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Right now in my queue the DVDs waiting to ship say "Shipping Wednesday". I hope that's just another glitch.


Reed Hastings must have Microsoft software programmers working for them. That would explain the outages.


I think it's pretty obvious that Netflix' throttling software has finally grown self-aware and taken over the entire system. Serves them right.


Ahhh, sorry guys I think this is all my fault. Here is the last movie I returned to Netflix before it all went to hell:

Netflix Receiving We've received: Chaos
Mon 08/11/08 9:40 am 10KB

HAHAHAHA that was sooooo funny. LOLOllolol


I just received 2 DVDs, mailed from lansing MI yesterday.


Now if only Microsoft's stupid DRM implementation would allow me to update & WatchInstantly without hanging & crashing, I could actually use the service.


I am not mad, I'd just prefer to know if things have been shipped to me or not. For a few hours yesterday, a DVD was in my "Shipping Today" area, and it disappeared and now it just says "Next Avai. Shipping Friday". So, it looks like it got deleted out of my queue by Netflix some how, not too happy about that, been waiting on that DVD for 2+ months now.

Just a little honesty would be nice.

Chris O.

Just think, in 50 years we'll be able to look back and say we were there for the great Netflix crash of 2008. Why, if we wanted to rent a movie, we'd have to walk uphill both ways in the pouring rain to get to Blockbuster!


I know how they can compensate me....
Upgrade me to 5 @ a time for six months!!!!!

Robert from Dallas

Thanks for the update and following up with someone from Netflix. That's what I expect from this sort of blog. Again thanks for keeping us informed.


Movies in my queue still say "shipping Wednesday" but I got them today in any case. Huzzah!

Anyone else notice that in the new releases page you can now show movies that came out in the past week again. It still has the new format, but one of the rows lets you show only movies from the past week. Maybe that has something to do with the outages?


@LB, Uhh Please explained to me with logical reasoning, HOW you deserve [email protected] a time for 6 months, when the DvD shipments have been delayed for 3 days..? I don't know what world you live in that something like that Actually happens.. But in the real world you get a fair compesation or no compesation, be happy netflix isn't just telling you to suck it up.
People like you make customer service reps. hate coming to work and trying to fix issues with the general public.


Netflix IT should do some research on the following terms: ITIL, redundancy, failover, disaster recovery, insourcing. I've worked on plenty of websites that required us to shell out cash to our customers back for outages. Pay up Netflix!


I'm on the 8 at a time plan. I have three movies in my queue that are "shipping Wednesday" and one processing. Here it is Tuesday and nothing in my mailbox.


The compensation has to be more than a movie or two. Over the last few days of receiving nothing, it has cost me at least 4 movies.

A 50% of a month credit would go a long way for customer relations.

However, when is the last time they cared if I was satisfied or not????


I should have four movies at my house right now that are not because of the outage.


Re: Chaos. Is that the Jason Statham/Ryan Phillippe movie? Aw, come on, it wasn't THAT bad, LOL. ;-)


Netflix really sucks. When I was with Blockbuster, I always had the new releases the day they came out. With Netflix, I've been waiting SIX weeks for the movie "Taken", SIX weeks! I've called and complained four times now, but it never does any good. Netflix customer service really sucks. Four times I've called them and NOTHING has happened, waste of time. Going back to Blockbuster. More expensive, but at least you don't wait forever for a movie.

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