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Ken needs to get Firefox! www.getfirefox.com


I had the same delay problem. My movie was suppose to ship yesterday, and I got the same message today. I'm totally bummed and am worried about their service.


I sent a movie back on Thursday. Netflix never checked it in, and, on Monday, I reported it missing. It said that a new disc would be shipping Tuesday. However, it hasn't shipped, and my queue currently says it will be shipping Wednesday. Haven't received any messages, but I'm frustrated that it will take at least a week to turnover the last disc I mailed back.

Shella Brenner

I've been having the same problem with the Netflix website as these folks. It's slow, pop up information stays frozen on the screen etc.


I've had the same problems with the website performance and quirks, and it seems to be mostly related to IE7. I've started using Firefox just for Netflix.

Brian W.

The Netflix site ran extremely slow (to the point of timing out several times) a couple of days ago. I was able to browse other websites fine during the same period of time (even ones more intensive on bandwidth and my computer than Netflix). Clearly they are still having problems. BTW, I use Firefox on OS X. So the problem isn't IE7.


I've been trying to get a hold removed from my account since Friday, August 8th. I would say that they still have some technical problems that they need to work out.


I use Firefox at home and have IE7 on my work computer, and neither one has experienced any issues. Hell, if it wasn't for the fact that I read this site, I wouldn't have even known about the 3-day outage (I'd gotten all of my DVDs immediately before it and didn't return any until shortly after it). No missing DVDs in my queue, no delayed shipments, no nothing.

No refunds or bonus rentals either, for obvious reasons.


I sent 6 disc back last Wednesday and Netflix just acknowledged receipt of them today. I thought it might have been the USPS at fault but now I'm starting to wonder.

Brian W.

I spoke to my Dad, who I got a Netflix gift subscription (he said it's one of the best gifts he's gotten in his 55-year-old life! Go Netflix!), and he had sent in DVDs before the 3-day outage, but did not receive any until this past Monday. So that would be more than a week of downtime for him.


I truly feel bad for these guys running around trying to fix the dike before the whole Atlantic rushes in on them.

Hey, can they just do a clean install like I do when I trash my files.

Listen, its got to be some programmer who left a back door so he/she could see all the netflix.com movies for free.

Listening to all this is more fun than the time I lit myself on fire when I was welding the door shut to the outhouse at the town park last summer.

Ruth B.

Hey cyborg400, give me a call baby!! U sound totally hot on the phone.

Marilyn Cook

I'm supposed to be getting eight discs at a time from Netflix. This week I'm only getting seven. When I look in my rental queue there's an announcement that they'll send the remaining disc on the following day. I've gotten the same message all week but no eighth disc.

Marilyn - I called customer service about a similar issue. They told me that there was a reported problem with discs that were reported missing on Monday - the replacement discs were essentially stuck in the system like your 8th disc - every day, it would say that the disc would ship the following day. Perhaps you are experiencing a similar glitch?


finally got the hold removed from my account. netflix's customer service and i.t. department took just under three weeks to fix the problem. awesome response time, guys. never thought on august 8th that i wouldn't be able to get movies by labor day (and i don't think that getting movies on friday and/or saturday is much of a consolation prize, either).


Last week, I had one DVD that said "shipping today" for three days, but it was cleared up by the weekend. Everything has been fine since then. Then again, the outage didn't effect me as much as some others. It may have more to do with what DC ships to you.


I am also encountering problems with the web page. I use IE at work and Firefox at home, and both are grindingly slow now. My "next" selection has been stuck on "We expect to ship your next available movie today" since Wednesday and I only have 1 movie at home which was shipped out on the 26th.

So, another weekend without DVD's (before you all call me a whiner - stuff a sock in it, I don't care that you think I should get a life, it's my life, and I expect Netflix to at least come through with what they promised)

When I called to ask . . . well, you know the drill - - "We show your next movie is due to ship out today" Okay, is that "today" in dog years?

If you're listening out there Netflix, reinstate your e-mail contact option, your phone customer service people just aren't getting the right information.


I e-mail them anyways. It's usually pointless, but if enough people send them e-mail through Title Request (i.e. what DVD's should Netflix buy that you want -- not that Netflix probably really cares about one lone subscriber) it might prompt them to add some level of Customer Support e-mail back.

keunchul han

My email address is changed.

old one; [email protected]

New one; [email protected]


I am becoming exceeding frustrated with this error message:

Temporarily Unavailable

We're sorry, some parts of the Community features are temporarily unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you've previously added Friends or Fans, don't worry — we've saved all of your information for you and it will be back in no time. In the meantime, please enjoy the rest of the site.

over and over all week, I have been having this problem.
Also I keep getting this message while sending a note:

We're sorry there was an error in sending your note. Try again later.

I don't want to TRY AGAIN LATER! I am finding this to be VERY annoying. Is anyone else getting this problem?

Thanks for any insight!

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