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I've read through most of the comments and I saw that a few people said that the small % with the multiple profiles are the heavy users Netflix doesn't want, but that isn't entirely true. I share a 2-at-a-time plan with someone else in my house, but we're not heavy users by any means. We average 3 or 4 DVDs a month each. At one point, I had the same DVD for over a month.
Merging our queues will be annoying and could potentially cause problems (ex: my DVD is next on the list, but is unavailable so Netflix sends out the next one - another one of his).
I've been frustrated with them lately for other reasons and this certainly isn't helping my feelings towards them.


I wrote Netflix management the following email:

Leslie Kilgore - VP Marketing : [email protected]
Reed Hastings - President: [email protected]
[email protected]

I have four children each with their own queue. Managing everyone's likes and dislikes using a single queue will be a royal pain in the rear. I don't allow my children to rent anything other than PG movies without my permission and password. So along with removing profiles, you've eliminated my ability to control what they add to their queue. This means that I will not allow them to choose the movies they want to see, requiring me to spend more time managing the queue.

Your email communication about this change "will help us continue to improve the Netflix website for all our customers" is a bungled mess. To rip this very valuable, key differentiating service feature from customers' accounts is in no way an improvement for ANY customer. While Netflix could easily allow customers to consolidate all of the profile's queues into one queue, each profile's queue will be eliminated. All of the social rankings and recomendations for each of the profiles will be combined with mine. Thank you, but I am not at all interested in recommendations to rent more Power Rangers movies. It is beyond my comprehension how Netflix can call this change an improvement.

You completely failed to adequately explain the reason for your decision. For example, if patent challenges were the source of this decision, people might understand. If it's a feature used by a very small percentage of customers and thus is not cost-effective to maintain, I might not agree with it, but I might understand. But to simply pass this change off as an improvement for all customers is insulting. Furthermore, Netflix is offering a $1 million prize to someone who can improve your recommendations engine by 10%, and on the other hand they can't afford to maintain profiles that improve recommendations for account holders. This "improvement" is going to do one thing: drive down rental volume. If that's your goal, congratulations.

In the end, if you implement this decision, I will close my account.


OMGoodness... I just started using profiles last year, LATE last year and we LOVE them. My husband was CONSTANTLY annoyed to find some CHICK FLICK in slot number 1. He was upset that he wasn't getting hardly any of HIS choices.. so NOW we'll have to be constantly managing an even/odds system. This sucks. BIG TIME. I think that if blockbuster has a profile program we will switch to them. I called Netflix today and they couldn't even tell me what these "upgrades" and new services that won't work with profiles are. They couldn't even give me a suggestion about what to do and reminded me that I could set a Maturity Level for the WHOLE account. But I'm not 8 or 12. UGH.... this Sucks more than they will ever know.... count us in on the boycot. I already signed the petition


I guess the trolls who work for Netflix and read these posts don't have the gonads to respond to them so I guess I'll do it for them.

Sarcasm Mode On

Gosh darn it. I don't understand why all of the people here are so angry at Netflix for removing the Account Profiles. It seems to me that you should really not want others to know that you have the Blu-Ray version of "Starbiker Chicks go Apeshit" in your queue.

I have loved Netflix from the very beginning. I loved them even when you thought they were throttling me (just because I received 6 discs a month on the 8 out plan doesn't mean anything) and I loved them when they got rid of the new releases. Let's remember that Netflix knows what is good for you better than you do.

Sarcasm Mode Off

Seriously, people, if profiles is "saving" your marriage then you have far more problems with your marriage than that!



Since ratings are tied into the movie suggestion algorithm Netflix uses, I would say a lot of people care about ratings. You might want to educate yourself some more before saying this is a "lame thing to get upset about".


Well, here is a clear alternative to the multi profile issue. I have enjoyed netflix for some time but this has the multi profile feature we need.


What makes us better than Netflix and Blockbuster?
Aside from the fact that we offer movies and mature adult titles*! Intelliflix has the lowest rates available in the online movie rental industry! Also we have an exclusive "coming back" feature designed to get you more rentals; This let's you tell us that you have mailed back a DVD so we can send you the next movie in your Rental Queue even before we have received it. Plus we have "Sub Accounts" a feature designed to give you additional rental queues both are not offered by Netflix or Blockbuster. Add to that the fact that we have more distribution centers than our competitors; which means more entertainment for you.


Intelliflix is HORRIBLE.


Jon in Chicago

And Intelliflix is out of business.


I actually don't use profiles currently, but I have in the past. I still am planning on switching to Unbox / iTunes / Blockbuster / etc when they actually go through with killing this feature.

I work at a major tech company, and their email / correspondence has been full of either lies, or incompetence.

1. It takes up a lot of space. Amazon S3 has 1GB of storage per month for .15 cents. You can store a hell of a lot of data in 1GB. And Netflix should be able to get cheaper storage than using someone else's service. If only 1%-2% of the users use this feature, how can this possibly be saving them much space?

