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I got my disc on Saturday, no bonus rental.


No movies, no bonus rental. My queue still shows "Shipping Wednesday".


I had one movie shipped Saturday, the other two say they'll ship Wednesday! They were supposed to ship last Wednesday. I didn't receive a free rental.

Chris O.

No to Saturday, and yes to bonus rental. My Netflix e-mail said that the bonus rental was to do with my class-action settlement month being activated. Their response is probably more sufficient to their lesser-devoted customers, i.e. people who don't read this blog. I thought it was ok but pretty much the least they could do. Not impressed, not particularly upset, though I do think their repeated assurances of fixing the problem even though they hadn't, capping out with basically promising people Saturday arrivals that didn't show up for many, was sort of lame.

Mark in Portland, Oregon

I received all 5 discs that were shipped on Friday, but no Bonus Discs option listed on my queue.


I didn't receive my movies, as they didn't ship until Saturday (one of them anyway) Netflix doesn' know if one of them has shiped or not (has said "Shipping Wedensday" since last Wed)

I'm more disappointed as their public facing communications have been somewhat untruthful (e.g I also received an e-mail on Friday that says "all discs have shipped) which clearly wasn't true.

It is interesting that Netflix is giving new customers the equivalent of a 25% credit (one free week) versus existing customers a 15% credit.

I have also heard that Netflix is being very tight with bonus credits/etc--that the company line is that they are not supposed to give out any extra credit to customers. However I'm actually up to 3 bonus rentals so far as each time I call I seem to get a different answer, and when I politetly point it out to the CSR's they have given me a bonus rental. I have found that it helps to be over friendly to them--their calls have probably sucked a lot these past 4-5 days, and when they get a customer that is pleasant they are more willing to give a bonus.


I got all 3 of my movies on Saturday, but no bonus. But my movies were only delayed a few days, not since Tuesday like some of them were.


There were 2 disks that originally should have shipped out on Monday. I actually got one of them on Friday, but nothing on Saturday.


I got one DVD on Friday and two on Saturday. I have one DVD slot left (four-out plan) that has been saying "expect to ship on Monday" since Friday.


No Saturday movie, no bonus rental :( I seem to be one movie behind, as they say they've "just shipped" the same movie I just returned, after they acknowledged it being returned. I assume it's just more database goofiness.

I'd just be happy if the profile "maturity level" settings worked. I created a profile for a younger member of the household, and set the maturity level to PG-13.

Logic dictates that should include all rating levels below it, including "unrated family"...you'd think, right? No dice. Try adding "Pokemon Master Quest 2", which is unrated family, to a profile authorized to get up to PG-13.

*sigh* Makes no sense. This also isn't something support either deals with nor has a clue about, so I've decided to not waste my time reporting it. It does piss me off I need to make a child's profile "all movies", just to be able to receive stupid Pokemon.


Got the expected DVD on Saturday.


I received 2 DVDs on Saturday. Overall, I was only shorted 2 DVDs (I'm on the 8 out plan), but the 15% credit more than makes up for it.

I'm supposed to get a bonus, but it hasn't showed up on my queue. This is no surprise, since the last time they gave me a bonus, it took a few days to show up.


Only one of my three pending disks arrived Saturday, and to my immense frustration the disk was cracked.

I think NetFlix handled this better than most companies would have. I also think they could have done better.

They should be better prepared. For an operation this size, I can't think of anything short of an earthquake, hurricane, or major fire that would justify an outage this long. If it was the rumored botched Oracle upgrade, they should have been able to roll back within hours.

And lets face it, both the communications and the credit are kind of lame. With an outage this long, they really should be more forthcoming about *why* they were out of commission for so long - why it took so long to fix - and I flat out don't believe that "with rare exception it shipped Friday". 5% is a great deal more than rare exception.

Instead of giving me a measly $2.69 credit, be more creative and give me something comparable to the value lost, like three bonus rentals to use at my leisure, or a one month bump to the next higher plan (or better yet, a choice between credit, bonus or bump).


No bonus DVD.
On Saturday I received the DVD that should have shipped on Tuesday. Later that day I received the email saying it should arrive by Wednesday. Checking the date on the email, it was last Wednesday of course! SO their email system was clogged too, so what?

