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Netflix is back to normal for me. The queue is fine, I received 4 discs today, 3 more are shipping today, everything is fine in the universe. The bonus rental button hasn't shown up on my queue yet, but that's okay since I don't plan to use it for a while.


yep, still no discs, they were supposed to arrive last tuesday the 12th and here it is the 19th and no discs, customer service can't help, and i haven't received a single email from netflix. On top of that, on thursday it said shipping friday, on friday it said shipping saturday, on saturday it said shipping monday, on monday it said shipping tuesday, and now its tuesday and what does it say?? shipping wednesday..... BS! a little bit of information, an email and maybe a schedule of shippments that is right would have made a HUGE difference. Without a doubt, i'm done with Netflix at the end of the month.


Buh Bye!


all three of mine showed up on Saturday through the Greensboro, NC DC.


With the news, i was lead to believe that I would not get my movies the week-end, so I don't look in my mail-box until Sunday. But all my movies would there. and I am getting 15% off.


They received my dvd on Thursday and apparently they won't be shipping my next movie until this Thursday. A 15% discount doesn't even make up for the service I lost, much less serve as an effective apology.

Edward R Murrow

I can't believe it took me so long to find the Adobe Media Player. http://get.adobe.com/amp/

This is dope, man - so much free content via the Adobe version of Watch Now.

If Netflix wants to ween us off of DVD rentals, then I might as well get free content from the AMP.

Edward R Murrow

"Netflix Screws Up, Makes Thousands Of Customers Happy?"

You can't make this sh1t up! What a bunch of Stepford Customers, man. It's like some transient took $5 out of each Netflix customer's wallet without asking and everybody's saying "Thank you sir, may I have another, sir".

The F'ed up thing about this is that Netflix will probably make a profit from this self inflicted 100% customer base throttling exercise, even after giving a 15% credit.

Hmm, $5 per customer times 8 million customers = serious scratch!


My movies came today. However, they shipped to my old address, which was updated BEFORE THE MOVIES WERE SHIPPED. I'm pretty curious as to how that one happened. Luckily, it was my parents' home over the summer, but I hate that I'll have to wait even longer to get my Netflix.


I got 2 on Saturday. One was supposed to be sent monday but was throttled and didnt get sent untill friday. The other was returned Thursday and was a day late shipping.

Today, a disc I returned yesterday is still showing "shipping thursday". But that may just me normal throttling. Hard to tell. I do know I returned two monday and its unlikely they only got 1.


We received a movie Saturday, I returned it Monday and today my queue says that it has been resent and will arrive tomorrow. I don't want that movie again, I want the next in my queue. Also, another movie still says that it is being shipped Friday and today is Tuesday and I still haven't received it. There isn't any link to report a problem and arrival date section is blank. I'm thinking that this problem last week is still not resolved...


I returned a DVD on Friday and it shows received on Monday. My queue now shows a dvd I returned last week as coming to me today. Has anyone else seen this?


Well, Everything seemed fine and back to normal until something odd happened. On Saturday I received a notice that discs would be sent on Monday. It was to be three of them. On Monday, just like they said three movies were being processed to ship. So the next day, I only receive two which happens. But when I checked my queue this morning on Wednesday that pending disc disappeared from my queue! It's not back on my list...it's gone. That slot now says:"will send next available movie today"?! Is that movie out there right now? Well, I put it on top of my queue just in case but has anyone had this happen to them before?


"This is dope, man"

You is street, Edward R Murrow!


Got my movies on Sat, all four of them I was waiting all week for. Returned two yesterday, they haven't shown up returned to Netflix today. It's unlikely the local USPS was late (they never are) so either I'm being throttled (unlikely but possible) or Netflix is still having issues with turn-around on mailers.


The *really* annoying part for me isn't the mass delays last week - I can understand when problems happen. But then, I receive 3 disks on Saturday, and I mail 1 back on Tuesday. They received it today (Wednesday), and in the morning my queue said "We expect to ship your next available movie today". I refreshed it around noon, and now it says "We expect to ship your next available movie by Thursday." Excuse me, didn't you already make me wait long enough for my last batch of disks?

