) ratings (2,000+) reviews (20+) friends (10+), and their solution is to manually re-do?? yeah right. BB, i hate you but looks like here i come.


I agree with the general commentary. I have an 8 per month account so we can let our kids cycle stuff. This makes it so that isn't worth it all. It's going to cost them a lot of money for no reason at all.

Horrible idea. I've been a happy Netflix customer for years now but this annoys me enough to drop the service completely.

The thing that confuses me is that they won't let you transfer a queue to a new account. Seems like if they were trying to push people to purchase a second account they'd at least make the transition easy.


While I'm glad they added the free "watch instantly", I was hoping there wouldn't be a trade off. (I don't know that the two are related, but anyway...)

This is a change for the worse in my opinion. I'm hoping they offer it up again in some other fashion. (I'd even be willing to pay an extra buck a month to keep it)


I don't use profiles, so when i read the email, I thought to myself, well it must not get used that much and they are eliminating it because the minority is causing them some code grief. Then the first thing I think of is, is this posted on HNF yet, and I knew every comment was going to be a piss and moan (because that's the sort that comes here), but I had no idea that in less than 2 hours so many would be so vociferous. I wonder if NF will listen...


Exactly. My wife and I have completely different tastes--we don't want to have to coordinate whose getting what when especially when its a multi disc TV series. This decision is terrible. Improvements? BS

Pizzed off

This is awful. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Is anyone happy with this?


So this might not be a bad thing(tm) if it can save money. However, it seems like a lot of hassle to have multiple charges from the same company as well as no migration path for the profiles.


of course this will never happen now, but why didn't watch instantly work with profiles anyway? My second queue is television series which are pretty readily available in the Watch Now library. How would that have cost them any more since they made WI free anyway?


So, Does anybody know of a competitor that supports queues that we can all switch to in two months?



Why would anyone be happy with losing a feature that can be completely ignored if one doesn't have use for it? :)


I'm so pissed off about this I can't stop reading all the commentary. I keep hoping Google will tell me this is a hoax or something.

I just sent my "Suggestion" to Netflix that they keep the Profiles feature - I hope you all do as well!

The general consensus here is that they are doing this to force customers into having multiple accounts. But if that is the case, why not just limit their "xx-out-at-a-time" to 4 or something and say "If you want more than 4 then you have to have another account." To just remove this feature entirely is asinine!


This is totally insane!

After we watch a movie the first thing I always say to my husband is "what are you going to rate it on Netflix?" He and I both have thousands of reviews gathered over the last few years (three for him, five for me). Now his are all just going to get deleted!?! I would even consider getting separate accounts if there was a way to transfer over his ratings and save them, but that's not even possible.

I can't imagine anything that would "improve the Netflix website" enough to make up for this.


I am sure Netflix is flooded with calls (12 minute wait), but I am definitly going to call and complain and encourage others to do so.



Netflix has really gone downhill of late. No availability for new releases, making people pay more for blu-ray and now no profiles?

Sounds cliche, but I'll be canceling my account come September if this actually goes through.



I sent the following message just now:

"RE: Eliminating Profiles

My wife and I discussed the unfortunate decision you have made to eliminate my profile and queue in September. The decision that we have reached is that the day you delete my profile is the day we cancel our Netflix account.

We are not going to pay for a 2-at-a-time account and a 1-at-a-time account. We can do simple math...that's 23 dollars a month, or six dollars a month more than we pay now. When you add in the fact that you are reducing service with no good explanation, why would we stay?

We hope you change your mind before September."

Please, everyone, call or email (or both) ASAP.


Incredibly annoyed is what I am. And I want to know where I can find the email address of someone at Netflix so I can tell them so personally.


when i first got the email from netflix notifying me of their horrible decision (you don't deprive your loyal customers of a service they've come to appreciate w/out simultaneously replacing it w/ something better) i was so excited thinking they were finally announcing the ability to access multiple queues from the same log in - turns out the news was a little different


I am really unhappy with Netflix over this change and the way it was communicated. I bet that the Netflix stock price will go down tomorrow. I will probably be selling some of my shares.


I posted this elsewhere on the net, but I called Netflix also and the rep there said they knew about it for awhile and they were just surprised that we were all notified at once today. Corporate warned them this was coming, but didn't tell them when the email was going out.

Anyway, the rep claimed that only 1% of the subscribers use this feature and it drags down the website. So that's supposedly why they are getting rid of it.

I asked him: so if my BF and I gave different ratings to the same movie, what happens?

Rep didn't know.

I asked him if they had considered a way to export the profile's ratings to a new account because we have had different profiles since the feature became available - something like 3 years ago or so?

