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Shipping today my rear end! My Netflix screen says (for all four slots) "We expect to ship your next available movie by Monday." And this after getting three movies put in the "We expect to ship these movies Friday" category last night… only to get the slots emptied, forcing me to re-add the movies to my Queue.

"SHIPPING MONDAY"? I want a 20% credit for that!


"If a member should have been shipped a disc Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, with rare exception it will ship today (Friday)."

I guess I'm one of the rare expections. They should have shipped my discs on Tuesday and it says "We expect to ship your next available movie by Monday." in all 4 of my slots. Fantastic.


Looks like now the shipping info on my account has gone from shipping today to shipping Monday! But for a additional 2.99 i can upgrade to 4 a month Kind of a insult


Mine also says shipping Monday. I'm the Columbia SC distribution center.


Well the two movies I had that should have shipped on Tues have now disappeared from my queue after shipping dates were changed twice and they were processing last night. Now it says I will be shipped next available on Mon. I guess I'm out of luck until next week. Not one of those getting weekend entertainment it seems.


I'm having the same problem too. I'm watching Star Trek Voyager, and I'm at the end of season 2. Season 2 disk 6 was supposed be shipped today as of last night, but it's gone "poof" and they are shipping season 2 disk 7. I had to go back and add disk 6 back up at the top.

I'm just glad this didn't happen when I was watching DS9.


Same thing here. I don't really care about the credit, but don't display a message saying "problem fixed, movies shipping today" and then the queue says "shipping by Monday.

Queue that still hasn't restored the couple movies it has seemingly lost, btw. Not a word about that in the message or on the blog, and I know I'm not the only one affected.


Well the two movies I had that should have shipped on Tues have now disappeared from my queue after shipping dates were changed twice and they were processing last night. Now it says I will be shipped next available on Mon. I guess I'm out of luck until next week. Not one of those getting weekend entertainment it seems.


I'm rechecking all 5 of my lists (on the 5 at a time plan) and it looks like netflix ate some of the titles I had at the top of each list. Now I have to readd them and move them back up.

I'm out of the Tacoma, WA distribution center.


Man, they must have been busting their humps to get discs shipped today. Hope I'm one of the lucky ones to get them Saturday. If not it's good to hear some of us will be getting them anyway.


The problem gets resolved, and what do we get at HackingNetflix? Nine (at the moment) whiney babies still soiling their daipers! Absolutely LOL!

It takes one's breath away. Typical pampered, selfish, blithering pusses. Well, that Western culture for you.

"Oh noes! I might not get a Star Trek: Voyager disc the exact second I demand it! Boo hoo hoo! Christmas has been killed in Whoville!"

Anyone even going out of their way to watch Voyager needs a smack with the clue stick.


I agree that the "missing movies" should be addressed. No use taking up top stops in our queues with re-adds that may already be on the way to us. Two of the same disc in hand over the weekend would be more aggravating than this outage.


I really hope they didn't jump the gun with their announcement, and that the "shipping Monday" statuses are just a mistake. Because it's generally bad practice to announce you're definitely shipping most of the DVDs today when you're not ready to make such a claim.


DVD's should have arrived yesterday, this morning they processed well sort of. The next 3 items in my queue were added at home but later on they poofed from my queue leaving only the previous 3 at home. I had to readd them back at the top. I hope i get my disks for this weekend or I will be a tad annoyed!

Rich B

They had 5 movies processing thursday, today all those movies were removed, and taken out of the "Q" and now two new movies are listed processing another is still listed as shipping tuesday?? and the other 5 slots are empty and listed as Monday. Again not life or death, but a poorly run mess. Why no shippments on saturday?


Just to state the obvious very clearly:

If a movie has vanished from the top of your queue, it means that movie is shipping to you now, even if the header above the queue says your next movie won't ship until Xday.


Frankly, I believe that they are more important issues in life than not getting rented DVD for a week. People complaining too much should get a life.


