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http://www.logic.ucla.edu/courses.html is dope, man.


The people running to BB will be back. BB made some really bad decisions, and members are going back to Netflix.

Edward R Murrow

This is why 15% credit is not sufficient for most customers like me:
1) I watched all of my movies over the weekend ending 10-Aug.
2) Dropped the DVD's in the mail on the morning of 11-Aug.
3) NFLX shipping is broken for several days.
4) I received my next DVD's Monday 18-Aug.

Just the facts...


Ironically I am in the middle of my settlement month. I went nearly a week without movies and have not gotten anything in return. Sounds like another suit may be in order as they have not fulfilled the terms of the last one. This company just cannot get things right.

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