If you normally watch all your movies on the weekend and ship them back Monday then they would have received them by Tuesday and shipped out your next movies by Wednesday. Therefore, you should have received your movies on Saturday like I did.

I am fine with a 15% credit as they were down 3 days not 5 days. If you don't agree or you did not get any DVDs on Saturday, then call them up and ask for a bonus DVD for the week or some other credit. You may get it.


No bonus DVD. Received the one movie I had pending on Saturday. E-mail said "Shipping Thursday" but I didn't get that e-mail until early AM Saturday, so I think realistically it shipped on Friday.


I was supposed to have had one mail on TUSEDAY from Chigaco (to Florida) but it did not come at all this week. It still says "Shipping TUESDAY!".

All my others came Thurs (1) and on Saturday (2).


On T I sent 2 movies back, W was also 2, Thursday was 1. I would figure that if the system was up, in theory, they should have been able to process all 5. I got 1 movie on Saturday. No extra slot.


i got both my discs on saturday even though one still shows that it is shipping thursday.


I got one of my two discs, no bonus rental. 15% was a little on the low end for me, as I mailed both my discs back on a Friday and didn't get any new ones until 8 days later, the following Saturday (and I only got one). I felt like we should have been given at least 25% or a free rental in addition to the 15%.


Didn't get any movies on Saturday. They should be here today. Hopefully.

Also no bonus rental.

Jason The Saj

I think they did well. Sure, it'd be better that it never happened. But how a company handles a mistake (and we're all human - mistakes happen) shows more about the company.

I think the only thing I'd have done differently is to make Watch It Now available temporarily even to those plans that normally are ineligible for it.

And I think 15% was reasonable. For many of us it was only a day or two down time. 15% is equivalent to 4.5 days lost. Did anyone really have that many days lost - I don't think so.

No bonus rental but got a couple of slow disks on Saturday. It'll be nice to get the 15%, but honestly, I don't expect 365/24/7 service from anyone these days. I guess I'm too old - I don't even expect people to answer my emails immediately.

Andy Mason

I didn't receive any movies on Saturday, but that is not surprising as the shipping pattern for my account is that discs sent back arrive the next morning, but discs shipped to me take 2 days to arrive.

I have not been awarded a bonus rental either, so I'm not sure what the eligibility requirements are for that one.

I think that the 15% credit is a very fair compensation for the inconvenience, and that much of the hysterical response to last week's outage was quite pathetic. I've been a customer of Netflix since July 2002 and have consistently been impressed with the quality of their offering, and their customer service. Now that I have a Roku box I never watch regular TV. I either watch a disc I received in the mail or a movie from my instant queue. During the outage I happily watched movies from my instant queue and so it was only a minor inconvenience.

Given the lousy customer service I've received from other companies I've done business with I have been rather dismayed by the angry responses I've seen posted on Hacking Netflix. Netflix has one of the best customer service offerings of any commercial company that I've done business with. And when they make a mistake, they compensate their customers automatically. This is very rare, as most companies that do offer compensation only do so when the customer makes a big fuss about it.


Was on a 5 out plan and recieved all 5 disc on Saturday. I'm fine with the 15%. In fact, on Sunday, I upgraded to the 8 out plan and I recieved an email stating that the 15% would apply to the upgraded plan. I'm not going to hold my breath on it, but if I get the 8 out plan at a 15% discount for September instead of simply for 5 out plan, I will be happy. Hell if I don't want to continue the 8 out plan, I can just down grade before the discount goes away.

The main problem I had with Netflix over the outage was it's communications. It took 48 hours before an announcement showed up on their website. Not everyone is going to go to the small community blog link on the bottom of the page. I never recieved an email about the outage like they said they would send out.


Nothing on Saturday for movies placed in mail on Friday August 8th.


Mine arrived on Saturday, but as I paid for my current subscription with a "gift" subscription (I gave it to myself as a way of prepaying for the next three months) I don't believe I'm getting any sort of credit for the delay.

It was no big deal to me. It threw off my rentals one whole day. Whoop-de-do. That's why I have the Roku.


I just want to address the post about Netflix always being a great service with no problems. Maybe that is true for you but that doesn't make it the case for everyone.