My queue says 2 DVDs are "Shipping Wednesday" even though I already received them on Thursday -- so don't believe the dates listed in your queue...


people complaining about people complaining should get a life. uh oh


deckard, when you say "If a movie has vanished from the top of your queue, it means that movie is shipping to you now...", do you have any evidence for that? I hope it's true, but I don't see how it's obvious. Two discs have disappeared from the top of my queue, and nothing says it's shipping out soon for me at all. Just one disc left in there as "at home" that I mailed on Tuesday.

Throttled by Netflix

This is bullcrap.
Now every slot in my queue says:
"We expect to ship your next available movie by Monday."

unhappy camper

My Queue saids, will ship on Wednesday, still nothing, and nothing has change, saying will ship today, I got a email that said they rec back one Disc that I sent back last Friday, but I rec the same message for that disc on Tuesday, because they rec all my return discs on Tuesday, printed out all the confirmations, just in case they say never rec any of the other discs except that one disc!!!


I personally wouldn't put movies that vanished back at the top of your queue. They could be sending you the ones that vanished. I'm waiting to see what movies I get before doing any reordering of the queue. Also, I'm assuming they actually are sending movies Friday (today) since pretty much everybody is recieving the same message. The "expect it Monday" message might be a mistake (or just a precaution in case they can't send all the movies today).


my empty slots still empty. my next movie is awaiting shipment. i dont even know which movie it will be. the good news is the movie that was listed but had no arrival date showed up today. too bad i must finish my book that i started while waiting before watching the movie. been a netflix member for around 3 years and this is the first time i have had any significant delays so i am not complaining. they have had pretty good service until now and things happen.


i called today and they couldn't access my account. they should just bump everybody's next billing date back by a week (that would equate to a 25% credit). i think that would be the cleanest way to take care of this mess across the board. this would also take into account the people that are redeeming their benefit for the chavez settlement currently.


I love to see more Netflix apologists over here too in the comments.

Sure there are more important things in life to worry about, but customers also have the right to keep Netflix honest. We've expect to receive the service we've paid for.

Instead, we've got botched timelines, poor communication (if any), screwed up queues, continued delays, and a bare minimum compensation.

Go ahead and tell me and others to get a life. Right back at ya.


netflix should also keep about 20% of their distribution centers on saturday and sunday, and netflix should pay their lowly sorters who barely make minimum wage some almost but not quite so serious overtime time. this step would at least show netflix's customers that they are doing everything possible to get your movies out as fast as possible. it wouldn't be a bad idea to give everybody a bonus rental, too {i.e. send people 4 movies out (who don't have any movies at home -- all their movies are at the distribution center) who are on a 3-out plan, but don't send them a replacement disc until 2 discs have been returned}. this would also prevent a concentrated influx of discs (and necessarily an overburden on monday/tuesday/wednesday of next week in order to get those discs back out).


It's funny about all the stuff you read on other webistes that are showing Netflix in a positive light for thier handling of this matter. I even read 1 on MSNBC that had a customer saying they didn't even relize thier was a problem, and they said how much they love Netflix. LOL... I also find 15% kinda a undercut, and if I don't get movies to me by Saturday I may take a couple months off from Netflix over the fall TV season. I went from 3 movies a month to 5 movies for the summer months to watch some TV series I have never seen before, and the first week I get 2 days off this whole summer they screw up. Then they offer 15% credit when if I don't get movies Saturday which my queue still hasn't changed in 2 days at all I will have been without movies for a week. Which, if you do the math is more like being without movies for 25% of this billing cycle give or take a day or 2. Not to mention the time I'm out, or the money I spent at the looking Blockbuster . So, they are trying to undercut and make themselves look good. I love Netflix, but things like this really show thier true side. You also look at these topics, and it's more about what this is doing to them not thier customers. Hmmm I guess thier profits matter more than us.

Happy Fortune

Wow, there are a lot of babies who use this service! Netflix will take care of all in due time. I've been a customer since 1999 and the service has been great all along. glad it's resolved[somewhat, i guess?].

So I'm just curious, can everyone that is bitching and complaining here today say that they have NEVER experienced something happening at their job?? I mean, please, it's technology and humans, nothing in this world is perfect.

