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Strange, I have 2 DVDs that should have arrived there on Tuesday and didn't. I received the email that one of them arrived this morning (Wednesday) at 5:25 AM.


I'm not the only one then. I recieved no notice and only found out here. I was going to wait then send an e-mail but now I know the problem since I thought my dvd was lost.

I was wondering about this as well. I sent in 3 Monday AM and usually get my confirmation that they arrived the next morning, which would be Tuesday. I have yet to hear anything from Netflix, either in a personal e-mail or seeing that they were received this morning either.


I should have also had one received yesterday and it didn't work show up until today. I have not gotten an e-mail about a credit yet though.


I was getting a bit antsy, as well. I am glad to hear it was not the PO losing my discs.

Chris O.

Well that explains that. I wasn't too worried though, maybe I'll actually read a book tonight. *shock horror*


"read a book"? What is this "book" of which you speak? LOL

I mailed my discs back yesterday and got all the email confirmations but I'm now wondering if I'll get the new ones Friday instead of Thursday (like usual) since they may be backlogged. Oh well, no biggie. Maybe I'll look into this "book" thingy. I wonder if they're available in Blu-ray? :)



Oh, those things we use to keep warm!

They have other uses?

Rich B

Returned movies still not having been marked as received, nothing sent out, I understand there was a problem, but when this "happens" Netflix saves millions on shipping and we are the losers. I believe when they have a problem like this they should ship on Saturday to make up for it.


My dad always tells this story how UPS once contacted him to let him know that a package wasn't going to be arriving on time...he always said you should let your customers know first when something goes wrong. You have to wonder why Netflix didn't send out an email to all their customers alerting them of the problem instead of putting it on their blog, which very few people even bother to read.


Well I work for netflix and can tell you the reason we were not able to send out email to our customers to let them know is because this issue also effected our email. We are now just getting some of our employee working tools to work. Please be patient and we will take care of our customers.


If missing a days worth of DVDs makes that much of a difference in your life, increase your subscription or have another means to obtain movies. Better yet, go outside and experience reality.

Netflix doesn't have troubles very often and when they do, they always make it right. Please don't bitch when minor stuff happens, I am sure the people involved are already sweating bullets. Getting your panties in a bunch will only make things worse.


Put 2 DVD's in Mondays mail,got E-Mail that they received one of them at 5:05 am wednesday.Never got E-Mail they received the other one,queue shows they expect to ship my 2 next available movies Thursday


Yeah .. looks like nothing shipping today either. But .. I will survive.


Oh well, it's a good thing the Olympics have parked my DVDs on top of the machine instead of the NF processing center...

Jeff from Knowzy

Hmm, Netflix settlement upgrades just started underway follwed by a one to two day cease of shipments. Connection?


This is awesome...

My last disc was checked in on Monday. I get an email saying the next one's not available from my local...will be sent from Salem, OR, on Thursday. Since I'm on the East Coast we're looking at more than a full week turnaround.

Since the outage, the ship date has changed to next Tuesday!

I've called, but she said they couldn't do anything about bonus discs or credits yet. Hopefully, she said, things will be back up and running in a few hours.


i got the roku from netflix to watch movies on t.v now i cannot activate the thing and nothing was said about having to activate the thing now they tell me i need a rouder when i got it netflix activated for me there is no way to put the ethernet in the roku and keep on line thats what the problem with this thing any one else have this problem??


Yeah, Netflix is having all kinds of trouble. I have two DVDs listed as "shipping today," but those same DVDs are still at the top of my queue!


Problem seems to exist today as well.


I had one return on Monday, and the replacement disc had been showing as "Shipping today" at that time. Yesterday morning, the same disc was shown as "Shipping Monday" all day. The disc was in fact shipped, and it arrived normally as if nothing was wrong.

Two more returns arrived there but this was not reflected online until today. Replacement discs have yet to be selected from my queue as of 1:30pm PDT, but given that the shipping centers are dealing with two day's worth of traffic today, I'm not worrying about it yet.

I did call Netflix yesterday, just to check if it was a widespread issue or if it was just me. When I found out that everyone was being affected, I didn't press for details, I just wished the poor support person well and let them move on to the next customer.

Edward R Murrow

Software engineers are not created equal and NFLX seems to have the bargain basement developers.


The problems do seem to be ongoing... I shipped two back on Monday, and while the site shows they've been received, I haven't received an email confirmation.

The site is also showing two empty spots in my queue, which earlier said "We expect to ship your next available movie today." and which now say "We expect to ship your next available movie by Thursday."

I'm not too worried about it, though. I've got one here at home anyway, and there's always Watch Instantly.

Perkins Cobb

I just got off the phone with a (snotty) customer service rep who confirmed that nothing shipped yesterday, or will ship today (Wednesday), anywhere in the US.

I'm going to expect a HUGE credit for this, especially if I don't have new DVDs by the weekend.


The snotty customer service rep I just talked to said it's actually been down since Monday and nothing was shipping today either. They are "determining how widespread the problem is" before they decide how much to reimburse people. She claimed they weren't able to send emails notifying anyone of the outage. Ha!


I have 4 disc in my "DVDs at Home" section that say they are processing. It's been like that since 6am this morning. I've never gotten that message before. I clicked on it and it says disc in "processing" can take up to 24 hours before being shipped but in some case the wait can be 2 days before being shipped. In other words, It looks like I won't get any disc until Friday or Saturday. Ridiculous. I don't know why I keep coming back.