My queue is nothing but TV shows right now and has been for a few months. Yet on Monday, I recieved 6 disc (mind you that I was on a 5 out plan at the time) and 4 of them were movies. Movies that have never appeared in my queue at any point.

I recieve cracked disc maybe 3 or 4 times a month. Granted I can get it replaced but it is still irrating.

Five different times over the last 5 years, I have received the red Netflix envelope with out a disc in side. One of those I can under stand because the envelope had taken a beating and it had ripped open but the other 4 times, not a scratch on the envelope and everyting was sealed just like it should have been.

I have recieved duplicate disc several times, especially the tv shows were the season is broken up on several disc.

I have had Netflix on and off since 2003. Every few months I hit a rough spot were it takes days for my disc to get shipped, so I cancel my account. A few months later, I come back and all is good for a few months and then the same thing, so I cancel again. I have done this cycle probably 5 or 6 times already.

All that being said, Netflix is by far the best online dvd rental site. I've tried Blockbuster but that didn't long. They have a horrible selection of films. The ones they do have, they must not have many copies because my queue was almost always 75% filled with "long wait" messages. The instore exchange was appealing until I actually went into my local blockbuster. Unless you want a recent release, blockbuster is not the place you want to go.


I have yet to recieve anything.Never heard anything about a bonus movie.


Yes I did get my movies on Saterday, and no, i didn't get a bonus rental :-)

Personally, I think netflix did a great job in communicating with everyone and issueing the 15% discount.


I am not complaining. I am only answering the question at hand. I had two DVDs expected to arrive Saturday. 24 (Season 4, Disk 1) did not arrive. Shutter did arrive, but was an unplayable disc. I'm assuming this is irony? hehehe - never fear, Shutter is already being shipped again today (Monday) and I'm hoping 24 will arrive when my mailperson gets to my apartment building in a few hours. Peace everyone and happy movie watching.

sweet charlie

no DVDs on Saturday and no bonus DVD


Received three of the five discs that should have been sent for Saturday, which now are shipping today. In fact one of the received discs was listed as having already been returned (doesn't show that in the official listing) so was dropped from my queue and another waiting DVD was added to the to-be-shipped category. Maybe this is my bonus rental? If it is I never saw any notification.

Booger McG

Haven't received any since Tuesday. None shipped Friday. One shipped Saturday to be received today (hopefully). One more in la-la land...shipped it back on 8/13, NF hasn't acknowledged receiving it yet. From Tuesday-Tuesday, I should have received 4-5 movies, I'll get 1 with no new releases. 15% may be technically a fair refund, but does nothing for customer satisfaction.

jensen benedict

Got all my movies on Saturday. Been a Netflix customer for 8 years and still no complaints with their service. Things can go wrong and they dealt with it immediately and as fast as possible.


guess I got lucky in seattle. two of my four dvds that sent back mon were turned around on wednesday when they were briefly online, although it didn't update in my queue so I didn't know I had movies til I got home thurs. my other movies all arrived saturday, along w/ a bonus, but my bill cycle started the 15th so I think that's my settlement disc.


My two discs arrived Saturday. I am upset though that no Netflix executives came to house to personally apologize and bake me some cookies.


To be fair to the whiners, even though I have a very high opinion of Netflix, this event did eat into the capital they have built. A couple events like these and I would change my tune.


I got all four movies on Saturday as promised. I think Netflix handled the situation in the best way they could have.


I received the three disks that were due to me on Saturday. I watched one immediately and sent it back in time for it to arrive back at the center (Salem, OR) today, where it was acknowleged as received normally. Another of the discs I received is shown in the "At Home" section of my queue as "Shipping Thursday".

It's possible that things are actually back to normal with respect to operations at the shipping centers, but that whatever database problems they've had are still causing issues with the way things are being displayed on the the web side. (shrug) As long as I'm still getting my discs....


"To be fair to the whiners, even though I have a very high opinion of Netflix, this event did eat into the capital they have built. A couple events like these and I would change my tune."

I seriously doubt it. I'd be willing to bet that a lot of people are sitting on movies now because of the Olympics. I wouldn't be surprised to see Netflix have a Phelpsian earnings surprise for this quarter even with these 15% refunds.

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