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Walter Underwood

Newsweek did this story two years ago, calling it "Netflix Guilt". http://www.newsweek.com/id/46619


If I've had something unwatched for more than 1 month I just send it back. I can always get it again.


I always finding reading this story really disconcerting. It's like standing on line at the post office and realizing that most adults don't know to tape together a package. It just freaks me out.

People who keep the same movies for months or even more than a year - how do you survive in the world? Actually, wait - don't tell me.

I don't want to know!


I usually don't have a DVD sit home for more than a week. On a couple of occasions, I've sent back something I didn't watch. What I try to do is rent movies I WANT to see rather than movies I OUGHT to see.


In the past five years I think I've only had one DVD sit on my shelf over 31 days. I sent it back without viewing it. A year later I queue it up again but watched it the second time and was glad I did.

Quiet Desperation

If I fall out of the mood to watch something by the time I get it, I just copy the DVD and return the it so the copy is there when I get the mood back.

Robert Martin

It took multiple asttempts for me to get through Southland Tales, and I had to be in a certain mood to even try. Ultinately, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Sent it back after 5 weeks.


I have only had my account since January, but it looks like the answer is Ratatouille at 44 days.


Quiet Desperation, how do you copy ur movies, i've tried with a bunch of free programs but it never works out for me. Please help :-)


Quiet Desperation

@David: I still use good old MacTheRipper 2.6.6 on the Mac. Can't say what works best on the PC or Linux sides. You might try, you know, Google?


@Dave: the best dvd copier i've come across for PC is by SlySoft... there is 2 programs that work together, AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.. both available for purchase at their website after trying them out for 30 days for free... google any of those 3 names and you should find their site...


The longest I have kept a movie is 3 days before I returned it un-watched.


Over at Greencine.com/board (Greencine could have been a competitor but somehow failed to even attempt it.) some dude posted that he had signed up and then immediately moved and never got a DVD and his credit card had been paying for five years before he noticed.

Which is worse, to keep a DVD for long periods without watching or paying for long periods without getting any DVDs?


Thanks, Quiet Desperation and HearNoEvil


I havn't ever kept any movie longer than 3 days. If you don't send movies back, you can't get new ones. If you like a movie enough to keep it longer than a week, go out and buy it.

5 qer

Cries and Whispers at 2 weeks.

Among my 5 Qs, I have one dedicated to foreign films, another to TV shows -- the TV Q usually gets returned in a day -- the foreign usually in 4 or 5 days.


I have "The Orphanage" sitting at home right now. It's been there about a week. That's the longest I've kept a movie--I'm kind of afraid to watch it. If I don't watch it tonight, I'll send it back.


I've had Michael Clayton at home since March. Should I watch it or send it back?

Joe Ruhaak

Micheal Clayton is decent. It is worth a watch, but not worth all the hype it gets in my opinion.

I try not to let my movies sit for to long, but when the fall season starts back up, I can have movies sitting around for awhile. I think my max is about a month.


During these times when there are writers strikes and primaries and Olympics and conventions and elections and then holidays I usually up my plan and keep one laying around in the event of TV's even more complete failure to instruct or entertain.

The one I keep longest is the bottom of the pile. I usually do last in first out.


I set my personal records over the weekend. I had Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears for 15 days before sending it back. My problem wasn't that I put off watching that movie itself but instead I just wasn't in the mood to watch any movies for the last couple of days.


I've had 10,000 BC for a month now. Tried to watch it this weekend. Turned it off after 15 minutes. Mailing it back today!


I just had a movie I'd kept for a little over a week. Visitors came for a week, and I didn't get much DVD viewing done. I usually get them back in two or three days - my wife, however, tends to keep DVDs a lot longer.

That Guy

I've had Smoking Aces since June of last year. Yup, about 15 months. Started to watch it twice, never finished it. I keep watching tv episodes instead and returning those discs.

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