I am so upset, hoping to get movies this week, just got of the phone with NET REP, she said it may be another 2-3 weeks, I just signed up in June, hope this does not happen often, if does losing a few customers if not more...


The reason why I left Blockbuster and came over to Netflix was because Blockbuster would get my movies back and then not ship me anything for 2 or 3 days. No way was I going to spend money waiting around for them to send me movies so I made the switch. And now here I am sitting around waiting 2-3 days for Netflix to ship movies. I haven't had any other problems until now so I am almost willing to let it go depending on when and how the problem gets resolved.


Yes Perkins, you should expect a HUGE credit. You are entitled. NFLX is out to steal your $15, but they can't fool you.

Nelson Muntz

Naturally, the only possible credit for a foul-up this severe and life-threatening would be for Netflix to just give me the whole company. It would be merely equitable.


Netflix has handled this horribly. How hard is it to send an e-mail to affected members informing them of the problem? Instead, I have to keep logging into my account to see my DVDs status. Thank goodness for Hacking Netflix. Blockbuster here I come...


I shipped 3 DVDs Monday morning - on Tuesday, nothing changed in my queue (I live in a large city, so usually it takes NF 1 day to receive shipped disks). Today I got an email that they received 1 of those disks, but my queue says that they expect to ship next available disk on Thursday for all 3 disks - so at least I know they received all of them. Also, the delayed shipment notification is now on the top of the queue page:

"IMPORTANT: Your DVD shipments might be delayed…

We’re sorry to report that we’ve been experiencing issues with some of our shipping systems, so some of you are not receiving DVDs in a timely manner and some of you have not received emails letting you know we got a DVD back from you.

We apologize and we’ll be automatically issuing credits to all of you whose shipments have been delayed. Our goal is to provide a personalized email update on your status tonight.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience we’ve caused you and thank you for your patience."

Well, either way, I don't particularly care, since I'm watching the Olympics and don't have time to watch DVDs anyway.


I was starting to wonder what the hell. I had to come here to figure out what's going on.

I'm still pleased with netflix though.

Good thing, I'm not missing my movies that much this week as I'm getting tons of overtime.


Since at this point no one knows the extent of the damage to Netflix's database -- if that's what the problem is -- it might not be a bad idea to take screenshots of your queue, just in case these might get wiped out.

Little Timmy

I just got off the phone with Netflix Customer Support and they told me it was going to take them 2 to 3 years to rewire their shipping systems and that if I wanted to wait, Netflix would appreciate it. I told the Customer Service rep that I was going to Blockbuster cause i'd most likely kill myself if I didn't have a DVD delivered to my mailbox this week. Then the customer service rep advised me that all my titles were currently At Home. Sure enough, I turned around and they were right there on my coffee table. Still the customer service rep didn't have to be so snotty and I let them I didn't appreciate their attitude and to compensate me BIG time for everyone else's shipping issues.

Seriously, Blockbuster here I come.

Perkins Cobb

If you trolls whose comments only involve insulting people who are angry about the lapse in service and are passionate about their movie-watching, then why are you reading this site in the first place, and taking the time to write long sarcastic rejoinders? That's not exactly a strong argument in support of admonitions to "go outside and experience reality." May I politely suggest you follow your own advice?

As for Netflix, I mainly watch movies over the weekend, so if they ship tomorrow and I get 'em by Friday, I don't care if they give me any credits or not. A day or two is a reasonable margin of error. But if they don't ship tomorrow, I'll insist that whatever credit they issue match or exceed the cost of renting the same number of DVDs from a brick and mortar store (including my transportation costs). Naturally I'm inclined to think Netflix won't go along with that, in which case I'll take the matter up with my credit card company. What a mess.


The situation is very simple.

I pay money for an advertised service, and I expect that advertised service to be delivered to me upon my payment.

The fact that I can go "read a book" or "watch the Olympics" in lieu of watching a Netflix movie is obviously true--but also entirely irrelevant to the matter at hand: that I am now paying for a service which I am not receiving!

If the "credits" Netflix is planning on giving do not reimburse me for this interruption of service, I will be canceling my subscription.

It is as simple as that. Make this right Netflix, or lose a customer.


They absolutly should ship saturday, and I guess the CS reps are getting irritated.

Reed Hastings III

This is the same scam Netflix pulled on us subscribers in march of 2008. I thought it sounded familiar, I went though my email and found the same exact e-mail apology word for word from netfilx in March 2008.
Netflix must think us to be stupid cud eaters that have a short memory span. Moooo. Can You say Moooo....cows????? Time to break away from the heard! Think how much money Netflix makes if they pull this fake computer glitz on us 3 or 4 times a year. We are talking millions! The stock holders are saying ya, lets do it again!!!!

Angus Thermopyle

Perkins, there is exactly zero probability that Netflix will compensate you for the price of rentals from a brick and mortar, nor should they. It is entirely your choice to rent elsewhere, not Netflix's, and they are under no obligation to subsidize your impatience.

Also, as far as taking up the matter with your credit card company, I don't see the point. Any card issuer worth its salt will tell you to take your billing dispute up with the merchant, and even if your card company allows you to dispute the charges (or you lie and say they were fraudulent), Netflix will suspend your account until you pay back the disputed charge. Companies don't like being jerked around with illegitimate charge disputes. So go ahead, take it up with your card company. Lose your Netflix account, which is working exactly as well right now as the other 8.5 million accounts, over a shipping delay of a few days. Over, seriously, a couple of dollars. You'll still be an impatient, greedy ass without any of your precious weekend DVDs, but at least you'll have the moral high ground.

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