2. It takes processing / memory. You've got to be kidding me. This is so stupid it's beyond repair. I hope the CS people made this up and it wasn't passed to them from their IT folks.

3. It requires development efforts. This is the most likely cause of the problem. I have to assume that profiles are a "hack", and it would take development to really fix the implementation. They probably have problems every time they want to add a feature / fix bugs due to the profile hack.

To fix the profile hack, some engineer team probably estimated 45 man-weeks of work to fix the problem (Just a guess, would be maybe $200k of dev cost as an estimate), and a manager decided to check to see how often the feature is used since $200k is a lot of money. They found it wasn't used much, and said "screw it, lets just kill the damn feature and be done with it". Gross stupidity I think, but the most likely cause of this action.

I'd guess that the people who use the feature are also the power users, and Netflix just gave themselves some fairly major negative publicity. A very bad move on their part, and I'm surprised to see a fairly large company screw up so badly.


I hope and encourage all of you guys to cancel your accounts. Thier are too many people on Netflix and we area all waiting too long for new releases. Please cancel your accounts and piss off.


This makes using Netflix very inconvenient for my wife and me. We now have a common queue, a queue for her movies, and a queue for my movies and sports videos. Right now, it is very convenient to have the right number of each type of movies sent to us automatically, not having to actively manage the queue every week - this step would make using netflix much more inconvenient, and makes me question whether we will continue to subscribe.

And from what I heard when I called to complain, it sounds like they think too few people use this feature to continue to support it. What I think they don't realize is how important the feature is for the people who DO use it, and that those of us that do are probably tech savvy opinion leaders online. I hope they will realize this is a mistake and figure out another way to engineer this (if indeed it is that at all) or just devote the resources needed to maintain it.


This feature has cut down my fighting with my wife on which movies to rent. I got mine and she got hers!!! I would love to know how cutting this feature would be an "improvement" to the site! I think that they are thinking that this will cause subscribers to add another subscription for other members of a family or for house mates increasing Netflix profit margins! Personally, I have a BlockBuster within walking distance from my home ... that's where I'm going for my movies now.

Jeff Macdonald

Anybody got a reachable email address at Netflix?


This is where good companies begin to go bad. They've been the lead dog long enough now that they think they can do no wrong. They believe that their customers either have no other choice, or won't be willing to make a different choice. They make the mistake that other companies make once they begin to believe they can disregard their customers. Your product/service is not necessary for life. People can simply choose not to have a service at all, if they find the competition to be less than satisfactory.

I am leaning toward dropping Netflix if profiles are gone on September 1 and are not replaced by something at least as good. Whether I find a competitor to be a better option for me or not, I simply will not continue sending money to a company that chooses to take me for granted.


Now I will have to cry myself to sleep every night thinking about when September 1 comes and having to sit through my girlfriend's Must Love Dogs and Music And Lyrics.

What I really want to know is who woke up one day, and said, "You know what will really make our site better? Alienating couples that share Netflix accounts! I am the smartest man/woman alive!"


And by the way, my friend had Intelliflix for two weeks, and ended up getting charged $75 for missing DVDs. The stories you hear are no lie, those mofo's are a ripoff.

Brian Greer

I have contacted Blockbuster via multiple paths this evening to encourage them strongly to seize this opportunity that Netflix has handed them. They have the chance to get converts that never thought they would leave Netflix, simply by showing some concern for customers. I know I would switch if they get it done and Netflix refuses to see the light.

Of course, Blockbuster is famous for their disdain of customers, so I am not holding my breath. I'm willing to go with nothing if nobody out there is willing to put some effort into keeping me as a customer. I do have a long list of books to read...


As a percentage, what is 600 signatures of 9,000,000 members?

Roberto Leider

I am really angry at Netflix desicion of eliminating the profiles. My sister takes ages to watch her movies while I am quite fast... If they are eliminating the profiles due to extra costs, they could share extra per profile. I wouldn't mind paying a little more to keep such a usefull feature (and not having to wacht my sister's boring movies).



Wow, they ship your next movie before you return your last one. $10/month for 3 at a time if u prepay, or $20/month for 3 at a time.


What r u up to Hasting?

Netflix CEO exercises options
Friday June 13, 2:55 pm ET
Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings exercises options for 2,500 shares

NEW YORK (AP) -- The chief executive of online movie rental service Netflix Inc. exercised options for 2,500 shares of common stock under a prearranged trading plan, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing Thursday.

In a Form 4 filed with the SEC, Reed Hastings reported he exercised the options Thursday for $1.50 apiece and then sold 10,000 shares the same day for $30.27 apiece.

The stock sale was conducted under a prearranged 10b5-1 trading plan which allows a company insider to set up a program in advance for such transactions and proceed with them even if he or she comes into possession of material nonpublic information.