Whiney Baby Girly Man





I had 4 movies of a tv show arrive on Thursday the 14th. The first disk showed in my queue as not being shipped yet. The other 3 did not appear at all. By Monday, all 4 were in my queue as going to be shipped. Netflix should have received my returned movies by Monday (those 4 shows). I don't think they even knew I had them! Well they reshipped 2 of them. I called Tuesday night and was told it would be taken care of. Sure. One arrived Tuesday and 2 more were supposed to arrive today but did not. The customer service rep told me she would give me a free rental on Tuesday but she never did. So today I marked 2 of the shows as never received back by Netflix but the other two cannot be touched yet. What a waste of time!
Funny how this all happened on the day my settlement benefit started! Don't know if it is the same for everyone. They have already screwed it up enough that I will not get my full "extra" allotment this month.
Netflix has done nothing but remove customer service-friendly extras for the past year. What? You can't even email them!!!
I think another lawsuit should be started.


I have a hold on my account that Netflix has been unable to remove in over 1-1/2 weeks. I think I will be happy if it takes them less than 3 weeks to remove the hold in my account.

I've been trying to re-join because of the e-mail I got (over a month ago now) regarding the Chavez settlement. I have called four times (three times last week and once the week before).

I called today, but the hold message scared me off from even waiting the 3 minutes they promised I would be able to reach a Customer Service Representative by. The message says, "Your Queue may not indicate what movies are being sent to you..."

I am glad I am not a Netflix customer right now, and I think I can wait another couple of days for them to get their act straight.

Somehow I think their programmers took Sunday off. I've been in supposedly Mission Critical situations myself and recall one Memorial Day weekend that I worked roughly 40 hours over that 3-day span.

This problem has been going on for over a week now. It's time to can some a few of your workers and squeeze the nuts of the guys you keep. Maybe dangle a carrot in front of them or even offer them a $1 million Netflix Employee prize to see who fix their system quickest.


And edward is a bitch again, suprising no one.

And the analogy sucks. it is more like giving someone 5 bucks for a coffee. then they drop the coffee, apologize, and give you 6 buck coffee card.

Happy Fortune

wow! jerk city gets bigger every day.


My queue is still not correct.

I called yesterday and pointed out that my settlement upgrade to 4-out from 3-out started the same day as the outage, so I didn't get the full benefit of the settlement upgrade. The rep offered to extend the upgrade for a month, although that is not showing up (yet) on my account. I think that's very fair, but I hoped that it shows up eventually. He also said that I would get a 15% credit on my bill and suggested that I verify that it shows up before the next billing date (shouldn't Netflix do that automatically)?

I also told the rep that I never got one of the films that was supposed to ship on Friday, although Netflix shows it as supposedly "received" the day after I reported it as missing. The rep blamed it on the post office. This morning, I got an e-mail explaining that it was Netflix's fault, and that I would get a credit and bonus rental.

After I reported the film as "missing" on Wednesday, I requested that the next film in my queue be shipped to me. I got an e-mail showing that it was going to be mailed from Worcester, MA "today." Well, "today" was Wednesday, and of as Thursday, it hasn't shipped.

Long story short, I should have 4 films out, but I only have 2. Sigh.

I think that Netflix is being very fair to its customers with credits and bonus rentals, but they shouldn't be reporting things as "fixed" when they're not and they need to get our accounts and bills adjusted more rapidly.


I got a bonus rental and a 25% discount.

They say that I was informed of a disc mailing, but that it actually didn't go out.

(I have also recently decreased both of my accounts from a total of 6 down to 3, may be that had something to do with it.)


Here are the series of events taking place with my account over the last week:

1) No movies recieved
2) After days, I see the notice of "shipping center problems"
3) Finally a movie arrives
4) I get a month upgrade as fulfillment to the class action lawsuit settlement
5) My top movie is being shipped from far away and "we apologize for the delay"

Is this a coincidence I've received slower service during the settlement upgrade and this right after they experience days of "shipping center problems?"


Man, they stated a certain movie I want to rent isn't available at my local shipping center. So they've gotta send it from one clear across the country. Okay, fine. This was on Tuesday. They were going to ship it on Wednesday. Then, they were going to ship it on Thursday (today). Now it says Friday. Even if they do ship it tomorrow, it'll still take 3-4 days to get to me. A movie has never taken this long to just ship to me before, and I've been a customer for 3 years. Maybe they're STILL feeling the effects of the downtime?


I got one movie - never saw the one mailed Wed., and this email (partly quoted) -
We're sorry, and to make up for this missed shipment, as well as for the shipment that went out today, we will be giving you bonus rentals to use at your convenience. You do not have to do anything, the bonus rentals will automatically be applied to your account. To redeem the bonus rental, log into your account and access your Queue. Then click the "Use the Bonus Rental" button located at the top of Your Queue.

