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"Netflix is lucky that this happened during the Olympics -- I'm wondering how many customers noticed that there was a problem."

I am. I got rid of my television years ago. I didn't think satellite was worth the price. So, I depend on Netflix.

I received 1 of the dvds listed as "shipping Wednesday" today. I don't know how or if I should inform Netflix that I received it. Any advice?


My quene went from shipping tuesday to shipping soon.


Ech. I was hoping for Disc 2 of the TV series I'm watching currently. But it disappeared from my queue I think yesterday. I assumed they'd fix it, but now Disc 3 is in there as "Processing" with no sign of Disc 2, so it looks like I'm going to have more trouble. I'm still not going to do anything until I actually receive something though, since they may still straighten it out somehow.

mine went from shipping soon, to shipping wednesday, thursday and now friday :( (baton rouge distribution fyi)

Im Not A Turnip

"I don't know how or if I should inform Netflix that I received it. Any advice?"

I wouldn't do anything. You wouldn't normally let them know you received a disc - why would you do so this time?

The website may not reflect it, but they know they shipped the disc and I'm sure they assume you received it just like any other day.

Customer service has plenty to contend with right now.

Magpie Ima

I can't even get on the website. They must be majorly messed up. So much for my weekend movies :-(


My "shipping Tuesday" movies still havn't shipped. I don't know where this shipping is happening, but it's not in Minneapolis.


the two movies that I had that says there were shipping monday and tuesday still say that. However, the rest of my quene has a dvd that says "processing" No clue what that means.

I'm out of the Tacoma dist. center.


Three movies "Shipping Wednesday" and one processing. It is already late Thursday. I should have had all four movies by this afternoon. Santa Ana, CA DC usually but they could have shipped it from Oxnard, San Bernardino, or even San Jose if they wanted and I'd be happy. Wonder if any CA DCs are shipping movies...


I now have three titles from my queue showing in "Processing" status (earlier this morning, all three just said "expecting to ship on Friday"). Funny, the disks are not even from the top of the queue. Oh well, I hope they are able to actually ship them on Friday, and then I'll have them on Saturday.


I actually don't own a tv, but I didn't notice the outage even though it's got two or three dvd's locked up. I only found out just now when I decided to check out the rss feed for this website.

It turns out that this week I'm too busy with other things to keep up with my movies, so I probably haven't even been to the netflix website all week. Good thing for me it happened now instead of some other time.


I'm a new Netflix customer and if anyone has a right to be upset it's me. So far, I've only gotten one movie from Netflix before the system went down.

However, I've found that life is too short to freak out about something like this. Netflix has a pretty reliable reputation and I'm will to give them time to prove themselves.

For pet sakes people! No one died. And in the history of medical science, no one has died from lack of DVD. Relax, take a deep breath!
It's going to be OK!

Besides, in a very short period of time, I have amassed a queue of over 140 movies. When Netflix, gets up and running I plan to keep them pretty busy!

Edward R Murrow

Exactly, nobody has died. But whoever is running NFLX IT Operations took some money out of all of our wallets.


Right, Mr. Murrow:

Some computer geek at Netflix headquarters concocted a diabolical scheme to deny you DVD's and take your money. After, he finishes this, he has has his sites on global domination!


Don't forget the 2nd phase where they give back fair (or better) compensation. this evil scheme gives...uh... I mean it wont ... Okay I don't know the next step but it is definatly evil.

I got one of the 'shipping Wednesday' movies today. No sign of the other. Still have one slot that's 'unassigned' for a few days now...

I've been checking out Instant Watch more than usual this week, so while it's slightly annoying to only get one DVD this week instead of the usual 6 ([email protected] and usually 2 round trips) I can't say I don't have anything to watch :D

I am curious how they'll compensate people. So far they haven't seemed to figure out how they'll do that...


Got 3 movies today-- I think it is because I always come here and say really nice things about NFLX... Cheers mates!


Because of how great my netflix service has been, this wont even dent my feelings towards them, especially with the way theyre handling this.

Perkins Cobb

Sorry, Heuristix -- I've been griping about Netflix all week, and I had the pleasant surprise of finding 5 of 6 movies from my queue in my mailbox tonight, even though they're still listed on the site as unshipped. Saved me a trip to the video store and some cash. So I'll sign off now and leave the complaining to others -- unless, of course, they're still down next week....


