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I could be wrong, but I doubt this is "Source Code to the Netflix Player". As the notice says, it is the source code to the "free" or "open source" parts they used. In other words, Linux software that's already available.


My guess about the "This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation" is Netflix/Roku player might be using Microsoft's DMR.


You mean, DRM.

The only thing is, that as soon as someone hacks it. The roku player uses a method to update in the background (like a Wii). So, even if you DID hack it, a simple update could break your hack.

Wade Menard

If only they could background update in new WiFi hardware that doesn't cause audio pops.


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If it the audio pops, it is your router. I just have a basic DSL connection and I have never had ANY audio pop on either of my 2 players.

question boy

Odomz, how do you know so much about Wade's router?

Cin, on topic?

Wade Menard

I wish a different router was all that was needed!

As it is I'm using an inexpensive wireless bridge with a ethernet cable to the Roku so it thinks its on a direct connection and (apparently) turns off the WiFi radio.

Roku has been silent on the issue thus far so not sure if its a bad batch of WiFi radios (they are on a daughtercard) or some underlying electrical interference design problems.

I hope they start talking soon and allow us to exchange units.


Yeah it looks like most of that is just linux source.

How about a different approach... Has anyone tried copying the Roku software into a VM running the same kernel(like virtualbox)?

I am considering subscribing, but would like to able to watch movies on Linux. Has anyone figured out how to do this?


What good is hacking the Roku player or virtualizing the platform? Right now, you can play Netflix and Amazon on demand offerings on ANY pc that can browse the internet. Virtualizing the Roku platform won't provide anything new. The benefit of Roku is it's various multimedia interfaces, ease of use, and HD capabilites. It's a hardware offering.

Mike S

I'd like to see it hacked so I could stream my own collection of videos to the tiny little Roku box instead of my big ol' heavy Samsung DVR (which is LOUD and HOT - comparison to Roku). The form factor of the Roku is great for tacking on the side of the tubed box (old CRT TV...) I use for viewing.

Bill McGonigle

@Mike - like the poster said that you were replying to - it's a Linux problem - Netflix won't support Linux desktops, even though the benefit strongly from Linux in the Roku.


also @ mike - you can't play Netflix on ANY pc, you have to have Windows XP service pack 2 or higher. We have one machine running Windows 2000 and 3 running Ubuntu and I can't watch any Netflix movies instantly. A linux player would be awesome.


There must be a linux player, since Roku is linux based...
Can't wait 'till my tech savvy cohorts hack one up from the roku player.

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i like this part of the post:"t took a bit longer that I expected for the hackers to get into the Linux-based device. Mbaily on the Roku forums figured out how to telnet into the Netflix Player:" is very good


The reason the Roku set-top box works is because of the video chip they use natively decodes the DRM, the fact that it is running Linux is most likely to keep their costs down - so it's not a software issue as much as it is a hardware issue. They are using an NXP chip.

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Randall Flagg

That trick doesn't seem to open that 8080 port anymore. As of 11/2010.

Randall Flagg

[email protected]:~$ nmap -sV -p8080

Starting Nmap 5.21 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2010-11-09 12:41 CST
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.00075s latency).
8080/tcp closed http-proxy

Service detection performed. Please report any incorrect results at http://nmap.org/sub
mit/ .
Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.28 seconds


Would it be possible to emulate a software decoder or reverse engineer it or something?


Millard Fu*#ing Fillmore, you might as well just pay for the damn service...


I have a question. Recently within the last two weeks. After watching netfliks for three hours or two movies, the ROKU turns off the internet signal. Anyone else having this problem?

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