So that's a helluva lot of ratings, retnal history, etc.

He said finding a way to export the info to a new account would use up "more memory" - uh yeah. Gee, that's technical. I think that netflix should be able to find a way to export the data or something.


On the phone with netflix right now... seems like everyone else is holding too!

Wade Menard

Maybe we should wait to find out what Netflix is planning? All the examples given above are ones that were used the sell the profiles feature when it launched. Netflix surely knows what they are doing.

Big Netflix Fan

I have 4 queues - one each for American movies, foreign movies, documentaries and TV shows. Now I have to put it all in one queue and divide it up such that I don't get, say, 4 discs of the Sopranos at the same time.

If necessary, I will divide, but why the heck can't I transfer my old queues over? I have to print the old queues, manually enter each and every movie again, this time getting it in the right order to avoid the Sopranos problem above!!??!!

Dumb - I bet they change their minds -- Very bad for business


Over 60 comments in less than an hour, because of profiles? I think someone is trying to make it *look* like lots of people are upset.


Absolutely awful decision. "Make the website better"? What kind of an explanation is that? Any other companies have sub-queues?



You're not serious, are you?

My 480+ profile with 1200+ ratings says you're wrong.

first time

Very bad move. I have 3 profiles. one for the kids, another for tv shows and the last for movies. merging them will be a miss. I am hugely disappointed and hope that Netflix will reconsider this.


again, for those who wish to express their feelings to netflix in an email:



this is my first time on this blog and I typically am not a web commenter at all. I believe all these comments because if you check twitter, there are dozens of comments there from obviously different people about this.

This topic also showed up in slashdot.

So I don't think these are phantom commenters.


This is a terrible, terrible move for Netflix. This is a feature my family lives and dies by... we keep a Queue for me, my wife, and our kids... everyone's happy.

Removing this feature will significantly decrease my enjoyment of their service.

Netflix, I suggest you listen to your customers if you desire to keep them. I have this cool think called Red Box down the street that's much less expensive. I'm not afraid to use it.


Well, you see, you messed up, because your messages are too even spaced out. If these were all messages from real people, that wouldn't happen.

Of course, your profile and comment count means nothing.

Big Netflix Fan

Doug - This is also my first time on the blog -- And the first serious complaint I have ever had about the company.


This was my suggestion in the box (similar to original submission):

In regards to canceling profiles, you have to be kidding. As a customer for nearly SEVEN years, and a shareholder in your company, I am not happy at all with this decision.

Like many others, I have two profiles - one for movies, and one for TV shows. That way I am guaranteed not to have all three discs of HBO's John Adams at home at once, but ensures that when I return one of them, the next comes without me manipulating my queues.

I sure hope that you will replace it with something similar to fix my new-found problem! Not just replace it, but have some automated way of moving the data from my secondary queue so I don't have to waste my time re-searching for every DVD and queuing it up. If I were to take the time to do that, why wouldn't I simply do that with on a competitor's website?

You may want to peruse http://www.hackingnetflix.com/2008/06/netflix-elimina.html when you get a chance also.


I have three friends who use Netflix. They all use Profiles. They're all wicked-pissed right now.

Here's something to think about... maybe the "1%" who use profiles correlate highly with the customers on whom Netflix loses money.


Looks like September 1st is the day I cancel my netflix account. My wife and I have had separate queues for over 3 years on the 4-at a time plan, 2 each. This is definitely NOT COOL.


Doug, your most recent comment makes no sense. What does comment formatting have to do with if real people are posting? I don't understand your point.

Are you from Netflix corporate - trying to minimize how many people this change affects?


Hey doubting Doug - I'm real! And I am one of the first TWENTY-THREE people (apparently of countless) to send the link in.

And, as I noted above, I have been a member since August 2001 and a shareholder (no not any kind of majority).


I am betting there is a patent (which they don't own) and lawsuit that are the root reasons to this.... it is completely insane otherwise. Personally, I will cancel my account when it happens.


I also called Netflix -- they claim only 2% of customers use the multiple Profiles, and that it's a big headache when they have to roll out upgrades -- so many more queues than customers (though, if it's truly only 2% of customers who use profiles...)
Anyway, the CS rep said she uses multiple profiles too, and she really doesn't get it either. But they're logging all the complaints. Anyway, she mentioned they're increasing the queue size, but that really won't help out all of us who used it for the distinct queues/ratings/recommendations.


Really, I don't care, I just think it's funny. Do you expect anyone to actually buy it? And I meant evenly spaced out in time, not the message formatting.

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