Insiders file Form 4s with the SEC to report transactions in their companies' shares. Open market purchases and sales must be reported within two business days of the transaction.

Netflix is based in Los Gatos, Calif.


Note the words prearranged. As in months and months in advance. It happens on a regular, scheduled basis in pre-determined amounts, and every chief officer in the world does it.


Please FWD my suggestion to corporate. Please do not delete the profile feature! As a concerned shareholder I can tell you that there are some very angry customers over this one. MY SUGGESTION: Charge an an extra $1/month for each extra queue. That should offset the added complications it brings. If there is some other feature that will take the place of this, let the community know ASAP... Thanks so much for your time and hard work!


If you are implying he is profiting by selling when he is knowingly making a bad move for the co..... that is ludicrous; not how it works. He still has LOTS o shares, so that would hurt him more overall; and as " " says above these are regular, pre-arranged sales anyway.

Andrew Hoeveler

Finally! I've been trying to delete those profiles for years!

I will miss my profiles just like the rest of you, but seriously, don't badger those poor customer service reps if you feel you must call Netflix about this issue. I spoke to a very nice young woman who sympathized and wished she could give me more information, but she simply didn't know anything more than what's posted in the e-mail and on the website. Be civil and register your dissatisfaction in a courteous way. They're taking our feedback and forwarding it to corporate headquarters. They're just the front line - they didn't make the decision, they don't have any additional information, and they can't change it for you. If you must chew someone out, do it via e-mail. Go sign the petitions. Blog your little hearts out over it. But don't browbeat the minimum-wage person on the other end of the phone who's just trying to do his/her job.

And btw, it was marvelous to speak to someone who was actually here in the US and spoke fluent English. Kudos to Netflix for keeping jobs here in the US.


I don't even use queues and I think this is a horrible idea and displays a total disrespect for the customer.

No tangible benefits are given for the change and there is no migration path. How patronizing!


Seriously? A "final decision"?

To me that says, "We don't care what our customers think." In business, and especially a customer service business, no decision is ever final.

With 8.2m accounts, I don't believe they lack the resources for this. If what they are trying to say is that they are not turning a sufficient profit on people with profiles, then they should charge more for it. If 2% of their 8.2m accounts use this and they charge an extra $0.50 a month per account, then that's an extra MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to fund development of the feature. That's a whole team of developers, even in Silicon Valley.


Another thing that bothers me about this is their conflicting claims. First, they claim the feature is too confusing for many people. Then they claim not enough people use it to make it worthwhile.

If it's too confusing for a lot of people to use, then that means there are a lot of people who need it but aren't using it. So they can claim the feature is hard to use, or that they're shutting it down because not enough people use it, but they can't claim both.


I just called Netflix and recommended that they institute a "multi-family" discount. So if multiple accounts are going to the same address, you could get $2-3 off, or whatever. This would make it ok for my wife and I to open two accounts and not be spending any more.


Obviously, whoever thought this bright idea up is single.

And will probably remain that way!



There are many things I don't like about the current implementation of profiles -- the constant logging in and logging out --- the lack of a tool to easily transfer a movie from one profile to another. Maybe I don't care about profiles so much if certain tools were added to one main profile (with an expanded size limit, of course). If I could look at everything tagged TV, for instance, I think life could be worth living without profiles.


Not only is Netflix management stupid, their awfully cocky about it...


While I am not going to completely cancel my Netflix account, I will be downgrading from 3-at-a-time to 2-at-a-time. Since we use Netflix as a family, I am sure that others that are in a similar situation will potentially do the same as I am. There are other alternatives for my kids to rent movies (library, RedBox, etc.).

Sorry Netflix, you really disappointed me this time.


It's not simply the elimination of this feature, which is bad enough. It is also that they have determined to do NOTHING to help existing profiles users with the transition. Just giving us the one finger salute.


What do all you losers do when a *real* problem hits in your life?

You are, all of you, vermin.

Brian Greer

How can any of you "understand the logistical reasons" for not having Profiles when Netflix is not even revealing the real reason?


Another thing that Netflix might be trying to do and will definitely not be saying publicly is that some people are using Profiles do do things that Netflix hadn't intended for their customers to do with profiles. A case in point would be a throttled customer who always gets his new releases passed over -- this customer could set up a profile with just new releases in it, so he always had a new release at home thereby averting Netflix's throttling attempts to limit his or her new release selection. Granted this may only be 2% of the 2%, but if the 2% is 150,000 of 8 million than 2% of that is 3,000 customers who are probably very unprofitable for Netflix (and Netflix would probably prefer that they don't get their hands on a disc until it has been watched at least 3-4 times already).

Brian Greer

What do we do when we have a real problem? We deal with it. What do you do, B13? Sit on the sideline and spit venom.

I am going to be canceling my Netflix account if they don't undo this (or replace it with something just as good). That's how adults deal with companies that make reduce the quality of their service. Perhaps you just blink and pretend it did not happen, but real adults deal with these issues.

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