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could you do a similar post about Watch Instantly New Releases? That would be pretty handy.


I was just commenting last week that I "always" get my new releases by making sure I return discs on Monday - well, this week I returned three discs but I didn't get any new releases, only stuff farther down in my queue. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


Dont feel bad...

Waited all week last week for Judgment at Nuremberg, got it Sat(Was shipped Tue)...and it had a dimple like someone dropped ashes on it and melted the layer.

Reported it damaged,....another copy shipped today,...says be here Wed.

I get 3 a week,....but for some reason they sent the last two from waaaaay away from me(Chicago and Rockchester,..Im in TN).

Find it odd that they had one near me AFTER I reported it damaged.....

Kat Waterflame

Flakes has been out since May 6, 2008

Jax Maxton

I, too, have suddenly been getting DVDs from outside my home delivery range. In the 5-6 years I've been with Netflix, this has happened only once. Now it's been twice in the last 3 weeks.


How do you know where your DVD's are being shipped from?


I saw this video on youtube about a new dvd rental kiosk. Have never seen it anywhere else. What do you think it is...who is behind it? Could netflix do something like this?




Amazon.com says the Flakes DVD came out Jul 8, 2008. Where you gettin' your info?

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