- but - no bonus rental, no replaced movie at the top of my queue. As a matter of fact - all new releases have a "long wait", and I still haven't seen anything shipped two days ago - from in town. Looks like more than a little glitch. I did talk to a very pleasant person on the 800 number. Nice to get a human response.She agreed - best to let the system catch up. Too bad - I waited for (literally) years for "Kiss of the Spiderwoman", and thought they had sent it finally - but it was a mistake.


The BONUS RENTAL BUTTON appeared on my queue today (about a week after the email telling me that I'd be getting one).

This week, I had one DVD that was supposed to ship on Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday. On Thursday night, Netflix emailed me to tell me they were putting the title back at the top of my queue. Now this is something that's never happened to me before. They've sent me other titles all during the week, so it must have been this one DVD. Oh well.


No bonus rental. disc was not reported as shipped in my queue until after I got it which was saturday the 16th. I sent it back on monday the 18th and now it is friday the 22nd and they have not reported that they received it, so I reported the disc.

this sucks. two weeks to see one movie :(


So is the problems fixed or not?? I'm still not getting my movies as I should be. They're receiving (have received) the ones I sent back- but the shipping day keeps changing- like another day, the next day, now it says it's shipping on Monday. For crying out loud. This is my first complaint because I don't want to spend any energy on this.. but this is ridiculous.. I'm just pissed now


I was supposed to receive three films today (Saturday), one mailed from Worcester, MA on Thursday, and two mailed from my usual distribution center, Gaithersburg, MD, on Friday. Nothing showed up in my mailbox. It is VERY rare that I don't get films the next day from Gaithersburg. Very, very frustrating to have service continue to be delayed.


I wonder if they're still having issues they're not telling us about? I sent movies back every day this past week. Since Tuesday, they haven't acknowledged getting anything from me. I get movies out of Honolulu, and it's ALWAYS one day each way.


Netflix delivered after last week's problem as said, and I returned dvd's next day. I am still waiting for my next discs. They are two days past due from their old performance. They also show that they received a return from me for a disc that I never got!
Their service was super but sucks now!!
I am skeptical about receiving the discount in lieu of no shipments too!!!

Can this stop already?

Boo-hoo.. People, please, get over it. Is it really so important to get these movies?

It seriously saddens me to read these comments, how angry people are getting.

Take a few deep breaths. Please.

It really is not the end of the world, it is no movies for a few days, a week. You can make, you can push through to the light.

If you do not like the service, leave, other ones exist.

That's all.



Thanks for the helpful advice. Is it really so important to get what you pay for? I guess for you, if it's not life or death case, it okay to throw money regardless if you get something for it or not.

I did move to BB, thanks for the advice. I'm sure NF will do great if everyone else would take your advice as well.

Keep on helping people!



I was replying to "Can this stop already?", not Joe.

Sorry Joe, my bad.

Edward R Murrow

"And the analogy sucks. it is more like giving someone 5 bucks for a coffee. then they drop the coffee, apologize, and give you 6 buck coffee card"

Josh, you're logic as it pertains to the NFLX and BBO bus model is slightly incorrect.

Using your coffee example, it's more like we pay a monthly fee for coffee and they shut the doors for one week so that we can't get coffee. Yet we're still charged the monthly fee for the coffee that we didn't consume and they refund only a fraction of what they took from us in the form of the monthly subscription fee.

This might help: http://www.logic.ucla.edu/courses.html


I got 3 movies on Saturday. One disk was a part 2 of a 2 part disk ensemble so basically I got 2 disks out of the 6 owed to me. HOWEVER, after talking with someone at Netflix, they helped me out grealy, I got 2 bonus rentals and they sent me 2 disks I really wanted that had "Very long wait" in the status. I was beyond pleased. It made me keep my membership after this fiasco.


Yes, they refund you a fraction of what was charged for the monthly charge. Amazingly that fraction just about equals the fraction of the month that there was no service.

This may help.


Honestly do you really feel that people should get a free month because of a 3 day outage?


Yay!,This is unrelated, but I got my first cracked disc the other day! (I've been a netflix member for two months now). So I logged in and reported it as damaged and then on top of that I called them to let them know, after speaking to a CSR they said that on top of sending me a replacement they would also send me a bonus disc! Now I know to call them whenever I get a broken disc.


I have not received a bonus rental, but their emails to me didn't promise one, just at 15% credit.
I am honestly surprised this is the first disruption I have seen in Netflix in the 3 years I have been a member. Considering how complex the system has to be to handle receiving, checking, and reshipping all those movies, I think they have done a good job.

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