Hi i got mine on thursday!!
Lansing Michigan Center
now let's see how the return goes


Should people continue to send DVDs back, or should we wait? Is it going to clog the system?


Still have not received anything after sending movies back to netflix on Saturday. Sent another one back Monday as still has not been marked received by netflix. Also, for the second time, the movie at the top of my Q has disappeared. Luckily I caught it in time to replace it, although it sounds as if I might not be getting that movie anyway... I'm out of the Raleigh/Greensboro DC.


Nothing shipping from Netflix Oklahoma City, at least to me, since the first of the week. This is unbelievable.


Got my usual 3 DVDs in the mail yesterday, but even if I didn't it's not that big of a deal. I think a lot of people are overreacting.


One thing this shows is the difference between the cost of the service and the value of the service.

This is day four. Prorated, that's maybe $3.60 worth (three out plan, assuming 20 days of service/month). I don't know about anyone else, but it feels like I've lost a lot more than $3.60. I value the service a lot more than the $18 it costs me each month.

And I am mighty curious what kind of problem could take an operation like this down for four days. I know it's not life threatening and all, but four days? That's huge!


I got my two discs yesterday,....that I was supposed to,....but damn...one was scratched and I cant report it.

And it was disc two of a three disc series.....grrrr!


Oh and the next disc that's processing,is a disc I didnt want yet,...and was 4-5 discs down from the top.

WTH is going on?

Richard Evans Lee

I'm one of those folks who only watch what they get from Netflix. No cable, no local TV stations.

This does irk me but I'm sure it hurts the people at Netflix far more. Imagine the pressure some folks are under.

Doing without DVDs is annoying but I can: rewatch a few things I still have on VHS, read more, put time into a few useful projects. Eventually DVDs will arrive again.

Feeling indignant isn't going to benefit me or affect Netflix. Should fresh problems arise I'll see if I should be considering Blockbuster or other service. Otherwise this whole experience will just fade from memory like most of the minor annoyances of life.


Never missed any shipments. 3 discs came this week. Didn't even know they were having problems.


More annoying than the delays are the disappearing movies. My top two have disappeared because they went from "shipping today" to "we expect to ship your next movie ". I remembered what one of them was (tv series). Not the other one. THIS sucks.


I'm just glad that I finished with Season 6 of 24 BEFORE this fiasco -- I'd be climbing the walls otherwise.

Anybody know if we have to ask for a refund/credit or we'll get it automatically?


I have one DVD in my queue that's stuck as being "shipping Wednesday" but I did get it yesterday. A new DVD is now "processing" so it looks like Netflix Austin may be back to normal.


I -JUST- made a blog post yesterday about this. If it weren't for the Olympics, I'd be a little peeved. As it is, with all the Olympic coverage, I don't have time to watch any of my DVDs, so the timing for this couldn't have been more perfect.

Still nothing shipping from Netflix Oklahoma City according to my account at 10 am Friday. If the problem is not resolved by early next week I will cancel my Netflix account and move on.


I don't even need my DVDs - I am getting plenty of entertainment reading all the complaints of a bunch of idiots on here - seriously - I would hate to see any of you have a real problem in life - like you even know what it's like to run a business, let alone a multi-million dollar operation such as NetFlix. GROW UP, CHILDREN!!!

I'm still enjoying the last few days of my 4-week free "win-back" subscription from Blockbuster Total Access. I have been trying to get a problem with a Hold on my account resolved for a week now in order to claim my Chavez benefit. It sounds like they are still screwed up at Netflix, though, from my phone call to them today (I've made 4 phone calls in 6 business days). The latest story I heard is that my Hold will be magically removed when their computer systems issue is resolved since there is already a request in to remove a Hold. The CSR also told me they shipped movies on Thursday, but they aren't shipping movies again today (they are still all F'd up).


You could always go to Blockbuster..



No movies since Tuesday for me. But, I had already planned to scale back my movie watching for the next two weeks anyway because of the Olympics. Netflix, you sly dogs!


Watching my queue today,I have 2 open slots in my at home list. One slot constantly said "We expect to ship next available move today" and the other one had 3 different titles listed as processing over the course of the morning.


More than the money or the time, my gripe is the disappearance of the dvd's that were in the queue. No, it's not earth shattering, but I pay for Netflix for the convenience and this is very inconvenient.

Netflix is a luxury. In this economy I would hate to give people a reason for making my service the next thing they trim from their budget. I'm looking forward to seeing how customers will be compensated.

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