For those that are calling and yelling at the reps, how would you feel if it was you on the other side of that phone? your mom? wife? husband? son? daughter? How would you feel having someone call screaming and bitching, calling you names just because you didn't get a movie or you don't like what they are offering. It's one thing to call and inquire, but maybe think twice before you start acting like an idiot.

It's unreal how quick people are to judge Netflix and their customer service, but they also quickly forget it could happen at their job. Maybe think about that. Or maybe just maybe, grow up and act like a rational adult.


I bet Netflix will still ship DVD's today for Saturday - even though the queue says your selection will ship on Monday. I think they will do this to gain a favorable surprise after this hellish week. Only time will tell....


Funny 3 pro Netflix post in a row. A couple points real quick though. 1 I am in a customer service type postion too, which is WHY I HAVEN'T called thier customer service line. I also, probably will not and hope they do the right thing. I tend to speak more with my wallet than with my voice, because you are right typically the person you talk to over the phone can not do anything about the situation anyways. Second for those that post about us being 'babies' let me say this. This is a service we PAY for. How would you fill if you payed for something and it did not work. Let's blow this up for a second. Let's say your power was turned off, because of a computer issue at PG&E. Let's say it had been off for 3 days (same as Netflix) would you not be upset. I know blowing the issue up, but in reality PG&E and Netflix are both services we pay for. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Also, none of us hear that I have seen atleast on this post are yelling and screaming. Just talking.


I had trouble with Netflix shipping cracked Blu-Rays. I called CS on two different occasions and got no answers on Netflix acknowledging problem. So I reduced plan to 1 at a time so I could still watch instant. I signed up for blockbuster and get Blu-Rays that are not cracked (different envelopes). Yes I pay more using both of them, but I,m happy I can get Blu-Ray.The point is if your unhappy with this current problem show it by reducing plan or changing service.

Rich B

Can't understand the people that wonder why there are so many complaints about whats going on with Netflix. Hey this IS a site for feedback and complaints about Netflix not about the war or anything else. If your not interested in the subject go somewhere else.


Lies, they keep deleting my top movies from my queue, they still haven't "Received" a movie I sent back 5 days ago, and I'm not getting any new discs until at least Monday.

Way to go Netflix.

"So I'm just curious, can everyone that is bitching and complaining here today say that they have NEVER experienced something happening at their job??"

Sure, problems happen. I don't how you do things at your workplace, but I have never told clients something was fixed until it was actually fixed, nor have they paid for something I did not provide.


My queue from earlier this week now says "We expect to ship your next available movie by Monday"


Spoke to a rep. The movie which last night said "processing" to be shipped has dissappeared. Just removed from my q and from my shipped list.

Rep said more than likely it was shipped today.

Complained again that since Im on a years free plan, their system wont allow me to upgrade to 4 or 5 at a time plans and pay the difference. Asked them to fix that. Told them they were losing revenues.

Told them I didnt get anything for the last 5% credit and wont get the 15% this time and asked for them to upgrade me to the 4 at a time for next month and he agreed. Said their system wont let me pay for it but he could give it to me.

The only bad answer I got was the typical BS when I asked why, just in the last 2 weeks, Im not getting the top 6-7 and instead they are going WAY down and shipping something else. Gave me the typical garbage non-answer.

I accept the occasional throttling, but if I cant get the new releases at the top of my Q shipped on Mondays like I have for years, then NF loses some of its value to me and I may just go with BB total access.

All in all, I accept this rare technical problem,Im more concerned that I no longer get the new releases at the top of my Q shipped on Mondays.

The free upgrade for a month is a reasonable rememdy considering I didnt get any credit last time or will I this time.

The sad reality is, in order to get good service, one needs to swap between accounts every month or two. That way it wont throttle you or not give you new release priority.


I'm on the 8 at a time plan. Last night, my queue showed 7 titles processing to be shipped. Today? They're gone. My at home/shipped section is still showing the movies that I mailed back days ago. Ordinarily, I get 16 movies over the course of a week. This week? 0. I'm sorry but a 15% discount is cutting it for me.


My only compliant is the disappearing movies. I can't remember what they were.... I hope this gets fixed, or restored. Maybe they did ship them out? I guess I will find out tomorrow

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